After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 2101: Settle It Yourself

Chapter 2101: Settle It Yourself


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The corners of Qiao Mei’s mouth twitched slightly. She did not know if Han Chen was praising her or mocking her with that statement. Given that this issue was about Qian’e getting married, she could not take it lightly.

“If you can’t even deal with your own mother, then what happens if our Qian’e marries into your family and gets bullied in the future? Do I also have to step in to settle the issue?” Qiao Mei questioned.

This was something that Han Chen had never thought about. He simply imagined that after he got married, he would move out and start his own family. This way, Qian’e would not have to face his mother often.

“Although the Xia family doesn’t really organize or attend gatherings or business banquets, I’ve heard of your mother’s style. Every two months, she will invite all the rich ladies from the capital and the surrounding areas to her house for a gathering. After Qian’e marries you, she will definitely have to attend these gatherings. Can you be by her side 24 hours a day?”

“You also have to return home during the new year and festive seasons. The Han family only has one son for each of the last three generations, but the family lineage will end with you. Don’t tell me that the culprit of this ‘crime’ will end up to be our Qian’e? Don’t you think that you should not be trying to avoid the problem? Or should we say, isn’t it inappropriate for you to ask me to help you deal with these things?”

Qiao Mei hit the nail on the head with just a few sentences. Han Chen was quite close to his family. From when he was young, his mother had raised him with a strict upbringing and he had never dared to go against his parents. However, he also loved Qian’e and he was now caught in the middle, so he wanted to find an intermediary to help him. He did not expect Qiao Mei to lay out the issue so bluntly and clearly for him.

His mother’s friends were all daughters from rich families. All their daughters-in-law were also mostly daughters from rich families. Qian’e did not come from a prominent family and she would be mocked if she married into the Han family! At that time, who was the one who should step out to protect Qian’e?

“I  I don’t mean that. You’ve misunderstood,” Han Chen said.

“If I have overstated your intentions, then I apologize to you. However, you still have to solve these problems yourself. The day when you’ve solved the issues is the day I will allow Qian’e to marry you,” Qiao Mei said sternly.

Qian’e had already cut ties with the Qian family long ago. For so many years, it was Li Gui who took care of her. If not for Qiao Mei giving her a chance, she might still be stuck in a quagmire for the rest of her life!

Everything Qian’e had now was given to her by Qiao Mei and Li Gui. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they were her real family members.

If Qiao Mei and Li Gui did not agree to the marriage, Qian’e would never marry Han Chen.

“I understand,” Han Chen said.

Qiao Mei closed the jewelry box and returned it to Han Chen, saying, “It won’t be too late for me to accept your gift after you settle this matter.”

With that, she asked Xu Kang to send the guest out. Han Chen turned around reluctantly to look at Qian’e before leaving. During this entire time, Qian’e sat on the chair and did not speak.

“You won’t blame me, right?” Qiao Mei looked at Qian’e and asked softly.

“Blame you for what?” Qian’e looked up and asked in confusion.

“Blame me for making things difficult for Han Chen, or for chasing him away, or for pulling the brakes on this matter,” Qiao Mei said honestly.

“I’m not a fool. I know you’re doing this for my own good. Besides, all those things you said have never crossed my mind. You are the one who has sounded the alarm to make me think about these things more carefully,” Qian’e said gratefully.

Qiao Mei relaxed and smiled as she said, “So long as you don’t blame me. Actually, I said all those things to see if Han Chen is willing to give up everything to stand by your side.”

Although Han Chen headed the Han Corporation now, it was still his parents who built up the business. If Han Chen was determined to choose Qian’e, Han Chen’s parents would definitely take away everything that Han Chen had. At that time, could Han Chen still be so determined to choose Qian’e?

Qian’e and Qiao Mei had a heart-to-heart talk. At the end, Qiao Mei was relieved to know that Qian’e remained clear-headed. How the matter progressed would depend on what Han Chen did next.

Qiao Mei looked at the date and felt that the vegetables grown in the greenhouses in the suburbs should be ready for harvesting by now. She drove to the suburban industrial area to take a look. This was the biological company’s first project and she must ensure that it is a success and make a name for herself with it.

As Qiao Mei could not always be around to keep an eye on things, Xia Mao had introduced Qiao Mei to an acquaintance of his who could help her take care of things. This person’s name was Sun Tian and he used to work in the army cookhouse. At that time, the army faced a serious shortage of vegetables and meat and there was not enough food for the soldiers.

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