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Chapter 1835 - Rush Back to the MonarChapter Manor (8)”

Chapter 1835 “Rush Back to the Monarch Manor (8)”

“It should be… Gu Ya.” Speaking of the name, Ji Song’s found her body emptying out as the sweat poured out of the forehead.

Gu Ya….

These two words smashed into everyone’s heart like a hammer.

Fortunately for the woman herself, Gu Ya had snuck away earlier. Otherwise, she would most certainly faint away due to the fright of being exposed.

“Song,” Ji Sky had just come back to his senses after hearing the name. Going pale, this old grandfather hurriedly spoke, “You are absolutely certain?”

Gu Ya was known to love the monarch so they never did anything about her obsession before. Now it’s become known she’s the one responsible for this tragedy? Without question, it’s shocking to the defenders.

“I bumped into Gu Ya when I was coming over. She was sneaking around and watching in the back. I found her behavior very strange so I got suspicious and asked her if she’s the one who leaked the news of the monarch’s disappearance. She got very nervous and frantic when I did, that’s why I believes it’s her…” Ji Song then shifts her sight upon Heavenly, that voice weak but clear, “Monarch, you need to investigate this. I do not know the specifics and can only provide this much information….”

Sure enough, the man’s gaze narrowed into a dangerous slit.

No one knows how much anger he has in his heart.

Because of Gu Ya, the victims of today’s battle are numerous. And because of that woman…. Ji Sky and his granddaughter were also nearly killed.

Such a crime cannot go unanswered. If true, he would never let her go!

“I understand, I will send others to investigate this matter. If it’s proven true that she’s responsible, I will have her pay for everything. The death of the brothers and sisters of the Monarch Manor will not be in vain!” Heavenly’s voice was firm and without question, “Now, I must deal with these bastards from the other domains first, then I will handle the internal affairs.”

No matter who it is, if they had a hand in leaking the detail of my disappearance, they too will die like these attackers.

The hearts of the elders were also in full swing.

Compared with Gu Ya, they are more likely to believe in the words of Ji Song whom they watched grow from a baby. Sure, they don’t have the exact evidence yet, but that’s not an issue once the battle here clears up. If that woman was responsible, there’s going to be a trail to follow.

“You don’t need to get your hands dirty, I alone am enough to deal with this lot.” Bai Yan cuts in then and slowly presented herself before the enemy army with that contemptable smirk.

She still has a bone to pick with these people from the other domains. Bai Yan hasn’t forgotten it was they who attacked the Demon Realm and caused State Teacher’s death, so….. murdering them as payback was the least she could do as a interest before the main show!

“Yan Yan?” Heavenly sounded surprised by the way his daughter acted.

If he’s not wrong, there’s an intense murderous aura coming off of Bai Yan’s body.

Can’t be, they provoked her in some way that I’m not aware of?

“Father, before I came to the Heavenly Domain, the Demon Realm was attacked by people like them. In order to eradicate those assailants, my husband could not accompany me here. If my guess is not wrong, those who attacked that day are hailing from the same domain as this bunch.”


Elder Sky looked up in shock, his face in disbelief at the two speaking bodies.

Did I just hear it wrong? Mrs. Di called the monarch Father?

“The Demon Realm?”

Not letting Elder Sky ask the question, the leading senior of the invading force spoke first. “Demon Realm? You’re the queen of the demons?”

The queen of the Demon Realm… she’s Heavenly’s daughter?

This is not good for the rest of the domains….

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