Affinity: Chaos

Chapter 10: Training

Chapter 10: Training

The news of Grey taking the test quickly spread over the entire city. Grey was pretty famous in the city, due to not being an Elementalist. They really didn’t expect Grey would still be hopeful in awakening his element.

It’s already been so long, yet he still thinks he can awaken it, some were pessimistic about it and felt Grey just wanted to make a fool of himself. Others felt there might be a good chance he might awaken.

They all couldn’t wait for the next test to happen, what would happen that day was unknown. But what they knew was that there is certainly going to be a scene that day, and they were all looking forward to it.

People hate being bored, so when they knew something was going to happen, they can’t help but be excited. They don’t care if it’s the misfortune of others, so long as it doesn’t affect them, they’re good with it.

Nothing major has happened in the city since the time Jonas rose to fame and Grey fell during the test 3 years ago. Although Grey retaking the test wasn’t anything major, at least it will give them something to talk about for some time, regardless of the outcome.

Grey started his hard training once again, only this time, all his focus was placed on trying to comprehend the Lightning element. Before he started, he knew it would be hard. Well currently, he is cursing the man for not telling him how hard it was.

Actually, the man clearly told him. But he wasn’t really paying attention at that time, so when he heard it, he didn’t think it will be hard. He was in an overexcited state, the man didn’t expect him to clearly remember everything he was told right.

“Fuck! This is impossible, I’ve been studying this for so long now but still have no results” Grey was feeling dejected, who knew comprehending would be so hard. What was worse was the fact that this was the element he was aligned with, how hard would the other elements be then. Well, he really didn’t want to find out any time soon.

For the past 3 days, Grey had been coming to the chaos space to try to comprehend the Lightning element, but no advances had been made. He had stared at it so much that even when he closes his eyes, all he sees is lightning.

Grey left the chaos space and tried to relax his mind. He slowly started thinking about lightning and how it is. After 1 hour, he got nothing. ‘Will I have to disgrace myself in front of everyone again’ Even though he had awakened an element, he was already getting past the perfect time of cultivating.

The only thing that might probably be able to help him will be his rare element, but he doesn’t want that. He wants to enter the Academy with a good position, good talent, and also with pride. How would the students feel if someone who can be referred to as a late bloomer still has such low talent, he would be a laughingstock again.

Grey calmed himself, he still had time. There is no need to think about all this now. He didn’t want anything to discourage him, so this was the best option. Eliminating negative thoughts can be hard, but not impossible.

(Unless you’re depressed as fuck though, then it is basically almost impossible)

Martha had been less worried about Grey since she knew he had awakened an element, although poor talent, it doesn’t really matter with that ability of his. She knew as long as Grey set his mind to it, he will surely succeed. She knew how stubborn he can get when he wants something, and also, she knew just how badly Grey wanted this.

The few people close to her had brought up the topic of Grey wanting to take the test again, and some even advised her against it. They felt if the result was the same, Grey might really breakdown. It has been tough for him all these years, if the result once again showed the same result of him having no affinity, the consequences would be worse than the first time.

She told them all it wasn’t her decision, and Grey wasn’t a child anymore. He can make some decisions for himself now, since he said he wanted to retake the test, he definitely has his reasons. And he had assured me that regardless of the result, it wouldn’t affect him much.

They looked at her and felt she was just as rash as her child. Some even left angrily thinking she didn’t want to hear what they wanted to say. Martha didn’t try to stop them, she knew they had her best interest at heart, but they will definitely understand when the time came.

She saw how hard Grey was trying to comprehend the element, so he could increase his talent. Regardless of everything, she was really happy seeing how hardworking Grey was.

At dinner, Grey told her how difficult it was for him to comprehend the element.

“You don’t expect to be successful right off the bat, do you. Everything takes time and perseverance, no one wakes up an overnight success. You might be talented but lazy, someone who has an average talent will surely surpass you if he is hardworking. Strive to be the best you can, never compare yourself with others. Behind every successful individual, there are countless days of pure hard work. Remember this, people don’t care about the battle, only the result” Martha advised him gently.

She knew what Grey needs now is time, with time, he can achieve it all. So she wants to ensure he doesn’t rush when doing things lest he makes a mistake.

Grey looked at his mother for a long time and her words resounded in his head continuously. Sometimes, he feels his mother is too wise for someone her age. He never says this out though, he knew just how fierce she was. There was this one time she froze his father because they were having an argument.

(Martha is a water Elementalist, so she also has the ability to freeze things)

She had never told him her grade or what grade her talent is, but he knew it was definitely not lower than Purple, it might even be higher. But he is definitely scared of her, well, scared really isn’t the right word. He prefers using the term ‘respect’.

Grey never tries to upset her, because, she just freezes his legs to the ground and according to her, ‘trains’ him to her heart’s content. That way, there is no way for him to run.

(After reaching a certain stage in cultivation, an Elementalist will have better manipulation over his element and will be equipped with long-range usage. Simply put, they can manifest their elements to attack, defend. And when in a place where their said elements are abundant, they have an edge over the rest)


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