Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1568 - History of the Cheng Clan

1568 History of the Cheng Clan

“So what unfulfilled wish does Senior have?” Ling Han asked.

It was clear that he had died with frustration and resentment. If he hadn’t left a wisp of his divine sense inside a Chaos Source Rock, perhaps he might have even risen up and become a zombie!

“I have… many unfulfilled wishes!” the old voice replied.

‘Yes, so hurry up and tell me! I can only stay here for three days, and I still need to obtain the Chaos Source Rock!’ Ling Han said in his mind.

However, Ling Han didn’t press him to continue. The Hysteria Demon Master and the others had stated that there might exist a Black Demon-level power inside the Ocean Dragon Mountain. It was evident that their suspicion was intimately linked with this dead yet still existent elite.

Thus, it was best not to offend this being. After all, he couldn’t use his biggest trump card, the Black Tower, for the time being.

“Please do tell, Senior. If this junior is able to, I’ll definitely help you fulfill your wishes,” Ling Han said.

“Haha!” The old voice chuckled before saying, “Young man, do you truly possess this conviction?”

Ling Han nodded, and replied, “I never make empty promises.”

The old voice faltered for a moment before saying, “My name is Cheng Fu, and my Cheng Clan is from the Celestial Realm… Oh, that’s right, you probably don’t know about the existence of the Celestial Realm.”

“I’m aware of it,” Ling Han hurriedly interjected. He didn’t need to hear about the Celestial Realm again.

“Hmm?” Cheng Fu was slightly astonished. A young brat from the Netherworld actually knew about the existence of the Celestial Realm? However, he quickly regained his composure, and said, “Since you know about the Celestial Realm, that makes things a little easier.

“The Cheng Clan also used to be a powerful force of the Celestial Realm. However, a great commotion erupted, and this affected my Cheng Clan. We were massacred by a supreme elite, and if it wasn’t for the preparations that our ancestors made, and if it wasn’t for the formation automatically activating and pushing our ancestral grounds out of the Celestial Realm, perhaps I wouldn’t be here speaking to you today.”

Cheng Fu sighed before continuing, “If it’s possible, I want you to kill that supreme elite for me!”

Ling Han’s expression involuntarily darkened. ‘Old man, you’re truly not holding back! This is someone that even you’re referring to as a supreme elite. In other words, they’re definitely an elite of the elites in the Celestial Realm!’

He paused for a moment before saying, “Dare I ask, Senior, who is this supreme elite that you speak of? Also, what’s their cultivation level?”

“He’s the Imperial Void Celestial King,” Cheng Fu replied.


Ling Han instantly choked on his own spit. ‘Celestial King!’

There were few times when Small Tower would cower, but even it conceded that it couldn’t defeat Celestial Kings. From this, it could be seen just how powerful Celestial Kings were.

In fact, Ling Han suspected that the Black Tower was a precious treasure of a Celestial King who had most likely died during the great commotion. The Black Tower had also suffered severe damage, and for some unknown reason, it had managed to enter the Lower Realm, and had eventually ended up in his possession.

Moreover, this Celestial King was definitely more powerful than most since the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll required one to comprehend the celestial techniques of numerous Celestial Kings if they wanted to reach a stage of Great Accomplishment.

In any case, Celestial Kings were definitely supremely powerful beings—they were the big shots of the Celestial Realm!

‘Kill a Celestial King? Heh.’

Ling Han chuckled bitterly, and asked, “Does Senior believe that I can achieve this?”

“No!” Cheng Fu replied firmly and resolutely. “However, if you can find the place where my ancestor is recovering, perhaps you’ll have a sliver of chance to succeed.”

Ling Han was astonished. “Could it be that your ancestor is also a Celestial King?”

“Naturally!” Cheng Fu replied. His voice suddenly became proud and haughty, and he said, “Not only is my ancestor a Celestial King, but he’s even an elite among the Celestial Kings. However, my ancestor became involved in some kind of great matter back then, and he ended up being surrounded and attacked by several other Celestial Kings. In the end, he managed to escape to some unknown place after suffering heavy wounds. As for the Cheng Clan… Sigh!”

It was clear that the Celestial King of the Cheng Clan had fled. However, he could flee, but the Cheng Clan couldn’t hide. As such, the ancestral grounds of the Cheng Clan had been massacred by a Celestial King. Although there were preparations made by their ancestor, which sent their ancestral grounds out of the Celestial Realm, there were still no survivors.

