Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2624 - Divine Fluid Raging Lightning

Chapter 2624: Divine Fluid Raging Lightning

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Before long, Ling Han and the elder approached the endgame.

In this stage, both parties would rapidly consume the pieces of their opponent. Thus, the game would be filled with a sense of killing intent.

Ling Han’s brows were tightly knitted together. With each black piece that was consumed, his divine sense would suffer another blow, causing him to feel increasing discomfort.

If it had been someone with a weaker divine sense, their mind and willpower would have extremely likely already collapsed at this point. If it weren’t a failure to place a piece in time, it would be a severe wound causing them to misplace a piece, thereby leading to a complete collapse and eventual loss.

It was no wonder that few people could defeat this elder in a game of go. It was simply because their divine sense wasn’t powerful enough.


With the learning ability of Celestial Kings, even if they didn’t know how to play go, they could easily become a master after watching a few games. Thus, this wasn’t the main obstacle that the Celestial Kings faced.

Fortunately, Ling Han’s divine sense had already been tempered by the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll, which allowed it to become as stable as a mountain. Thus, he remained unfazed and unaffected.

He placed piece after piece, resolutely defending his advantage and not allowing greed to cloud his judgment.

After another 30 minutes, the results were already set in stone.

Ling Han won by three and a half pieces.

“Pass!” the elder said.

Ling Han smiled faintly. Even though his divine sense had been wounded to a certain degree, the process of the game had also been equivalent to a process of tempering his divine sense. Thus, he had also received some benefits as well.

Looking around, he discovered that the surroundings were already covered in blood, with heads and corpses littering the ground. The Empress had already concluded her slaughter. However, not everyone had been killed, though the people closest to them were a whopping 50 kilometers away, not daring to get any closer to the brutal murderer in the Empress.

“Are you two going to have a game of go with the old man, or do you want to enter the Celestial Guest Residence?” Ling Han asked.

“I’ll have a game!” the Empress said as she sheathed her sword. She sat down before the old man to play a game of go with him.

Meanwhile, Bewitching Maiden Rou shook her head. She was most afraid of wracking her brains.

The Empress started a game with the old man. In fact, she was extraordinarily skilled in go, far more skilled than Ling Han. Moreover, her divine sense was also extremely tough, so even though she was affected a little, she still won by a huge advantage of five pieces.

They both won the right to use the bridge to cross the river.

They exchanged a smile before holding hands, and walking onto the bridge.

The river flowed very slowly, yet they could clearly see the black lightning crackling within it. Even through the bridge, they could still feel an overwhelming pressure bearing down on them.

“Huh?” Ling Han suddenly stopped in his tracks, staring at the river, and saying, “This seems similar to the Blue Lunar Lightning Trees from before.”

The Empress’ eyes lit up, and she exclaimed, “Perhaps this river contains another lightning element secret technique?”

“Let’s have a look,” Ling Han said.

Looking down like this, they could only see the arcs of lightning within the river. However, they couldn’t rely on this to obtain the secret technique. Just like in the forest, they had to first find the formation eye and familiarize themselves with the layout of the area. Only then could they absorb the lightning into their bodies. Otherwise, they would only be attacked by the lightning.

Upon seeing them walk onto the bridge, the Celestial Kings that had fled into the distance finally dared to return. However, when they saw the two people walking back and forth on the bridge, they couldn’t help but bare their teeth in frustration.

Were these two people going to cross the bridge or not? Could they give a clear indication? Just wandering around back and forth… Were they trying to frighten the others or what?

The people who had beaten the elder in the past had all crossed the bridge without any hesitation. Which of them had been like these two? Did they find this fun or what?

However, they didn’t dare to speak up against Ling Han and the Empress. After all, what if the Empress suddenly developed bloodlust again? Who could endure that?


Ling Han had been observing the bridge the entire time. This was a wooden bridge, yet different sections of it had been painted in different colors, separating the bridge into distinct brackets, some big and some small. Each bracket varied in size.

Right now, he was standing in a bracket that seemingly commanded the entire bridge. He instantly felt a different sensation.

He shared his discovery with the Empress, who also walked over to observe the surroundings from this angle.

After a while, they sat down and extended their hands.


As if being manipulated by some mystical power, the black lightning in the river instantly shot into the air, smashing toward Ling Han and the Empress.

