Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Chapter 552

What about friends? How can a bond like that compare with a sister-in-law and nephew? This friend I can lose if must.

“That… what is the name of the tiger?” Huang Xiao Ying fidgets her body, that face totally lacking the steaming demeanour of her initial entry.

Due to how off-guard Little Rice was at being called out, he immediately jerked up with his fur raised. In a desperate attempt, the little feline promptly shrank into Bai Yan's arms like it would give him a higher level of safety.

Mew-mew, this woman's gaze is very scary….

Brother never did like the silly type in a female to begin with. If not for me being his sister, he would've hung me out to dry long ago so let's not mention this Huang Xiao Ying. The mere sight of her would be disastrous.

“I… I want to know the identity of this tiger.” Huang Xiao Ying shyly lowers her head this, that voice sounding embarrassed like a maiden in love.

“You wouldn’t be trying to snatch Little Rice are you?" Di Xiao Wan immediately levels up into a heated mode: "I'm telling you this now, don't even think about it! This white tiger is my sister-in-law's contracted familiar, no one can touch him!"

“The Queen’s contracted familiar?" The yellow skirt girl stared wide eyes with her big innocent face, "Can I be your contracted familiar too then?"

That… talk about leaving the demon princess in a dumbfounded state.

Just now Huang Xiao Ying was still stomping over in a steaming mood, now she's asking to be Bai Yan's familiar? What the heck?

“I want to be your contract familiar. I want to be with…” Not being able to say the last part, the maiden then shyly points her finger over to Little Rice to indicate her meaning.

Like thunder, it was Little Rice's turn to be shocked.

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What’s happening here?

Isn't this woman supposed to be King's admirer? Why is this girl trying to marry me?

No, I don’t want a wife, especially this kind that's obviously lacking a vein in the brain!

Turning to Bai Yan, Little Rice looks up with pity like he's pleading her to not agree.

Understanding his little friend's meaning, Bai Yan decides to get to the bottom of this first: "So the purpose of your visit today is to make a contract with me?"

"Of course not!" Huang Xiao Ying exclaims out of the blue, "It's that fox Jun Ruqing. She told me that the woman brought back by His Majesty is a cheating swine that is unworthy of the post. The King is so wise and powerful, he deserves only the best. That's why I came over to see for myself, to see if the woman is worthy."

“Well?” Bai Yan raises her eyebrow inquisitively, awaiting the answer.

“But I didn’t think…” The lovestruck maiden begun fidgeting again with her skirt, "that I would fall in love at first sight. I want to marry this white tiger."

That did it. With his fur erected from discomfort, Little Rice wanted to make a run for it right here and then. This woman really took a liking to me!

“Can you contract me as well?” Huang Xiao Ying looks straight into Bai Yan's eye and pleads directly: “After you contract me, the whole tiger clan is yours. I will steal all of the treasures my father saved and give it to you."

Oh my, this is a girl that only knows how to scam her old man….

"No," firm and unyielding, Bai Yan stands her ground.


“Because Little Rice is not willing.”

Indeed, Bai Yan's reason for rejecting Huang Xiao Ying's request was because of the baby tiger's unwillingness.

There's no way she could hurt her little friend's heart for the sake of an outsider.

And sure enough, this precise answer quickly calms the feline's heart.

“You mean, as long as he agrees then I can become your contracted familiar?" Huang Xiao Ying’s eyes lit up, her cheeks blushing as well now while she asked.

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