Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2026 - Harvest

Chapter 2026: Harvest

A look of disdain spread across Che Yuanhua’s face. Was this measly Dividing Soul Tier cultivator worthy of fighting for a treasure with them?

What a joke!

“Bad… person!” Xiao Gu roared in fury. He immediately threw a vicious punch.

Che Yuanhua had no time to retrieve Ling Han’s dropped treasures—Ling Han definitely possessed rare treasures. Otherwise, how could a Dividing Soul Tier cultivator have escaped their detection? However, Xiao Gu’s attacks were far too overwhelming, so he had to deal with them first.

He had been struck by Xiao Gu just then, and he could still feel the pain of that strike deep in his bones.


Flames curled through the surroundings, and a paramount aura started to permeate.

“Damn it! This is the Immortal Phoenix Tribe’s Rising From The Ashes!” Lan Tianyang exclaimed in astonishment.

“Sh*t!” Che Yuanhua’s expression also changed drastically.

However, could he still attack Ling Han at this moment? No, this was simply impossible.

Xiao Gu was already unleashing a wave of frenzied attacks.

Boom, boom, boom!

The symbols on his Celestial Bone started to dazzle, causing his battle prowess to rise explosively. His attacks were so ferocious that Che Yuanhua and Lan Tianyang were reduced to an extremely disheveled state. They could barely protect themselves, so how could they possibly attack Ling Han?

This was unless they were willing to exchange a life for a life!

However, sacrificing a Ninth Lotus elite in order to kill a Dividing Soul Tier cultivator? What an absolute joke!


Flames flickered and danced, transforming into a colossal phoenix that quickly crumbled and vanished. From amid the raging flames, a young man walked forth. Was this not Ling Han?

Che Yuanhua and Lan Tianyang looked over, only to see the Firm Essence Green Gold vanishing into Ling Han’s chest. That was clearly an unbelievably tough piece of metal, yet at this moment, it was as fluid as water.

“Damn it! Damn it!” Che Yuanhua and Lan Tianyang roared in frustration.

However, so what if Ling Han had obtained the Source Power of heaven and earth? As long as they captured him, their supremely powerful sect master could naturally extract the Source Power of heaven and earth.

That being the case, they would kill Xiao Gu first!

The two elites exchanged a glance, and they could both see the resolution in each other’s eyes. They unleashed a loud roar.


The lotus between their brows bloomed, upon which a giant lotus also materialized behind their backs.

The lotuses swayed slightly, and as they resonated, the two stone statues before the ancient castle instantly bestowed them with even more power, raising the battle prowess of the two elites.

However, activating this technique clearly came at a cost. Streaks of blood appeared on the elites’ faces, necks, hands, and wherever else Ling Han could see. Their skin split apart, and blood gushed forth.

It was as if their skin were about to split open and be shed from their bodies.

They started to launch a ferocious counterattack, and they were intent on suppressing and killing Xiao Gu.

Upon seeing Ling Han come back to life, Xiao Gu’s rage instantly subsided by a significant amount. Along with it, his battle prowess also fell by a significant amount. With him becoming weaker and the two elites becoming stronger, their battle prowess suddenly became very evenly matched. In fact, Che Yuanhua and Lan Tianyuan even enjoyed a slight edge.

However, Xiao Gu’s physique was indeed very powerful. One had to realize that his body wasn’t real, and it was actually something that he had summoned. Thus, it wouldn’t matter even if his body were obliterated. In reality, he was only a single bone.

As long as his Celestial Bone wasn’t broken, he wouldn’t be killed.

In fact, this was most likely the bone of a Celestial King, a high-level Celestial King. Thus, could it be broken by two Ascending Origin Tier elites?

Ling Han wasn’t worried about Xiao Gu at all. Right now, he was fusing together with the Source Power of heaven and earth, and this was causing a tremendous change in his Dantian.

Another Source Power of heaven and earth had arrived!

Even though the Nine Heavens Flame had ventured out, the Source Power that it represented was still unchanged. It was still one of Ling Han’s three Source Powers. Thus, this was now a gathering of four Source Powers, so it was naturally extremely lively.

There was a moment of struggle, and with Ling Han’s interference, the Source Powers finally reached a point of equilibrium.

