Against the Gods

Chapter 1873 - The Blue Dragon’s Entreaty

Chapter 1873 - The Blue Dragon’s Entreaty

After he finished reading the Ancient Records of the Dragon Gods, Yun Che felt a peace wash over him. Even though he had more or less guessed the truth, this historical record from the Ancient Era had undoubtedly cleared up the fog and doubts in his mind.

“Our lives and this world are far frailer than we’d ever imagined,” Yun Che suddenly whispered to himself. “Even the mighty True Gods and True Devils were completely wiped from the face of this universe, much less the people of our era.”

Qianye Ying’er gave a cold snort. “The Dragon God Realm probably realized this a long time ago. You haven’t even formally been made emperor, but you’re already starting to worry over your universe?”

Yun Che rolled his eyes at her before retorting in a huffy voice, “It seems like you’re becoming more and more impudent lately. It’s as if you can’t wait to throw anything I say right back in my face.”

“That’s natural.” Qianye Ying’er folded her arms across her chest as she spoke in a slow and unhurried manner. “Last time, I was just your slave and toy, but now I’ve become your imperial concubine. Since I’ve gotten such a huge bump in status, how can things be the same as they were before?”

Yun Che’s arm suddenly shot out toward her, the tips of his fingers snaring the black cloth belt wrapped around her waist. A dangerous and sinister light started to glow in his eyes as he said, “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll condemn you to a life of being enslaved and toyed with by me with just a single word!?”

“Do it then.” Qianye Ying’er suddenly smiled and the dazzling smile of the Goddess stole away all the light in the room for a second. It was so arresting and enchanting that it caused Yun Che, the person who was the most familiar in the world with her, to stare at her blankly.

She stepped forward, her cherry-colored jade lips softly caressing Yun Che’s right ear. Her breath was warm and gentle and every single word she uttered threatened to steal his soul. “I, the Goddess, a woman desired by every man in this world, and a woman even a god emperor cannot dream of obtaining, became a slave and a toy that you played with whenever you wanted to. And that is exactly what I consider to be… a true emperor.”

“Oh really…” All of the blood in his veins was instantly set aflame as the look in Yun Che’s eyes grew even more dangerous. “To think that you’ve gone from the unparalleled Goddess to an unparalleled toy in just a few short years. Even this change of yours could be said to be unparalleled!”

“No, I’ve never changed before.” Qianye Ying’er hooked her arms around Yun Che’s neck, her shimmery golden eyes staring straight into Yun Che’s black ones. “Whether I am Qianye Ying’er or Yun Qianying, I’ll always be unscrupulous when it comes to getting what I want. The only thing that has changed is the target of my desires.”

“For example…’ Her voice suddenly turned soft and cottony and her eyes were so alluring that any man would fall into that golden abyss forever. “I’ve worked sooooo hard that you, someone who used to hate me to the bone, can barely even stand the thought of leaving me anymore, right?”

“...” Yun Che didn’t say a word. He merely jerked his arm back, violently snapping the belt hooked between his fingers. Her black robes were the next to go, as they fell off of her in strips. Her skin gleamed in the light as he violently pressed down on her exquisite jade body.

However, it was at this moment that the barrier suddenly parted and a cottony voice even more alluring than Qianye Ying’er’s suddenly rang out. “This is the Dragon God Domain, a place that is still filled with chaos, where the remnants of the dragon god race still live! No matter how frustrated both of you are, you must at least pay attention to the time and place!”

“...!” Yun Che’s body suddenly froze. After that, he hurriedly tried to stand up, but Qianye Ying’er’s jade arms hooked him even closer.

“Devil Queen, you really chose the right time to come, huh? Did you want to join us?” Qianye Ying’er said in a cheery voice. “That’s right. You’ll have to serve His Magnificence in the future, so it isn’t a bad idea to start right now… Oh? I nearly forgot. It seems as if the Devil Queen has yet to obtain the Devil Master’s favor, so all of this must be completely foreign to you. I’m afraid that your anxious attempts to join in are a tad bit premature.”

Yun Che had to heave his body upward before he could break free of Qianye Ying’er’s embrace and get to his feet.

Chi Wuyao’s eyes narrowed slightly as she said in a soft voice, “Yun Qianying, your title as imperial concubine has not even been made official yet. Taunting me before that is very dangerous, you know.”

Qianye Ying’er stood up. It was as if she didn’t care about her shredded garments as she proudly paraded her snowy, jade-like skin before Chi Wuyao. “How dangerous can it be? I’m actually quite curious about that. Why don’t you enlighten me?”

“You don’t want to know,” Chi Wuyao said with a soft giggle.

“~!@#¥%...” Yun Che’s eyes kept swiveling back from one lady to the other in confusion, and he started to feel his scalp go numb.

What… What was going on?

Hadn’t they settled their differences already!? Why does something feel off all of a sudden!?

“Ahem… Devil Queen, is there something important for me to attend to?” Yun Che hurriedly switched topics.

