Affinity: Chaos

Chapter 12: Talent - Orange

Chapter 12: Talent – Orange

The city quieten down after some time. Everyone went back to what they were doing. Although there was still some places where the issue of Grey retaking the test was still talked about, it wasn’t really much.

Grey didn’t think of any other thing and focused fully on comprehending the Lightning element, since he already made a breakthrough, it would be easier, wait, saying easier will give people the wrong idea, it would be less hard. Now that’s better.

It got less hard for him, and he saw some improvements as he studied the element more. In this fashion, one month quickly went in a flash.

The pressure on Grey increased as it got closer to the time of the test. Now he had only two months left, he had to make significant improvements within these two months to ensure he makes his mother proud.

Grey didn’t know if he can make it in time, but he knew he was going to try his best no matter what.

It took him so long just to have any improvements in the element he was more attuned with, “Just how long will it take to comprehend other elements turn”

Grey was tired but not frustrated, he knew by increasing his talent and also having another element, it would increase his cultivation speed. This way, he would be able to catch up and quickly surpass his peers who started cultivating before him.

All he needed is time. Only, time waits for no man. Fortunately, Elementalists gets to live long the higher their level. So he still has a lot of time on his hands.

Grey noticed he had made good progress during this month, so he decided it was time to check if his talent increased.

After entering the chaos space, he walked towards the stone slowly. He stood there feeling apprehensive for some time.

He slowly breathed out, before placing his hands on the stone. Once again, the unknown energy went into his body from the stone. After going a circle in his body, it went back to the stone.

Grey nervously looked on waiting for the result, his heart pounding with anticipation. After some time, the stone lit up.

Grey looked at the stone in front of him without having any reactions for some time. Finally, a huge grin broke out of his face.

After trying for so long, he finally made some progress. His talent has increased from Pink grade to Orange grade. Grey felt like he was in a dream, if it wasn’t happening to him, he would never have believed it even if he was beaten close to death, okay not really, he wouldn’t allow himself to get beaten up that badly just because he didn’t believe it, at least if he said he believed he would be free to go right!.

Grey was initially already beginning to have some doubts. Although he could see it all happening, nothing seemed to change. If not for the fact that he awakened an element, he would have thought this was just a sham.

Grey left the chaos space. He wanted to share his new progress with his mother. Unfortunately, when he went downstairs, she wasn’t around.

“Hmm, where did she go to?, oh well, I will tell her the good news once she returns”

Martha returned late, looking exhausted. When Grey saw her, “Mom, are you okay?” He walked up to her.

When she saw him, she tried to hide her weariness but just couldn’t, “I’m fine dear, give me a sec. I’ll go prepare dinner” She smiled to him

Grey looked at her and didn’t say anything more, he knew it hasn’t been easy for her and didn’t want to make her feel sad. “Don’t worry mom, I’ve made dinner already” Grey told her gently.

Martha was slightly taken aback when she heard this, a sweet smile bloomed on her face. “How thoughtful of you young man” She said in a praising tone.

“Taking care of you is my duty. Now, go freshen up before you come back down for dinner” Grey said gentlemanly.

Martha laughed when she saw how Grey was acting. No matter how tired she feels, whenever she sees Grey, it just feels like all the fatigue fades away.

“What a great son you have”

When Martha was on her way upstairs, she heard Grey make this statement and nearly fell down. ‘Can’t he just be normal for once’. Although she thought of this, she didn’t really want that.

Grey was her light, and she likes the cheerful him, if he suddenly starts behaving like people usually do, he wouldn’t be fun to be with. Grey always makes her laugh, so she enjoys his company a lot.

Martha returned after taking a bath. By the time she got down, Grey had already prepared the table. They sat together and started eating.

Martha couldn’t deny it, Grey was a great cook. But she restrained herself from praising him.

“I’m such a great cook” Grey exclaimed after doing the dishes.

Martha rolled her eyes when she heard this, ‘At least let someone praise you first’ Grey really is one of a kind. But he is always a great company.

“Mom, I have good news for you” Grey said with a mysterious smile.

“Oh, what is it?” Martha raised her brow when she heard Grey.

“Well, I managed to advance to an Orange talent today” Grey said with a proud face.

“Really” Martha was stunned when she heard this. But quickly, it turned to joy. Grey being able to increase his talent is something unbelievable, but she knew Grey would never lie to her. He probably wouldn’t even think of it, he really is scared of her.

“Congratulations, that’s great news” Martha congratulated him happily.

Grey was really happy seeing how his mother was overjoyed for him. His mother truly is his greatest support. Without her, he wouldn’t be who he was today.

“Mom, I’m aiming for a Purple talent before the test” Grey told her his aim.

Martha looked at Grey, “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, having an Orange talent is already considered good. Especially with that element of yours” Not that she wanted to discourage him, but she knew some times, it was best to take it easy.

“Don’t worry mom, I’m confident about this. If I can’t make it before the test, I’ll just make it after it. It’s no big deal” Grey assured her. ‘I’m definitely going to make it before the test’ Grey declared in his heart.

“Okay baby, remember to your health comes first. Don’t overwork yourself” Martha said with care. Grey has always been her pride and joy. She still remembered how happy she was the day of his birth. ‘What a rascal’ She said in her heart when she remembered just how troublesome he was as a child.


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