All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot

Chapter 20 - The Most Handsome In The Universe

Chapter 20 - The Most Handsome In The Universe

[QS defeats Challenger.]

[QS accepts Defeat.]

Two minutes later --

[QS defeats Defeat.]

Four minutes later --

[QS defeats Big Blackie.]

Five minutes later --

[QS defeats chicken.]

System announcements of QS's defeats popped up one after another, and in the end, one would appear less than a minute later.

All the hackers were dumbfounded, and their jaws dropped to the ground.

Was this world magical?

Was it so easy to complete a challenge?

Suddenly, a big red line appeared on the computer.

[QS took 40 seconds to conquer DY System, breaking the record of 50 seconds!]

All the hackers: "!!!"

They thought that it was just bronze, but it turned out to be a king.

Thinking of their doubts about QS, they silently deleted the comments that slandered QS in the post.

Today, they had been slapped in the face one after another, and it had never felt so good.

After the record-breaking announcement came out, no one dared to challenge QS anymore. They did not want to go up and look for abuse, as the disparity in strength was too great. After watching Qin Sheng and the other hackers fight for so long, they had also seen clearly the strength of QS, so they naturally hid far away. They were not masochists either.

There was still a portion of people who were unwilling to accept this. QS was too arrogant, and they could not take this lying down.

They were not comparable to QS, but there was still someone who could defeat him.

Therefore, many hackers went to leave messages for the top ten hackers, asking them to come out and teach QS a lesson.


In a villa room, a youth who had watched the entire competition burst out with a curse.

He had actually broken his record!

His record had only been held for a month, and before he could warm up, it had been broken by a newcomer.

Lu Ming was a person who loved to watch the show. He had been watching the match between QS and the other hackers the whole time, and was watching the show. He had not expected that this fire would actually burn him.

Lu Ming's face was completely dark.

It seemed that he needed to teach this arrogant person a lesson. He needed to know what he could and could not touch!

Lu Ming opened his private message and there were already dozens of messages on it.

Lu Ming loved to show off and show off. The hackers knew his personality very well. They were just trying to show off Lu Ming's face.

"Handsome, someone has set fire to your door. Why aren't you taking action?"

"Handsome, prove your strength. Don't say that you don't dare to compete with QS."

"Handsome, your record isn't good. It's twice as fast as yours."


When Lu Ming saw it, he was even angrier. He wanted to grab QS from the Internet and beat them up.

He typed on the keyboard.

"Don't worry, I'll make that son of a bitch kneel down and call me daddy!"

His tone was extremely arrogant. Lu Ming could already imagine the scene of QS losing and crying for his parents.

QS was very powerful, but he was still a little weaker than him.

'The Most Handsome In the Universe' agreed to the challenge. The hackers were happy. After a few face slaps, some people did not dare to post to support The Most Handsome In the Universe winning, but from the bottom of their hearts, they still favored The Most Handsome In the Universe.

Another bet.

Lu Ming had already issued a challenge to Qin Sheng.

In the previous match, Qin Sheng won and received ten times the odds. She had already received more than 3,000,000 and deposited it into her account.

Qin Sheng narrowed her eyes and moved away from the amount in her account. Her gaze fell on the interface where Lu Ming challenged her.

The Most Handsome In the Universe, ranked 8th.

The corner of Qin Sheng's lips curled up slightly. She had encountered this hacker in her previous life.

She did not immediately agree to the challenge. Instead, she clicked the mouse with her fingertips and placed a bet.

Only a small number of people bet on QS to win, so the odds this time were quite high.. Qin Sheng looked at the balance in her account and bet all 3,000,000 yuan.

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