Affinity: Chaos

Chapter 7: Chaos Element?

Chapter 7: Chaos Element?


A rumbling sound could be heard from Grey’s body. After completing the tenth circle, huge changes started taking place in his body.

Grey got in a trance when this happened. He saw a man standing majestically in the air looking down at the world. He had a noble aura spreading in all directions, it was like he was the lord over everything. He stretched out his right hand and all elements could be seen converging at the top of his hands, it was a beautiful sight.

The elements formed an orb at the top of his hand, the orb was captivating. But Grey could feel the destructive powers hidden in the beautiful orb. This could be called a beautiful killer.

The man spread out his hands wide and the orb exploded. It was a stunning sight and was also beautiful. Grey was surprised by the number of elements the man had control over. The man looked in the direction of Grey and flashed a smile at him.

Only after the lights died down did Grey realize they were alone. The man leisurely walked towards him, he studied him for some time before nodding his head.

Grey stood nervously and also studied the man in front of him. The man was handsome, with long shoulder length hair.

“What is your name young boy,” The man asked calmly.

“Grey” Grey replied cautiously.

The man raised an eyebrow and stared at him closely, “You were the one who inherited my powers, good. You were just barely able to meet the minimum requirements, you must have a strong body if you want to use the chaos element”.

“Chaos elements?” Grey was surprised, although he didn’t know everything, he knew there were only seven elements in the world. Which are Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Darkness, and Light elements. He had never heard of this chaos element the mysterious man was talking about.

“Hmm, you don’t really need to know much about it for now. Just have it in the back of your mind. You’ve inherited the power of the strongest God, the Chaos God” the man said to Grey.

“Chaos God?” Grey had read about Gods in some books and knew there was a God for each element. But he had never heard of this Chaos God this man was talking about.

“Yes, the Chaos God. He was the strongest among all the God’s and was the one who led the God’s” the man said.

“I’ve never heard of this Chaos God you speak of senior” Grey said to him.

The man looked at him with a bewildered look.

“Is there no record of the Chaos God?” he asked.

“No senior, after the great war of Gods, the Gods haven’t been heard about since then. And that war took place over 100,000 years ago” Grey explained.

The man was alarmed, “Seems like another war took place after that one, no wonder they don’t know of the Chaos God” he muttered under his breath.

“Hmm, forget about it for now. You will get to know more as time goes on. Now, since you have inherited this power, you should already know some things about it?” The man asked seriously.

“Yes senior, I know I can wield all elements with it” Grey replied.

“Hmm, well, that isn’t the strongest aspect of it. You still won’t be able to form the chaos element soon” the man said with a smile.

“Okay, so can I start using the elements now?” Grey asked excitedly. He didn’t care about the Chaos God or the Chaos element, what was important for him now was if he could use the elements. Although he was curious about it, it wasn’t too important to him.

“No” the man answered.

“What!” Grey exclaimed.

“No,” the man said again

“But it stated in the scroll that I will be able to control all elements” Grey quickly spoke. He had already envisioned how he would control all the elements, now, this man was telling him he can’t use the elements now.

“I know, but it isn’t that easy. The human body wasn’t supposed to have an affinity with all elements, so, it will take some time and hard work from you” The man said while looking at Grey.

“Hard work, I’ve been working so hard just to be able to hone my body, yet you’re telling me I will still get to do more hard work” Grey was feeling down. He had already worked so hard from his view, yet, he will still work more just to get what was promised to him. He thought he already had everything in his hands, who knew he was holding onto clouds.

“You don’t expect it to be that easy right?” The man said with a chuckle.

Grey felt scammed, “Senior, can I have only one element and just forget about all this?” Grey asked. Although the idea of wielding all elements sounded great if he had to wait for another 15 or even 20 years, it wouldn’t be nice. If he can have one element, he will be satisfied. He wasn’t greedy, okay, he wasn’t too greedy. But he feels like it wouldn’t be worth it to have all elements if he had to wait for so long, what if he died because he couldn’t control any elements.

The man looked at Grey, speechless. “How can you settle for less?” He couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m not settling for less, I’m just doing the more reasonable thing from my view. I’m already behind my peers in terms of cultivation, so if I take much longer, I might as well just give up on the rest and have one” Grey reasoned.

The man looked at Grey for some time before sighing helplessly.

“This is the chaos space, you will be able to comprehend each element here. You can come here anytime to comprehend. After comprehension, your talent with the said element will increase as you have a higher comprehension of the element” The man said.

“Oh, so all I have to do is comprehend the elements?” Grey asked with an excited look. ‘Why didn’t you say this earlier, instead of scaring me’ Grey thought.

“Don’t think it will be easy, comprehending elements and being born with a given element are two different things. Comprehension is harder, and your talent in the element will tally with your comprehension, if your comprehension is low for the element, your talent and control over it will also be low” He patiently explained to Grey.

“It shouldn’t be that hard. How can I get into this space?” Grey said naively before asking the important question. For him, he didn’t think it would be hard for him to comprehend the elements. What he was bothered about was how to get here.

The man looked at him and didn’t reply. He knew how hard it was to comprehend an element and also, he didn’t want to give Grey a scare. So he just let him be.

“Just will it, and you can come here anytime,” The man said.

“Okay” Grey replied happily, since he now knew how he can get here, everything was settled.

“Oh!, I haven’t told you the strongest aspect of it yet” The man suddenly said.

Grey looked at him with interest.

“Elemental fusion,” He said with a smile.

“Elemental fusion?” Grey’s interest was piqued when he heard this.

The man knew he would have to explain it to Grey, so he patiently explained to him, “Yes elemental fusion. As the name implies, this power gives you the ability to fuse elements. After being able to fuse all elements, you will then be able to create the chaos element, which is a combination of all elements and also the strongest element”.

Grey was shocked when he heard this, so the chaos element is a fusion of all elements. “Was that what I saw you did earlier?” Grey asked. He remembered seeing the man forming an orb at the top of his outstretched hand. It was as beautiful as it was dangerous.

“Yes, what you saw me create was the chaos element” The man didn’t hide anything from him and told him more about it.

“How can there be such an overpowered element?. Also, elements can be fused together” Grey was astounded by what he was hearing, and also excited. Doesn’t that mean he will have such an amazing ability. Not only will he be able to use all elements, but he will also be able to fuse them.

And once again, Grey started envisioning himself when he was using the chaos element and couldn’t help but cackle maniacally.

The man looked at him and couldn’t help but sigh, “What sort of fellow inherited this power”

He started pitying the world because an overpowered moron will soon be let loose. He held a moment of silence for everyone. He knew Grey was a determined person as he was able to train himself to reach the requirements stated. If he knew Grey didn’t do it on purpose, he would be dismayed.


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