Against the Gods

Chapter 1959 - Consort Blue

Chapter 1959 - Consort Blue

Partially Edited Chapter - Rubble

The attack Mo Beichen had unleashed in the throes of despair was unbelievably powerful. If Yun Che hadn’t reacted in time, there was a high chance he would’ve disintegrated into dust like Cang Shitian.

Of course, Mo Beichen had also paid a terrible price for the attack. To detonate his profound energy while being consumed by the Sky Poison was tantamount to suicide.


Mo Beichen’s already miserable screams immediately grew several times worse. It sounded like hundreds or even thousands of wrathful demons were inflicting the cruelest imaginable torture on him at the same time.

During this time, his body had turned from light green to bright green in just a short amount of time. It was the kind of green that was so bright that the mere sight of it shot the coldest chills up your spine. As if that wasn’t bad enough, his body began spasming and twisting in a way that could only be described as terrifying. It was as if every bone, every nerve had lost control of its integrity and was warping into something utterly inhuman.

The poison wasn’t just corroding his body either. His divine soul and strength were being corroded as well.

He clutched his head with one horribly twisted arm and dug open his chest with the other. He looked as if he was trying to get rid of the vipers in his body at all cost.

There wasn’t one millimeter of his body that wasn’t filled with pain, despair, and death.

His physical body was being ripped to shreds, his soul was being fed on piece by piece, and his strength was fading away from his body like a broken dam.

As he collapsed amidst twisting struggles and howls of despair, his increasingly green eyeballs suddenly caught a speck of golden light.

The world in his eyes had already turned blurry green. His senses were weakening and distorting by the millisecond.

The moment he caught sight of the weak golden light, he felt as if a poisonous thorn deadlier than even the Sky Poison itself had pierced the deepest depth of his soul.

It allowed him to regain a moment of clarity despite his pain, despair, and near collapsed divine soul.

It was because the light belonged to none other than the man who had killed him, Yun Che!

A brutal gleam shot out of his soul and right through his eyes. In that moment, the terrible pain, despair and fear he was subjected to had given birth to the deepest hatred.

His knightly honor and responsibility, his loyalty to the Abyssal Emperor, and even His Majesty’s grand dream… no longer mattered.

All he wanted was for Yun Che to die!

Even if it would cost the Abyssal Emperor the inheritance of the Heretic God and the Devil Emperor!

Right now, he wanted nothing more than to drag the bastard to the grave with him at all cost!

A tinge of malice abruptly joined his painful screams.

Mustering every bit of willpower he had left in his divine soul, he locked onto Yun Che’s aura, squeezed out every ounce of energy within his dying body, and conjured a rock spear a little over two meters long in front of him.

He knew very well that unleashing his power in his current state was going to hurt him dearly.

He did not hesitate though. All that was left beneath the sea of despair was madness!


The rock spear tore through the sky and shot toward Yun Che at insane speed. Mo Beichen’s howls immediately grew several times worse afterward.


Meanwhile, the last Southern Sea divine origin in Yun Che’s body had finally ceased to be.

Just like that, all eighteen divine origins—or twenty two, if you counted the four he used sixteen days ago—the ancient Southern Sea God Race had left behind… had vanished forever from this world.

It also signaled the true end of the Southern Sea lineage.

Yun Che couldn’t maintain God Ash without a divine origin, so the sixth gate closed immediately after that. Not only was he losing strength at an unnatural rate, the rebound and burden he had been keeping at bay by force struck him all at once. It was a blow that he could not possibly withstand in his normal state.

His already battered body took a heavy blow and grew infinitely weaker than before. His life force was departing his body like crazy, and he became so weak that he could barely even feel pain now.

He tried to turn around, but he soon discovered that he could not even sense his body anymore.

He had never been so weak in his life.

He was so weak that death was literally breathing down his neck, and he could not even lift a finger to defy it.

His body was still cutting through the air at high speed. In fact, he was traveling so fast that he was leaving behind not just a trail of severed space, but also his crumbling flesh, blood and bones.

There was a silver lining though. He had shot out of the calamitous space of Half-God energies before God Ash had run out. Otherwise, he would be dead already.

Mo Beichen should be dead, right?

He must be. We paid a huge price to see it through.

