All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot

Chapter 496 - Bribery

Chapter 496 Bribery

Du Kaifeng couldn’t wait to ask, “Liu Cheng, why are you looking for me so urgently?”

“Something that you should be very interested in. It’s about the game.” Liu Cheng deliberately kept him in suspense.

Du Kaifeng was confused. “Something that I’m interested in?”

He couldn’t figure it out. “What?”

Liu Cheng smiled. He bent down and moved closer to Du Kaifeng. Du Kaifeng also hurriedly stretched his ear over.

“The programming code to solve the memory problem.”

Du Kaifeng was stunned. He had never thought that this would be the case. After that game was developed, it was indeed top-notch in every aspect. The only flaw was that it took up too much memory.

Long Yue Technology had also been pondering over this problem.

After spending a long time, there was still no progress.

And Shengshi Technology had solved it just like that?

Du Kaifeng was very excited. “Then where’s the code? Liu Cheng, hurry up and give it to


In the past few months, because Long Yue Technology’s backer had fallen, Fang Xuelin had blamed him for everything. From time to time, he would target him. Du Kaifeng’s days were not easy.

However, after Fang Xuelin had set his eyes on Shengshi Technology’s game, he had given him the task of stealing Shengshi Technology’s game.

Meanwhile, he looked for quite a few individuals from Shengshi Technology, but none of them agreed to help him.

Only this Liu Cheng agreed.

Du Kaifeng’s life would be better because he wanted to steal the game from Shengshi Technology.

With all the information provided by Liu Cheng, the programming code, and the ideas, as well as the hundreds of employees of Long Yue Technology, they were in a hurry and didn’t pay much attention to quality, so they completed the game development earlier than Shengshi Technology.

“Manager Du.” Liu Cheng picked up the red wine and shook it by his hand. “I can’t give this to you for free.”

Du Kaifeng finally understood. “How much do you want?”

Liu Cheng stretched out three fingers.

“300,000?” Du Kaifeng felt that this price was acceptable, so he nodded. “Okay, I’ll transfer it to you right away.”

Liu Cheng smiled and shook his head. He withdrew his hand and said in a mocking tone, “300,000? Manager du, are you trying to send a beggar away?”

“3 million?” Du Kaifeng suddenly stood up from his seat. “3 million? Liu Cheng, don’t push your luck!!!”.

Liu Cheng leaned back on the sofa. “3 million is just a small amount to your Long Yue Technology. It’s not a lot. Moreover, this programming is not worth 3 million?”

Du Kaifeng was so angry that his face turned red.

“Liu Cheng, 3 million. You can say that. The memory programming is worth 3 million, but you’re not worth it.”

Liu Cheng’s expression did not waver at all. “If it’s not 3 million, then forget about it.”

He held the USB in his hand and sized it up.

Then, he said, “The contents of this USB are extremely important to your Long Yue Technology. If you and Shengshi Technology’s game were to be released at the same time, many game players will switch to Shengshi Technology just for the memory alone. You guys don’t have any chance of winning. All the hard work Long Yue Technology has put in these past few months will be in vain.”

“Manager Du, whether you can make a comeback depends on this game. If you lose to Shengshi Technology, your chairman won’t let you off.”

Du Kaifeng’s thoughts were exposed, but he was still unwilling to let go.

Although this money was from Long Yue Technology, Du Kaifeng wanted to make a large sum of money from it. Liu Cheng asked for 3 million, and the money he got from it was greatly reduced.

Du Kaifeng threatened, “Liu Cheng, I’ll give you 1 million at most. Otherwise, I’ll expose the fact that you stole Shengshi Technology’s information for Long Yue Technology.”

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