Affinity: Chaos

Chapter 24: You Bet I Am

Chapter 24: You Bet I Am

Klaus took Grey to the registration building. When they got there, they noticed about 8 kids were waiting to get their registration done. Klaus told Grey to join the queue since he was here to get his registration done.

The kids all looked at Grey with peculiar eyes, even the instructors who brought them over, did the same. When they saw Klaus, they knew Grey being here had something to do with Chris, so they just let him be. Although they were curious about him, they didn’t bother with him.

When Grey went in to get his registration done, the instructors went over to Klaus to find out who Grey was.

“Hey Klaus, who’s the fella you brought over?”

“I haven’t seen him in the Academy before”

“Did he come with Senior Chris?”

“He’s a little too old to register with the new batch, isn’t he?”

They asked Klaus so many questions that his head immediately started arching. Klaus just looked at them and was speechless.

These were instructors of the Academy, yet they all act like 12-year-olds. This was what made the Academy more interesting. The instructors are very welcome with the students, although they do have moments when they’re strict, they are friendly most of the time.

Klaus is still amazed by how almost every single instructor in the Academy had odd personalities. Like, how do the Academy even find these bunch of weirdos. But he couldn’t deny the fact that they were all superb in their fields and were outstanding teachers.

“He’s Grey, he just took the test this year, this was why he just joined the Academy” Klaus replied in a helpless manner.

“Is he a moron?, who would wait till they were above 15 years old before they take the test?”

“I must say, he’s quite handsome”

“Yeah, I don’t think I have seen anyone this handsome before. He definitely is a gem”.

“I thought you were the most handsome in the Academy Klaus, but this friend of yours is definitely better looking than you,”

While they were talking, one of the female instructors brought up how handsome Grey looked. If Grey had been present, and heard those comments, he would have been like, ‘You bet I am’.

“He actually took the test while he was 12 years old, but failed to awaken his element. He only awakened his element this year” Klaus told them the reason Grey was just taking the test. “And he’s a Dual Elementalist” Klaus added.

It amazed the instructors when they heard Grey’s story. From not being able to awaken his element to turning into a Dual Elementalists, it was truly something else. They’ve not seen anyone who was unable to awaken his talent before, so they were quite shocked. These cases were rare in the empire.

While they were still discussing how handsome Grey looked, Grey stepped out of the registration office. He curiously looked at the instructors who were having a heated conversation with Klaus.

The moment Klaus noticed Grey was already out of the registration office, he immediately went over to him. Stopping him from coming any closer, before quickly escaping with him. He definitely didn’t want Grey to see how weird the instructors of the Academy were on his first day.

Grey was surprised because of Klaus’ reaction, but said nothing. While they were walking, Klaus thought of something and asked, “By the way, where is your living quarter located?”

They assigned each student a quarter for staying. Their living quarters occupied the western and southern parts of the Academy. The instructors’ and other Academy workers’ quarters were located in the northern part of the Academy.

The eastern part housed the halls used for classes, the library, the registration office, and the mission hall.

“they assigned me a living quarter at the western part” Grey said as he fished out the card they gave him at the registration room. He glanced at it and saw the number 413 on it.

Klaus looked over at the card, “Oh, you’re assigned to quarter 413”

“You know where it is?” Grey asked when said this.

“Yes. My living quarter is also situated in the western part. So, we will see each other more easily” Klaus said with a smile.

“Okay” Grey replied.

Since they were in the eastern part of the Academy, Klaus showed Grey the halls used for classes.

Each hall’s building was enormous, with only the Lightning Hall being smaller than the rest. Grey found out there were over 800 students in the Academy, but the number didn’t exceed 900. This surprised him.

Academies usually have more than 5,000 students, how come the Lunar Academy had such small number of students.

“Do you know why the recruitment rate of the Academy is low, it’s baffling that an Academy this big only has 800 plus students?” Grey was puzzled by this.

“I’m not certain, but from what I know, the Academy only recruits students with either Purple or Blue grade talent” Klaus said after musing for some time.

“There have been one time they admitted a student whose talent was only Orange, but I heard he was a Dual Elementalist with both elements having Orange talent respectively” Klaus continued.

Grey was amazed by the requirements to get into the Lunar Academy. “The other Academies don’t have this requirement also, right?” Grey asked.

“No, they recruit students with Orange talent. Some even recruit students with Pink talent. But the top 5 Academies don’t accept Pink grade talent in their Academies. Each Academy has their given requirements, though. Although we have the lowest numbers of students, we have the second highest numbers of Blue talent in the entire empire. We’re second only to the Emperors Organization” Klaus stated proudly.

They walked towards the eastern part of the Academy, towards the living quarters of the students. Grey quietly memorized all the information Klaus was telling him.

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