If at all possible…

I never want to pay such a huge price again…


Are mortals really so humble before Gods…

Heck, he’s not even a True God. He’s just a Half-God…

His soul felt so weak it was as if the threads holding them together were loosening with every passing second. All kinds of thoughts were circulating chaotically inside his mind.

It was at this moment a terrible ray of yellowish brown light flashed within his soul sea.

It was powerful enough… to kill him in his current state ten thousand times over.

His eardrums vibrated from the shrill sound of something sailing toward him at high speed, and his soul resounded with the soul screams of countless loved ones.

The amount of energy Mo Beichen could circulate while the Sky Poison Pearl was consuming him alive was next to nothing. That he only managed to create a two-meter long rock spear to throw at Yun Che when the one at the beginning was at least thirty thousand meters long showed just how weak he was now.

The claw of a dying beast is still more than enough to crush an ant.

Not to mention that Mo Beichen was a Half-God.

The rock spear might be infinitely weaker than before, but it was still enough to kill a Divine Master of this world in one hit!

If Yun Che was in perfect condition, then he could probably endure the attack head on and survive. But now? The shockwave alone was enough to kill him in an instant.


“Yun Che—”


That was all he heard before the screech of the rock spear completely overwhelmed their panicked cries. Yun Che slowly closed his eyes.

I can’t say I didn’t expect this to happen…

But… there are certainly better ways to die than this…

Chi Wuyao, Mu Xuanyin, Qianye Ying’er, Caizhi… everyone’s face turned deathly white when the rock spear was launched.

They had screamed and acted as quickly as they could.

Ice beams, dark energy, sword energy…

The earlier impact had launched Yun Che’s toward the west; the opposite direction of where they were.

They were already too far away from him in the first place, and he was flying away in the opposite direction no less. There was just no way they could catch up to Mo Beichen’s rock spear in time.

There was no more time to hesitate. Shui Meiyin gritted her teeth and unleashed the World Piercer’s spatial divine power with everything she had.

The distance between her and Yun Che was huge, and there was a calamitous region of Half-God energies that greatly distorted one’s vision, spiritual perception, and even the laws of the cosmos.

Not only that, Yun Che was flying away from her at space-severing speed.

As a result, the crimson divine light swept across a massive swathe of area…

… and just barely missed Yun Che’s toes.

All the blood drained away from her face in that moment.

“...” Chi Wuyao was so panicked that the injury that she had kept suppressed up until this point surfaced with a vengeance and caused her to fall from the sky. However, she caught herself before Jie Xin and Jie Ling could catch her and flew toward Yun che despite her grievous soul injuries.

Neither she nor the rest of the girls could possibly catch up to the spear in time though. Even if they were a hundred times faster than they were, there was no way they could’ve crossed that short but infinitesimally despairing distance in time.

They could only watch as the yellowish brown profound light grew closer and closer to Yun Che…

Right before the spatial shockwave surrounding the rock spear could reach him, a beam of blue light suddenly cut through the dark sky at incredible speed.

It moved so fast that it almost broke through the absolute speed limit of this cosmos. It left behind a trail of rippling, unfading energy.

Coincidentally, Yun Che had been flying toward the Blue Dragon Realm’s formation.

When the Blue Dragons noticed that Mo Beichen had fired a yellowish brown rock spear in that direction, their first reaction was to retreat at full speed.

There was one person who did the complete opposite and flew straight toward the rock spear instead. It was the fastest she had ever flown in her life.

“... God Emperor!!” The Blue Dragon Divine Attendant, Qing Ruo cried out in shock and terror when she looked behind herself and saw the person within blue light.

Her cry caused the rest of the Blue Dragons to turn around and blanch in horror as well.

It was because the blue light belonged to none other than the Blue Dragon Emperor herself!

Qing Ruo threw all caution to the wind and flew toward the Blue God Emperor with everything she had, but she could only watch in helplessness as the distance between her liege and the rock spear grew shorter and shorter.

The yellowish brown light looks to hunt, and the blue light seeks to defend.

In the end, the blue light was able to block in front of Yun Che before the yellowish brown light could reach him. One moment her tall, proud back was blocking his vision, and the next—


An ugly spear was protruding out of it.

Every Blue Dragon lost their minds when the spear pierced through the Blue Dragon Emperor’s heart and out her back.

