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Chapter 1539 - The Sensational Stir of Bai Xiachen’s Entry (4)

Chapter 1539 “The Sensational Stir of Bai Xiachen’s Entry (4)”

Since Bai Xiachen followed his mother around since he was a baby, the boy had seen a lot of pieces of work over the years. However, meeting one that’s this special that would inexplicably rush over to cause trouble was a first. He had nothing to do with her so it flabbergasted even him who’s a known troublemaker.

Growing irate after getting the boy calling her out, Wen Fei Fei growled menacingly: “You just scolded me by calling me a mad dog?!”

“I didn’t scold you. I’m only calling you a mad dog because that’s what you are, is there a problem?” Using his childish façade, Bai Xiachen’s face makes it really hard for others to doubt his innocence.

What’s more, where’s the issue with him being from the countryside even if that’s the case? Why should he be scolded by some random stranger when he did nothing?

“Miss, there’s nothing wrong with what this child said, why are you….” An onlooker couldn’t keep watching anymore and decides to speak up to help. However, that murderous glare instantly shuts the crowd up.

“Who do you people think you are to tell me what to do?! What is wrong about what I just said? The money he has must be stolen, I’m going to call the police right now and get him jailed!”

Originally Big Bear didn’t want to interfere into this silly scuffle of verbs, but when he overheard the way Wen Fei Fei insulted not only the boy, but also his origin then that’s already past the line. Getting stern in the face: “My young master here rarely goes out so its normal for him to not know these things…. But when did a black diamond credit card become so common that anyone can just steal it?”

Visibly freezing in the face at the mention, the wench almost couldn’t believe her own ears: “Black diamond credit card?”

How can these country bumpkins have a black diamond credit card?

“What’s going on here?” It’s then the manager of this establishment came running over due to the noise complaints. He’s flustered in the face and wanted to get the situation under control due to how much of commotion it’s causing in the lobby.

“Manager,” the receptionist at the front desk finally gathered her wits and spoke up nervously, “just now this little boy and his attendant used a black diamond credit card to check in, but… Miss Wen here claims he stole it.”

Wen Fei Fei actually only said the boy stole money, not the card part. However, as we all know words are easily twisted when landing on others ear.

Feeling the pressure of the situation, the manager hurries to wipe the sweat from his forehead to deliberate on the proper action of defusing the heat.

This black diamond card… as if one can steal it? That’s the first time I ever heard of such a thing!

“Miss Wen, maybe you don’t know this but a black diamond card is not something one can use even if they pick it up from the streets. So, that shouldn’t be the case….”

His words acted like a slap across the foul girl’s cheek, making her all red and indignant. Glaring at the boy like a wild animal, “If you have a black diamond card then why didn’t you say so earlier?!”

Puckering his lips like an aggrieved child, Bai Xiachen’s reply left many unable to doubt his sincerity: “You didn’t ask me did you? If you didn’t tell me then I would’ve thought it was my bodyguard who stole it or something. Besides, how can you expect a little kid like me to know such things?”

Turning green from white, Wen Fei Fei’s anger couldn’t be withheld and exploded like a volcano at the gathered crowd who’s snapping pictures left and right: “You’re not allowed to film me, all of you close your phones right now!”

Sadly for this wench, it’s too late by this point. Someone had already videotaped the whole encounter and posted it online.

“I will remember this brat,” sneering viciously in the face, “you will quickly learn that money isn’t the only factor that decides one status, it’s strength! Even if you have more money, there is going to be a moment where you trip over after crossing someone you shouldn’t.”

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