Affinity: Chaos

Chapter 971 Fearsome Strength

The young man continued his attack on Grey, not wanting to give him the chance he was looking for. He knew Grey would need a small chance to use his special technique that could boost his strength, but he didn't want that. The weaker Grey was, the easier it was to kill him.

Grey dodged the attacks as he retreated, making sure he didn't get into the attack range of the young man.

"Die! Die! Die!" The young man screamed repeatedly as he attacked Grey viciously.

Grey kept a cool head as he studied the situation. As things stand, he wouldn't be able to use the Fusion State as he wanted, so he had to go for the next best thing, inscriptions.

Two symbols lit up in the sky and they attacked the young man who was focused on chasing after Grey.

The young man sensed the attack at the last moment and dodged to the right.

This presented the opportunity Grey had been waiting for, seeing that he finally had the chance, he hastily used the Fusion State. He boosted it to the Eighth stage, unlike the previous time when he only stopped on the Seventh stage.

The sudden boost of Grey's strength shocked everyone. They already thought that the Seventh stage was the limit Grey could get to, but now, he actually forced it to the Eighth stage. Had he used this when fighting against the young lady the last time, he would've been able to finish her off in a shorter time.

The young man looked at Grey with a little shock, but he still didn't think much of it.

"So you still have some hidden cards? I'll kill you regardless of whatever you show." He snorted coldly.

Grey might've boosted his strength, but nevertheless, he was still only in the Eighth stage of the Sage Plane. Compared to a Peak Sage Plane Elementalist, he was still a little lacking, well, this was what everyone thought.

"You're not on my level." Grey replied with a smirk.

After saying this, he attacked.

The young man was already prepared for this and used the lightning element to boost his speed before leaving an afterimage.

Grey's eyes widened a bit, this was the first time he was fighting against someone who could actually leave behind an afterimage.

Boom! Bang! Bam!

They started to exchange attacks. Grey mainly used the fire element, while the young man used the lightning element.

A fire bird attacked Grey, but it was blown to bits by a lightning bolt that shot out from one of the inscriptions. Grey tried to use the space element to send a quick attack with his fire element, teleporting the attack right in front of the young man, but the young man managed to react quickly, blocking it with hands covered in lightning.

The attack forced him back, but he was fine, not affected by it.

Grey followed up with an earth pillar that he smashed in the direction of the young man.

The young man slashed a large lightning sword to cut the pillar into two before attacking Grey once again with the lightning sword.

Grey created an earth wall, but it was sliced apart. He vanished, hoping to dodge the attack. But the young man was already prepared for this and a lightning arrow shot at Grey, even faster than he could teleport.

Grey caught sight of the lightning arrow a little late and it hit him squarely on his chest, sending him flying.

The young man's eyes brightened when he saw this.

"Hehe, I told you, I'll kill you." He snickered hatefully.

Just as he moved closer to Grey, he suddenly felt a powerful pressure descend on him and his figure almost dropped to the ground.


A large fire rose from Grey's body, shooting in all directions.

The young man tried to retreat, but he was caught by the attack and sent flying.

He did a backflip mid-air and landed on his feet.

Just as his feet touched the ground, a beam shot at it. It was made up of the fire and the lightning element.

The beam exuded a shocking aura.

Seeing the beam, the young man knew he shouldn't dare to be negligent.

Preparing himself, he unleashed an even scarier attack that collided with the beam.

? The strength of both attacks colliding was on another scale.

Those watching the battle were all on the edge of their seats. This was the most heated battle so far, and to think that it was between a Fifth stage Sage Plane Elementalist who used some special technique to boost his strength and a Peak Sage Plane Elementalist was even more shocking.

Those from the Burchard Family looked at each other with stunned eyes, Grey had shocked them once again. Even if he doesn't win the battle in the end, he had already proven to them that compared to most of the geniuses here, he was miles ahead. An Eighth stage fighting against a Peak Sage Plane Elementalist was something they wouldn't really think of being possible before. Only a few people in the history of the continent might be able to achieve such a feat.

Even those from the Nether Faction were looking at Grey with different eyes. The young man who attacked Grey felt a chill run down his spine. Yes, he could fight against someone at the Peak of the Sage Plane, but the main problem was that he didn't think this was Grey's full strength.

If there was a way for Grey to actually use a strength that was superior to this, then it would shock the entire world. A Fifth stage Sage Plane Elementalist fighting those over three stages ahead of him was already shocking enough. One has to know that the gap between a Peak Sage Plane Elementalist was quite large, only a selected few could cross that gap while still in the Ninth stage and fight on equal footing.

Grey, even though he boosted his strength, was still in the Eighth stage, so he was technically still not on the level where he should be able to fight a Peak Sage Plane Elementalist to this stage.


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