The Blue Dragon Emperor had been flying at top speed, but not only did its trajectory remain stubbornly true, it was flying toward Yun Che faster than he was flying back still.

Mo Beichen was scraping the bottom of the barrel when he had launched his final attack, but a lean camel was still bigger than a horse. Moreover, he had imbued the rock spear with his divine perception, so any alteration to its trajectory would be corrected in an instant. At this rate, it was going to skewer Yun Che along with the Blue Dragon Emperor.

Even if the Blue Dragon Emperor managed to stop the rock spear in its tracks, the resulting explosion and shockwave were still going to hit Yun Che and kill him.


The rock spear that impaled the Blue Dragon Emperor did not pass through her body completely. It was lodged inside her torso almost as if some strange sort of power had plastered them together.

An aqua blue barrier grew out of her body and surrounded her and the rock spear. It was only around three meters in diameter when fully formed. It looked like a bubble that would burst at the slightest touch.

Not far away in the southwest direction, Qi Tianli stared blankly at his impaled surrogate daughter from the ground.

The Blue Dragon Emperor and he had known each other for a hundred thousand years, and he was familiar with her profile as a matter of course. However, the look of determination currently on her face… was something he had never seen before.

Water and ice belonged to the same family of elements, but only a handful of profound practitioners cultivated both of them at the same time.

The Blue Dragons cultivated both ice and water, but their main element was water.

If the current supreme master of ice profound energy was Mu Xuanyin, then the current supreme master of water profound energy was, without a doubt, Qing Que, the Blue Dragon Emperor.

Of all the elements, water profound energy provided the greatest amount of control. In that sense, the Blue Dragon Emperor’s ability to control a battlefield was second to none in the entire cosmos.

Right now, she was applying that unparalleled power of control on herself.

Tens of thousands of translucent blue ribbons surrounded the rock spear like mini streams.

Each individual stream was thin, soft and weak, but together they formed a flawless barrier of water that was powerful enough to trap even the forcefield surrounding the rock spear completely.


When the resistance exceeded a certain threshold, the rock spear exploded into a million pieces and unleashed its deadly power.

The calamitous explosions sounded like energy bombs striking a mountain again and again, and the Blue Dragon Emperor was enduring it all point blank.

Not a single wisp of energy managed to break through her barrier.

The blood drained out of her face and dyed her blue robes red. The blue light shining behind her eternally calm eyes faded away like something had sucked them dry in an instant. Tendrils of black swarmed around her vision as she fell backward.

The water bubble broke, and the spent spear disintegrated to dust. Its remaining energy was only enough to cause slight tremors a few meters away from it.


Her blood-drenched back finally made contact with Yun Che, but the impact wasn’t even strong enough to knock a single drop of blood off his skin.

Their blood became intertwined as they pressed against each other. They sailed a far, far distance amidst the chilly wind.

It wasn’t until they slammed into the soft water screen Qing Ruo had conjured in a hurry did they finally begin to slow down.

Qing Ruo kept up the screen of water until the duo’s momentum was spent. Finally, she placed them within a globe of gentle profound energy.

“God… Emperor…” Qing Ruo cried as she knelt next to the duo. Her blue eyes were welling with infinite sorrow.

Neither Yun Che nor the Blue God Emperor responded to her cries.

Yun Che could not move a muscle, but he was still conscious, and his murky eyes betrayed a tinge of shock and confusion.

Her blood-drenched shirt was just inches away from his eyes. His vision was beyond blurry, and yet he could see the spreading red as clear as day for some reason.

Mo Beichen was truly a monster. Even on the verge of death, he still had enough power to drop a God Emperor to critical condition in a single attack.

She was the Blue Dragon Emperor; the imperial consort he had taken but treated with cold indifference.

Consort Blue was just an empty title and a pawn he and the Devil Queen had made use to take control of the Western Divine Region…

So why…


Why did she do it?

A fading voice murmured within his soul sea,

“My title… may be lighter… than smoke…”

“But that… is no excuse… to betray… my duty…”


“...” Yun Che’s colorless pupils shook violently. His lips trembled as he tried to say something, but infinite darkness consumed his consciousness before he could do so. In the end, everything turned into darkness, and he finally fell into a coma.

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