Affinity: Chaos

Chapter 20: Departure

Chapter 20: Departure

Grey spent time with Martha, but he had already gotten used to always training. So after 3 days, he had to go train. Martha shook her head when she saw this.

She knew he wouldn’t be comfortable staying this long without doing anything. Fortunately, he didn’t spend all day training like he usually does. He would only spend approximately 4 hours training before heading back home.

He encountered the representative from the Starlight Academy when he was returning from his training.

“You can still change your mind, you know,” He said to Grey

“I’ve already made my decision. Thanks for the invitation though” Grey declined politely. Grey wanted to continue his journey but was blocked again by the representative.

“The Lunar Academy isn’t even in the top 3 in terms of strength. We’ve dominated the empire for years now” He said proudly.

Grey knew what he said was right, but he didn’t care about it. He liked how Senior Chris presented himself, this, in turn, made him have a good impression of the Lunar Academy.

Grey had never been the haughty type, and he had learned a lot during these 4 years he was not able to awaken his element. He knew more about human nature also.

“You will regret this decision of yours,” The representative said coldly before leaving.

Grey looked at him with cold eyes, he didn’t like him. Good thing he wouldn’t see him once he joins the Lunar Academy.

Grey went home and continued his normal routine. He spent most of his time with Martha then went over to the forest to train. He also visited the lightning mountain once more, he savored the feeling he got from it.

“This is a nice place, hopefully, I can find a place like this in the Academy” Grey loved the feeling he got whenever he came here to meditate.

Elementalists cultivate by meditating, they try to attract the elemental particles of their said elements into their bodies. It would then be refined by the Elementalist. The Collection Plane is all about collecting the elemental particles into the body of an Elementalist.

After collecting the particles to a certain level, then the fusion stage would begin. Grey heard Jonas had already broken through to the Arcane Plane. This was the same Plane the mayor of Red City was currently in.

Grey couldn’t wait to start his cultivation journey, just the thought of it got him excited. Grey prepared himself for his journey and soon it was only a day before he left. Senior Chris was staying at an Inn in the city, so getting to him wouldn’t be an issue. Grey was sure he wouldn’t even need to search for him.

Normally, the representative wouldn’t have asked when he wanted to leave. He would have just told him they will be leaving soon.

Each representative rarely stays more than 4 days in the city. They didn’t like coming here in the first place, so they were always grumpy if they had to stay longer. But due to Grey’s talent, he had to stay for a week just so he could fulfill Grey’s demands. Although he wasn’t sucking up to him, he wasn’t trying to offend him either.

This was one of the reasons Grey respected him even more. Grey knew if it were to be other representatives, they would have tried to suck up to him. This also made him more curious about the Lunar Academy.

If the Academy isn’t as the representative presented, then he would be very disappointed. Although he wouldn’t have a problem since he was a Dual Elementalist, he would have a high status anywhere he went. Power was everything, and talented individuals were respected a lot, since they would turn into powerhouses in the future, so long as they do not die early.

Finally, the day of his departure finally came. Martha was feeling both sad and happy, she was happy Grey’s dream of cultivating was about to be realized but was sad since she would be left all alone. She suddenly thought of something and quickly made a decision.

“Grey, I’ll be heading to meet your father” Martha suddenly spoke.

“You know where dad is?” Grey asked in a surprised tone.

“Of course, will he dare leave without even telling me where he wanted to go,” Martha said with a scoff.

“Actually, I would have gone with him if not for you. You were the only reason keeping me here. Now since you’re about to go to the Academy, I’ll be able to go freely without worrying about you” Martha said while caressing Grey’s cheek.

Grey thought about it and felt it was the right decision. Staying here wouldn’t bring her anything.

“So, how will I find you,” Grey asked. He wanted to know where they were so in case he wanted to go find them, it would be easy.

“Don’t worry about us for now. I’ll send you a message when I get there. Just focus on your cultivation for now” Martha reassured Grey. She wanted him to focus fully on his cultivation. He has already fallen behind, so he needs to fully focus on his cultivation.

“Okay mom, but don’t forget to send me the message, so I won’t get worried about you” It has already been so long since he heard from his father, if his mother was added, it would be devastating for him.

Chris came after some time, “Grey, are you ready” he asked.

“Yes,” Grey replied.

“Okay, come with me” Chris replied before going out of the house, heading in the direction of the city gate.

Grey hugged Martha before walking out. He stood outside and looked at the house for some time before following in the footsteps of Chris. When they passed through the city gates, Grey suddenly felt nostalgic. He couldn’t help but taking another look at the city he had stayed in all his life. When he looked back, he saw Martha standing not too far from him with tear filled eyes.

A new phase of his life was about to begin.


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