The originally calm river immediately became tumultuous, with countless arcs of lightning zapping around and enveloping Ling Han and the Empress, transforming them into balls of lightning.

“Divine Fluid Raging Lightning!” Ling Han and the Empress exclaimed in their minds. After entering their bodies, these arcs of black lightning also transformed into numerous symbols. This was the materialization of the Regulations of the Great Dao.

Azure Wood Chaotic Lightning, Divine Fluid Raging Lightning!

“This is the act of imbuing the Five Elements into lightning,” Ling Han said. He couldn’t help but sing words of praise, saying, “How incredible and wonderful! The person who flawlessly combined the Great Dao of Lightning with the Five Elements and created this cultivation technique is far too genius!”

The Empress nodded in agreement. Cultivation techniques had been developed for heaven knew how many years, so it was only natural that countless prodigies had also walked this world.

“Judging from this, there should also be Metal Lightning, Earth Lightning, and Fire Lightning,” Ling Han said. “I have a feeling that these five types of divine lightning can be fused together. At that time, using the Five Elements to cast lightning attacks will definitely result in astonishing destructive ability.”

“This is… a Heavenly Venerate Technique!” the Empress exclaimed. “It’s similar to the Nine Transformations Divine Scroll. That senior split the Divine Scroll into nine scrolls, allowing even First Heaven Celestial Kings to practice it. Meanwhile, this is a technique wherein lightning is contained within the Five Elements. It works in a similar manner to the Nine Transformations Divine Scroll.”

“The wisdom of our predecessors is truly eye-opening!” Ling Han exclaimed in praise.

The two of them stopped talking, instead focusing their full attention on absorbing the power of the lightning.

This was not only the Regulations of Lightning, but also the Regulations of Water. Thus, absorbing the power of this lightning could elevate their comprehension of both water and lightning.

After observing the seated and silent Ling Han and Empress for several days, the Celestial Kings were finally unable to contain their urge to return.

“What are they doing?”

“Manipulating the lightning to enter their bodies? Are they seeking death?”

“That stunning beauty… What a great shame!”

“Heh, that celestial maiden doesn’t even blink when she massacres people. Do you want to seek death?”

“However, if they’ve truly died, then why isn’t the lightning stopping?”

“Gasp! Perhaps… they haven’t died?”

“They’re being attacked by such terrifying lightning, yet they’re still not dead?”

Everyone found this to be inconceivable. However, after one day, 10 days, and 100 days, their feelings of shock and disbelief gradually transformed into numbness and acceptance. It was as if the bridge had always been so.

They started to compete with the elder again, attempting to beat him and win the chance to cross the bridge. However, it was a pity that no one managed to succeed.

One year, 10 years, 100 years.

Time flew, and it was only natural that many newcomers arrived. Upon discovering the tumultuous river, they were naturally transfixed with shock. After learning that there were actually two people amid the lightning, however, all of them scoffed in doubt.

Were these people taking them for fools? How could someone survive in such chaotic lightning? Moreover, for 100 years, no less!

However, no one could beat the elder, so it was only natural that no one could approach the balls of lightning to observe them.

It wasn’t that no one had attempted to force their way across the bridge. However, these people had all been easily captured by the elder and tossed into the river. There, they were instantly blasted into smithereens by the magnificent power of the chaotic lightning.

Only those with a battle prowess at the Seventh Heaven possessed the right to cross the river.

500 years, 1000 years, 2000 years!

More and more people converged in front of the bridge. Finally, an elite also arrived. He was clearly at the Sixth Heaven, yet he possessed a battle prowess at the Seventh Heaven. With a single slash, he parted the lightning and calmly crossed the river.

“Gasp! Who is this person?”

“He’s only at the Sixth Heaven, yet he possesses a battle prowess at the Seventh Heaven. Is this… a monarch star?”

“Definitely! Otherwise, even monarch tiers at the peak stage of the Sixth Heaven can only possess a battle prowess at the Sixth Heaven. It’s impossible for them to enter the territory of the Seventh Heaven!”

“He’s called Miao Yingwei, and he’s a prodigy from Ice Origin City,” someone said in a proud voice. Upon seeing the others look over, he chuckled, and said, “This untalented person is called Chang Zhi. I’m merely an insignificant follower of Young Master Miao.

“Young Master Miao is destined to sweep through the entire world!” he exclaimed with shining eyes. His face was filled with respect and reverence.

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