Chi Wuyao said, “Cang Shitian has taken care of things very nicely. He has already brazenly announced to the world that he was transferring his title of Deep Sea God Emperor to Cang Shuhe and that the official ceremony would take place three months from now. As such, the Devil Master needs to travel back to the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm at least a month before the ceremony to heal Cang Shuhe and ensure that her Deep Sea bloodline is compatible with the Deep Sea divine power.”

“Also, the Qilin Emperor and Blue Dragon Emperor sought an audience with you three days ago. I told them that you were busy and I managed to persuade the Qilin Emperor to leave. However, the Blue Dragon Emperor stubbornly insisted on seeing you and she hasn’t moved from her spot in more than sixty hours. Of course, if the Devil Master doesn’t mind, we can simply keep her waiting.”

“I understand. I’ll go and see her now.” Yun Che said as he gave a short nod of his head. After that, he quickly started making his way out of the hall to escape the weird atmosphere that had suddenly engulfed the area.

Chi Wuyao remained where she was standing, her gaze clashing with Qianye Ying’er’s.

“Yun Qianying,” Chi Wuyao said in a dry voice, “I did not deliberately interrupt you, nor is it my intention to monopolize the Devil Master. On the contrary, I will be focusing on doing my best to fill up his harem. After all, how can the exalted ruler of the entire universe, a figure that has not ever officially existed before, someone who reigns above even the god emperors themselves, have a harem that can’t even be compared to a mere lower realm king. That would be a serious dereliction of my duty.”

“At the very least, the nine children by my side will also marry him together with me. I trust that you won’t object to that, right?”

“Of course not.” A bland smile appeared on Qianye Ying’er’s face. “No matter how many women you shove next to him, I’ll still always be the most irreplaceable one. After all, all of those years serving him were not done in vain.”

“You on the other hand.” Qianye Ying’er gracefully slid over to where Chi Wuyao was standing. “I’m not scared of you at all. In fact, there’s something that I’ve been wanting to tell you.”

Chi Wuyao, “?”

“You may surpass me in nearly every aspect, but there is one singular thing that you seem very skilled at but are, in actual fact, a complete novice at.”

Her lips neared Chi Wuyao’s ear as she said in a languid voice, “When it comes to men, no matter how perfect and deep your schemes are, they still aren’t as effective as simply pushing him down. Because men are creatures that use their heads when it comes to fighting, but they use their lower bodies when it comes to women.”

“The more seductive a woman, the more true this is.”

“Even Yun Che, who normally pretends he’s so high and mighty, is still nothing more than a man.”

She finally pulled her raggedy robes over her chest, covering a scene that would dim the bright moon. After that, a small smile appeared on Qianye Ying’er’s face… Now that the danger was over and the terrible battles had come to an end, and they no longer needed to match wits and skills with their enemies, she could finally recover some lost ground against Chi Wuyao.

Just like she had previously mentioned, she hadn’t changed one bit. The only thing that changed was the object of her desires; that was why she no longer looked as cold-blooded as she used to be.

However, appearances could be deceiving.

“... That isn’t a bad suggestion.” Chi Wuyao slowly closed her eyes, her lips forming a tiny pout. “As recompense, on the day that His Magnificence is officially crowned king and I serve him together with Jie Xin, Chan Yi, and the rest of my children, we can graciously permit you… to observe from the sidelines.”

Qianye Ying’er, “...”

In the end, Chi Wuyao was still the Devil Queen, and the advantage that Qianye Ying’er had enjoyed for a scant few seconds was immediately destroyed by a single sentence from her.

“Hmph!” Qianye Ying’er covered her chest with her arms. She said in a cold voice, “Here we are contending against each other in the dark, but all the advantages still go to the man outside! Ah, how vexatious this is!”

“This is what he deserves, no?” The small smile remained plastered on Chi Wuyao’s face.

“Tsk!” Qianye Ying’er turned to look at her. “Then pamper him all you want! It’d be best if you pampered him until he becomes a cripple!”


When Yun Che walked out of the Dragon God Sacred Hall, he saw that the Blue Dragon Emperor was indeed waiting for him. She was dressed in a blue robe and it seemed to flow to the ground like water before pooling around her feet. However, when the wind blew, the hem of her robes flirtatiously flitted up to reveal two exceptionally long and beautiful legs, legs that looked like they had been carved by some divine craftsman.

When she saw Yun Che, the Blue Dragon Emperor’s tranquil blue eyes finally started to ripple. She walked forward a few steps and slowly bowed to him. “The Blue Dragon Realm’s Qing Que greets His Magnificence.”

Yun Che glanced at her and barked out in a cold voice, “Kneel before you speak to me.”

“...” The Blue Dragon Emperor’s eyebrows knitted together slightly, but she still started to kneel.

However, her movements were slow and awkward. After all, as the Blue Dragon Emperor, she had never needed to kneel. Even the Dragon Monarch had not demanded more than a simple curtsy from her.

As the Blue Dragon Emperor sank to her knees, the pressure that no man could endure disappeared. It was only then that Yun Che turned to face her and said, “What do you want?”