Moreover, if a Celestial King were regarded as severely wounded, then they had to have suffered some astonishing dao wound. Add to that the Immortal’s Calamity that they needed to face every 100 million years, and it was imaginable that their wounds would only become increasingly severe. If this were the case, even Celestial Kings wouldn’t be able to escape from death.

Now that so many years had passed, it was more likely than not that the Celestial King of the Cheng Clan had already passed away.

Thus, looking for that old Celestial King and asking him to exact revenge? Heh, this seemed even more implausible than him defeating the Celestial King.

However, Cheng Fu was brimming with confidence, and he said, “Our ancestor practices a profound cultivation technique, so he’s definitely still alive! Young man, when you enter the Celestial Realm in the future, look for our ancestor according to the method that I’m about to teach you. That way, the Cheng Clan will be able to exact revenge. Moreover, if you receive some guidance from our ancestor, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to advance to the Immortal Palace Tier or Ascending Origin Tier.”

Ling Han wouldn’t foolishly believe these spoken promises, and he asked, “Senior, are the Immortal Palace Tier and Ascending Origin Tier the major tiers after the Severing Mundane Tier?”

“Huh? Since you know about the Celestial Realm, why aren’t you aware of the cultivation levels in the Celestial Realm?” Cheng Fu found this especially strange, but he still replied, “The tier after the Severing Mundane Tier is the Dividing Soul Tier. After that is the Immortal Palace Tier, and then the Ascending Origin Tier. Beyond the Ascending Origin Tier is the tier that every single Celestial dreams of reaching—the Celestial King Tier!

“The Celestial King Tier is divided into nine levels, with each level bringing one closer to ascending the heavens. Our ancestor is a supreme Celestial King of the Eighth Heaven. In other words, he’s only one step away from reaching the pinnacle of the Celestial King Tier!”

Only now did Ling Han finally learn of the cultivation levels of the Celestial Realm, and sure enough, Celestial Kings were extraordinary beings who stood at the pinnacle of the Celestial Dao. However, Celestial Kings weren’t ranked based on the notion of low extreme or high extreme, but rather were ranked according to nine different levels.

Ling Han pondered for a moment before saying, “If an opportunity arises, I’ll definitely find your ancestor.”

In his view, the Celestial King of the Cheng Clan either was hiding and biding his time because of his severe wounds, or he had already died from his wounds. Otherwise, he would have already learned about the fate of the Cheng Clan long ago. If that were the case, would it be necessary for Ling Han to seek him out?

“Senior, what on earth happened during the great turmoil?” he asked. It was extremely rare to come across someone who had experienced this event, and he was truly very curious about it. This was an event that had caused numerous Celestial Kings to die, so it was definitely over a matter that pertained to some very foundational principle.

“I… don’t know, either,” Cheng Fu replied with a sigh. “I’m only a mere Severing Mundane Tier cultivator, and I was coincidentally near the Chaos Source Rock when the massacre began. It was because of this that I was able to leave a wisp of my divine sense.”

Among Celestial King forces, those at the Severing Mundane Tier were the weakest. Thus, it was only natural that Cheng Fu didn’t know about the core secrets behind the great turmoil.

However, what Ling Han found strange was the fact that only very few people knew about the reasons behind the great turmoil even though it had engulfed the entire Celestial Realm. Logically speaking, more people should have known about the reason behind such a massive event.

In any case, the Roc Palace was also a powerful force, and that old woman was most likely a Celestial King as well. Thus, she would definitely be aware of the intricacies.

When he saw Hu Niu in the future, he could get her to ask for him.

“Young man, I won’t make you work for nothing,” Cheng Fu said. “Not only will I give you a Chaos Source Rock, but I’ll even teach you several formations. If you can comprehend them, you’ll possess the ability to defeat many Severing Mundane Tier cultivators in the Celestial Realm. Follow my guidance, and make sure you don’t take a wrong step. This is the ancestral ground of the Cheng Clan, and there’s a powerful formation protecting it. No one can breach this formation unless they’re a Celestial King.”

Ling Han nodded in understanding as he followed the guidance of the voice. At the same time, he looked around to observe his surroundings. ‘This is a place where a Celestial King lived before. Tsk, I wonder how many treasures remain here.’

However, it was a shame that Cheng Fu still held onto the hope that their ancestor hadn’t died yet. He was hopeful that the Cheng Clan could recapture the brilliance of its past. Thus, it was clear that he wouldn’t give this ancestral ground to Ling Han.

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