All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot

Chapter 30 - Hong Yuan

Chapter 30 - Hong Yuan

Her fair and slender hands once again placed on the keyboard and began to type.

Lines of code flashed across Qin Sheng's eyes.

The protective wall set up by Fu Hanchuan could almost not trap QS anymore.

Fu Hanchuan sat up straight and began to move his hands as well.

Qin Sheng tried to break free from the protective wall while Fu Hanchuan was maintaining the protective wall. After an hour, Qin Sheng finally came out of the protective wall.

"You're not bad, but you can't trap me," Qin Sheng said arrogantly and disappeared from Fu Hanchuan's computer screen.

Fu Hanchuan smiled and sipped the tea in his hand.

A good night's sleep.

At noon the next day, Qin Sheng came to the entrance of Feiyuan Technology Company. Hong Yuan was standing in front of the company with a dejected face and clenched his fists.

The company had been sealed. As it was a private company, the shares of the company were all under Hong Yuan's name. Therefore, he had to repay the debt that his company owed.

After the company was auctioned off, he still needed to pay back more than a million yuan.

He had gone through all the so-called friends and partners in the past. Because of Du Kaiyuan, he probably lost the value of cooperation. No one was willing to lend him money.

His wife's death and the collapse of the company had dealt a double blow. Hong Yuan, who was only 35 years old, had his back bent quite a bit. Many white hairs appeared in his thick black hair.

Du Kaifeng appeared behind him and sneered. "Hong Yuan, ah Hong Yuan, I never thought that you would have such a day."

Du Kaifeng had been jealous of him for a long time. In the same class, Hong Yuan's grades were always the best. He was second, and the teacher's praise was always first.

After work, both of them were graduates of Imperial Capital University. Hong Yuan started a gaming company and was doing well.

As for him, he failed again and again in starting his own business. He even had to save for food.

He did not expect that one day, Hong Yuan would also be down and out. He turned the tables and took 5 million yuan from Feiyuan Technology. He even gave the results of the two newly developed games to Long Yue Technology and became a department manager.

Long Yue Technology was far more powerful than Feiyuan Technology. The three best-selling games on the market were all made by Long Yue Technology.

Hearing Du Kaifeng's voice, Hong Yuan turned around. His eyes were scarlet, as if he was about to eat Du Kaifeng.

"Du Kaifeng, are you worthy of my trust?"

It was Du Kaifeng's acting skills that were good. He was also Hong Yuan's brother for twenty years. That was why he was relieved to hand over the company to him.

Du Kaifeng smiled disdainfully. "In the business world, business is business. There are no personal relationships. You trusted me too much. Did I force you? Blame me?"

Hong Yuan suddenly grabbed Du Kaifeng's collar. "Du Kaifeng, you despicable man!"

Du Kaifeng was not afraid at all. The corner of his lips was still smiling disdainfully. "If you hurt me, you'll have to compensate a large sum of money. Hong Yuan, do you still have money on you now?"

Hong Yuan suddenly lost his strength. The hand that was holding onto Du Kaifeng's collar slowly loosened.

He still had a son. He could not ignore him.

He was fine if something happened to him, but his son had just lost his mother. He could not lose his father again.

Hong Yuan smiled bitterly.

His gaze turned sharp again towards Du Kaifeng. "I'll take revenge one day."

Hearing that, Du Kaifeng laughed mockingly. "Hong Yuan, ah, Hong Yuan, as long as I'm here, you will never have the chance to turn things around."

Hong Yuan clenched his fists tightly.

Du Kaifeng took a step forward and lowered his voice.. "Your two games are really good."

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