All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot

Chapter 2 - Return To H City

Chapter 2 - Return To H City

As Shen Mei spoke, she was about to twist Qin Sheng's arm when Qin Sheng swept a cold glance at her.

Shen Mei was afraid and withdrew her hand.

She frowned. This Qin Sheng had rebelled against the heavens, hadn't she?

She pointed at Qin Sheng and cursed again.

A hint of impatience flashed across Qin Sheng's eyes. She directly twisted Shen Mei's middle finger and said faintly, "You don't have the right to scold me."

Shen Mei was in so much pain that her face twisted. She shouted at Qin Sheng, "Damn girl, do you want to rebel? Don't think that just because you're the young miss of the Qin family, I can't control you."

The scream was ear-piercing. Qin Sheng dug her ear and let go of her.

She bent down slightly and laughed softly beside Shen Mei's ear. "Don't worry. I will settle everything with you, including your good daughter, for how your family has treated me all these years."

After saying that, she took out a piece of candy, tore open the candy wrapper, put the white candy into her mouth, and got into the car.

"Damn girl, you've rebelled against the heavens, haven't you? You're really an ingrate! I've raised you for so many years, but you actually spoke to me like this. If it weren't for me, you would have gone to god knows where long ago." Shen Mei was shocked by Qin Sheng's words, when she came back to her senses, she let out another round of curses, her saliva flying everywhere.


Qin Sheng ordered. She had long gotten used to Shen Mei's beating and scolding. She had never known why her parents would hate her. It was only after she was brought back that she realized that she wasn't their biological daughter.

She and Qin Churou's identities were swapped. Qin Churou enjoyed her status as the eldest daughter of the Qin family while she was tortured in the countryside.

After she was brought back, her so-called biological parents only saw Qin Churou as their only daughter.

The funny thing was that she had been humbly begging them to give her a little bit of love. Even the little bit of warmth that Qin Churou had released, she had tried her best to keep it.

Qin Sheng sat in the car, looking at the scenery outside the window that was constantly retreating.

The corners of her lips curled up slightly, her eyes filled with coldness.

It wouldn't happen again. She would never be blinded by this ridiculous warmth in the future.

'Qin Churou, I'm back.'

When Qin Sheng returned to the Qin family. The Qin family was eating dinner around the table.

The butler brought Qin Sheng in, and the three members of the Qin family fell silent for a moment.

Lin Shuya sized up Qin Sheng. When she saw her outfit, she frowned.


Qin Churou was the first to react. A smile appeared on her face. She put down her chopsticks and walked up to Qin Sheng intimately. She wanted to hold Qin Sheng's arm, but Qin Sheng avoided her. Her refusal was very obvious.

Qin Churou's face was stiff, but she quickly adjusted herself. "Sister, you must be hungry. Come and have dinner."

After that, she ordered the servants, "Bring a set of bowls and chopsticks for sister."

Qin Sheng glanced at the dining table. Apparently, they had forgotten that she was coming back today. A hint of mockery flashed in her eyes. Qin Sheng walked over and sat down on the chair.

Qin Churou picked up a piece of meat for Qin Sheng. "Sister, eat more. It's rare for you to have such delicious food in the countryside."

Qin Hai also said, "Sheng'er, this place is not like your countryside. You have to get used to the life in H City quickly."

Qin Hai had no affection for Qin Sheng, this daughter that he had just picked up. The reason he picked her up was to marry her to a family of equal status and strengthen the power of the Qin family.

When he saw Qin Sheng, the disdain in his eyes was obvious.

As expected, she had come from the countryside and could not make a name for herself. He did not expect Qin Sheng to have much success.

Qin Sheng ignored the hypocritical father-daughter pair.

She looked at the food in the bowl and frowned.. She pushed the bowl aside, stood up, and walked into the kitchen to get another bowl.

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