All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot

Chapter 14 - Qin Sheng’s Results

Chapter 14 - Qin Sheng’s Results

Huang Xiaoyan's eyes were filled with admiration as she said, "Sheng Sheng, you're so amazing. This is the first time I've seen Liang Hua suffer."

"Yes, yes, yes, Sister Sheng, this is so f*cking satisfying!" Lin Feng's admiration for Qin Sheng was like a torrential river, surging endlessly.

"Sister Sheng, Sister Sheng, you're too awesome. I'm clapping my hands in admiration!"

Waves of rainbow-colored farts started to blow again.

Qin Sheng lazily leaned back on the chair and wore a loose school uniform on her body. Qin Sheng was very thin, and the school uniform made her look especially weak. It was this kind of girl who hid a huge amount of strength.

After they finally quieted down, Qin Sheng gently knocked on the table and lazily glanced at them. "Are you guys going to take revenge on Liang Hua?"

"Of course." Lin Feng nodded repeatedly and leaned over again. He asked expectantly, "Sister Sheng, do you have any good ideas?"

Everyone looked at Qin Sheng expectantly.

"Improve your results." Qin Sheng's tone was very indifferent.

Lin Feng was suddenly absent-minded and lost his energy. He sat back in his seat. "Forget about my results. If you want me to study, I might as well commit suicide."

The rest of Class 4 also returned to their seats.

Obviously, they had rejected Qin Sheng's request. They could not compare to Class 1. Class 1's studies were for Imperial Capital University, but they could not even take the second textbook.

The bell rang for class. This was a self-study class.

Qin Sheng took out a chemistry book and read it seriously.

She could flip through Chinese very quickly, but for the contents of the science subjects like chemistry and physics, she needed to solve the questions over and over again before she could master them.

She read very seriously, and the classroom was also very quiet. There was only the sound of flipping and writing.

Huang Xiaoyan took out a bag of potato chips and was about to stuff it into her mouth. Seeing that Qin Sheng was studying seriously, she inexplicably felt that the delicious potato chips were no longer as delicious. She silently stuffed it into the desk and took out a book.

Perhaps it was because of Qin Sheng's seriousness, or perhaps it was because they took her words to heart, the other students in Class 4 also took out their textbooks. Biting the pen, they seriously browsed through the knowledge in the textbooks.

The classroom was eerily quiet.

Lin Feng, who was sleeping on the table, raised his head, rubbed his eyes, and scanned the classroom.

He saw that everyone, except for him, was reading or writing.

Lin Feng: "..."

He had only slept for a while. What happened?

They were all studying!

Lin Feng wanted to speak, but he opened his mouth, but was too embarrassed to break the silence.

Touching the back of his head, Lin Feng placed his hand on the textbook.

Even the teacher-in-charge, Teacher Lin, who had come to inspect the class, was shocked. Had this group of little brats changed their minds?

Her gaze then fell on Qin Sheng, and a flash of understanding appeared in her eyes.

She adjusted her glasses. It seemed that she had gotten a good seedling.

At that time, she had asked Qin Sheng to join her class because she had taken a liking to her clean temperament. This student was obviously a good person. Her grades might not be good, but a good person was enough.

As expected, she was not surprised.

Qin Sheng had only been in the class for two days, but the class had changed so much.

Teacher Lin was thinking, when Liang Hua and the others found out that Qin Sheng's grades were good, would they be so angry that they would vomit blood?

If Qin Sheng's other subjects were as good as mathematics, her grades might not even be as good as Su Yi's.


After the English class, it was time for school to end.

In a car at the school gate, Fu Hanchuan was sitting in the back seat. He flipped through the document in his hand and saw Qin Sheng's information.

"Qin Sheng."

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