The Nine Heavens Flame, Xuanyin Source Water, Fiery Flame Lightning Strike Wood, and Firm Essence Green Gold naturally conquered the large majority of the territory. Meanwhile, the combined territory occupied by the power of time, the power of space, the power of slaughter, and the power of lightning was smaller than the territory occupied by any one of the Source Powers of heaven and earth.

This was inevitable. After all, Source Powers of heaven and earth were essentially equivalent to Celestial Kings.

A smile tugged at the corners of Ling Han’s lips. He now possessed four Source Powers of heaven and earth. This was incredibly impressive.

At this moment, he could advance another step in the Dividing Soul Tier.

Moreover, since he was now aware that one needed to divide their souls nine times to reach a state of perfection, he wouldn’t shirk no matter what. He definitely had to reach a state of perfection for this cultivation level. Thus, he was in desperate need of Source Powers of heaven and earth.

The more the better.

He raised a hand.


An orb of green light appeared above his palm, and it radiated with a terrifying murderous aura.

This wasn’t an aura of slaughter. Instead, it was the aura of sharpness and murder of the Source Power of Metal.

Metal represented sharpness.

Ling Han casually waved his hand.


A burst of Sword Qi instantly swept forth, creating a faint gash in the metallic floor beneath him.

Even though this was only a faint gash, one had to realize that this floor had been strengthened by a Source Power of heaven and earth. Indeed, even the battle between Xiao Gu and the two elders was unable to cause any great damage to this floor. At most, they could only leave some small dents.

Now, however, Ling Han was able to leave a faint gash. This destructive power… was heaven-defying!

As expected of this Source Power.

Ling Han combined this power with the Regulation of Slaughter as he launched another strike. There was a loud screech as another gash appeared on the metallic floor. This gash was even deeper than the previous one.

Sure enough, the combination of two Regulations would lead to even greater destructive power.

Enlightenment arose in Ling Han’s mind. Regulations could be used in combination. For example, if one could only wield a single one of the Five Elements, they would be unable to rival the Regulations of Time and the Regulations of Space of Celestial Kings. If they could wield all of the Five Elements, however, the situation would be completely different.

The Five Elements existed in unison and opposition, and if they were channeled correctly, they could unleash a devastating might.

Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Among them, Ling Han was only missing a Source Power of Earth.

Right now, he was extremely eager to complete the Five Elements.

He was extremely curious about how powerful his attacks would become after he fused the Regulations of the Five Elements together.

Perhaps… he would become as powerful as Ji Wuming.

Ling Han clenched his fists. Even though he had almost been evenly matched with Ji Wuming during their last battle, he understood that his battle prowess was still slightly inferior to the other party’s.

Moreover, obtaining this Source Power of heaven and earth wouldn’t make much difference. After all, Ji Wuming was the reincarnation of a Ninth Heaven Celestial King. As such, the Regulations that he wielded were most likely all at the Celestial King Tier. This was equivalent to possessing various Source Powers of heaven and earth.

It was because of this that Ji Wuming was more powerful than him, even though they were at the same cultivation level.

“I can’t help but feel eager with anticipation. After I obtain a Source Power of Earth, I’ll challenge Ji Wuming to another duel!” Ling Han murmured to himself. His eyes were gleaming with fighting spirit.

Now, however…

He unsheathed his Divine Demon Sword.

There was so much Godly metal here, so how could he waste it?

The Divine Demon Sword’s “appetite” was instantly aroused, and it started to voraciously devour the surrounding Godly Metal.


The Regulations of Metal were continuously absorbed by the Divine Demon Sword, and it was as if the sword were being reforged.

‘Incredible! Soar to the level of Celestial Tool!’

Ling Han knew that he was dreaming. However, this wouldn’t affect anyone, would it?


The battle between Xiao Gu and the two elites became increasingly intense and violent. In fact, the cave was now filled with countless small dents.

Their battle continued to drag on. One day, two days, three days…

The earth quaked and mountains shook, and even Ling Han couldn’t withstand the shock waves of their battle anymore. He had no choice but to retreat into the Black Tower. However, he left the Divine Demon Sword outside, where it could continue to absorb the essence of metal.

After around seven days, the essence of metal in the surroundings was almost completely exhausted. This was easily observed from the battle between the three elites. Instead of just small dents, they could now blast giant craters in the surrounding cave walls.

In fact, seawater was flowing in from some of the craters, and this was tangible evidence of just how ruined the surrounding area had already become.


Che Yuanhua and Lan Tianyang suddenly leaped into the sky.

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