Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Chapter 1497 - “Going Back? (1)”

Chapter 1497 “Going Back? (1)”

After saying this, Yun Rou Xi’s eyes shifts back to Keeper Ling and the others, her laugh sardonic and sinical as well: “Whether or not I have deliberately misguided you bunch before isn’t the issue anymore, it won’t change the fact that it was you all who hurt her! Don’t forget, it’s Keeper Ling over here who killed her and ruined the baby in her stomach. You still think she’s going to help the Celestial Palace? How laughable, hahaha!”

Rage spewed out of Keeper Ling’s eyes at being called out: “You shut up!”

Unfazed, the old witch merely closes her eyes in anticipation for what’s to come. She’s fearfully frightened inside, but no matter what, she’s not going to let them see that of course out of grudging smite

She knows, this time, she had lost everything.

Status, pampering… and him…

“Bai Yan…” Looking embarrassed, Keeper Zun speaks first after resolving the struggle in his heart: “Before we… Allow us to sincerely apologize for what we’ve done. Indeed, we did a lot of wrong things under Yun Ruo Xi’s deceit, but even so, I hope you can return to the Celestial Palace with us.” His eyes are full of guilt because as long as the thought of Yun Ruo Xi tricking them into doing all those things continue to hover in his head, he would gnash his teeth in frustration.

Bai Yan did not respond though. She’s silently staring at the glowing amulet in her hands like she’s hypnotized into a different world.

Keeper Zun only got more embarrassed as he got ignored. Wanting to do something, the old senior forces himself up from the ground to walk closer to the woman despite the pain, yet right as he did so, a small body of a child gets in his way to block the path.

“You’re not allowed to come near my mother!”


“My mother hates you, and I want to kill you! In the previous life I wasn’t born yet so that allowed you villains to hurt my mother, but no more! I am here now and won’t let anyone make a move against her!”

There’s extreme wariness in the little guy’s face when glaring at Keeper Zun, which only reinforced the idea of how much wrong these supposed men of righteousness have committed over the years. And sure enough, of the many individuals who came today from the Celestial Palace, not one could keep a straight face that indicated they were free of guilt.

For example, Keeper Ling had always been the most arrogant and stubborn of the bunch due to his grumpy nature. However, not even his thick skin could keep himself from flushing red due to shame. He’s got an attitude that true, but he’s not an evil vile individual who did everything out of selfish desire, he really did want to save the Celestial Realm. It’s one of the main motivations for his past crimes.

“Bai Yan,” the grumpy Keeper slowly steps forward like his peer, those eyes gaunt with pain and guilt, “I know what I’ve done…. What we’ve done…. Can never be redeemed. I ask for nothing for ourselves, but for the world that we live in. In order to combat the great calamity that’s to come, we need your help. If it’s our lives that you want for that help, then… we will offer our heads as the price!”

Compared to the long-term survival of all living things, they as the protectors must take responsibility. It’s their duty and their consciousness speaking.

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