The Blue Dragon Emperor bowed her head and said, “Qing Que is here to make a request to…”

“Speak plainly!”

His cold words and attitude radiated an extreme pressure. If she wasn’t the Blue Dragon Emperor, she would probably have already lost the ability to think rationally.

The Blue Dragon Emperor raised her head and mustered up the best pleading expression she could as a god emperor. “As per the Devil Master’s command, we have rounded up most of the people who possess the Dragon God bloodline and all who tried to escape have been captured. However… I beg that the Devil Master show mercy! Please spare the young generation of the dragon god race.”

“...” Yun Che slowly looked down and stared cold daggers at her. “Blue Dragon Emperor, you know that you are a god emperor yourself, yet you actually said such a thing!? Do you know what foolishness you just spouted!?”

“If you don’t pull up the roots when you cut down the grass, there will be no end of trouble in the future,” the Blue Dragon Emperor whispered. “I also witnessed everything that happened back then with my own two eyes, so I understand better than anyone else that no one has the right to criticize you for being cruel. It would be understandable even if you chose to put the entire Dragon God Realm to the sword, much less eliminate the dragon god race.”

Yun Che’s cold glare grew slightly less intense. “So?”

The Blue Dragon Emperor stared straight at him with her blue eyes and spoke in a somber manner, “My Blue Dragon Clan has always lived by our ideals of ‘protection’, so we hate bullying and slaughter the most. The Devil Master once saved the entire universe and he also spared my Blue Dragon Realm. As such, even though my Blue Dragon Clan is currently going against the teachings of our ancestors by rounding up and eliminating the Dragon God Clan, we have no complaints or regrets… However, I simply could not bring myself to harm those innocent younger members. Even if I allowed the Qilin Emperor to do it… I still would not be able to simply sit there and watch.”

“Heh! Heh heh.” Yun Che let out a cold chuckle. “Blue Dragon Emperor, compassion and kindness are great things, but acting the saint only provokes nausea. What exactly do you think you’re doing right now?”

“They’re innocent? Then what about my family? My homeland… Did all of them deserve to die!?”

Even though he knew that the Blue Pole Star was safe and sound, the soul-cutting pain he had endured for all of those years caused his face to twist into a sinister mask.

However, the Blue Dragon Emperor did not shrink back from his malevolent gaze. Her eyes shimmered with a cerulean light as she stared straight into Yun Che’s eyes. “You… are different from those ungrateful people who destroyed your home. Even though you fell into darkness and bathed the divine regions in their own blood, I still believe that you are definitely not a true villain.”

“A true monster would not go to face the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor alone, even after everyone had kneeled before her. A true monster would not risk his own life to protect his homeland in their time of danger, or be thrown into a deep and twisted abyss of pain after losing said homeland. And a true monster would not have had… so many people willing to die for him.”

Yun Che’s brow furrowed.

“The young generation of the Dragon Gods is entirely unaware of these things. There are some who have never gone out to see the world and some who are even still in their diapers… The grand ancestor of the Blue Dragons owed the Dragon God Realm a big debt of gratitude, so I simply wasn’t able to steel my heart, no matter how I tried to persuade myself day after day…”

She closed her eyes and exhaled softly. “If the Devil Master is willing to show mercy and spare their lives, I will personally sever their dragon meridians. This will ensure that their cultivation will never exceed the Divine Sovereign Realm and ensure that no Master Dragon will ever emerge from among their descendants. As such, there is no way a threat like Long Bai will ever appear again.”

“I will also do my very best to teach them to revere and respect the Devil Master… I will also do my very best to spread the word that the Devil Master’s heavenly kindness and broad heart caused him to spare the young generation of the dragon god race. I believe that all of the creatures in the Western Divine Region will be greatly heartened and encouraged by this action, making it easier for them to bend their knee to you.”

“I beg the Devil Master… to accede to my request.” The Blue Dragon emperor’s voice trembled as she touched her head to the ground.

“...” Yun Che stared at the Blue Dragon Emperor before he started to walk away.

When she heard the sound of Yun Che’s departing footsteps, the Blue Dragon Emperor stood up and let out a gloomy sigh.

However, it was at this moment that Yun Che’s voice suddenly rang out from the distance, “Anyone who is twenty and below. As long as you wipe their memories and sever their dragon meridians, they can live.”

As those unexpected words hit her, the Blue Dragon Emperor’s head jerked up, cerulean light overflowing from it.

“But you need to promise me one thing first.”

“Of course,” the Blue Dragon Emperor replied with no hesitation. “Qing Que would never dare to disobey the Devil Master’s commands.”

“I haven’t exactly thought of what this condition is,” Yun Che continued, “However, I like being able to hang these favors over other peoples’ heads as a threat. It’ll be more convenient to speak to you about this the next time I have something else to settle with you.”

The Blue Dragon Emperor, “...”

“Your words were not enough to persuade me, but I count these acts of mercy and kindness as good karma for my descendants. On the other hand….”

Yun Che turned around to stare at her. “Although you are not fit to be the god emperor of a king realm, you aren’t bad in the role of a flower vase.”

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