Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 1480 – The Sword Of Rebirth!

Chapter 1480 – The Sword Of Rebirth!

“Blast this place apart?” She shook her head, “How laughable and ignorant. Not to mention you, even if all the humans and demon beasts here join forces, we still wouldn’t be able to break this place open.”

Yang Ye frowned and asked, “What is this place?”

“A prison within a prison!” She spoke indifferently, “The ordinary prison is on the other side of Yellow Springs River. As for this side of Yellow Springs River, it’s the high security prison. Understand?”

The high security prison? Yang Ye glanced at her, “What did all of you do in the past?”

The woman’s face suddenly became cold, and she glanced coldly at him, “You want to know?”

Yang Ye hurriedly shook his head, “I don’t.” What a joke. Based on the expression she revealed, she clearly wanted to lead him into a trap. If he really found out the answer, the consequences may not be that pleasant.

She grunted coldly, “I, Lian Banzhuang, keep my word. You’ve made her let go, so I won’t kill you. You can leave!”

“I refuse!” Yang Ye shook his head. What a joke. This place was filled with danger. If he were to leave this place and encounter another Dualism Realm expert, then his luck may not be so good.

Even though he didn’t like her, she wouldn’t kill him. So, this place was safe for now.

She frowned slightly and had quite a hostile expression on her face, “You intend to stay here?”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “Miss Lian, you say that you won’t kill me. But driving me away is clearly because you want to use someone else to kill me! Of course, I don’t want to stay here. 10 days. I’ll stay for 10 days, and then I’ll leave. Alright?”

Lian Banzhuang gazed at Yang Ye for a short while, and then she said, “10 days! Don’t blame me for showing no mercy if you’re still here after 10 days pass.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she shot into the cottage.

Yang Ye shrugged. He paid no further attention to her, and he just sat down cross-legged and recalled the Sword of Rebirth!

The reason he’d asked to stay for 10 days was mainly so that he could cultivate the Sword of Rebirth in a safe environment! If he was on the other side of Yellow Springs River, then he wouldn’t waste his time cultivating the Sword of Rebirth. Because even if he encountered danger there, he could still escape. Moreover, his objective had been the Forest of Darkness.

Yet now, he could forget about the Forest of Darkness. After all, he couldn’t even leave this place!

Besides that, this place was too dangerous!

Heavenrend wasn’t sufficient to keep him safe, let alone leave this place. The only way to survive and leave this place was to first improve his ability to protect himself. So, he’d decided to cultivate the Sword of Rebirth.

It was extremely powerful. If he cultivated it successfully, then coupled with his body that was comparable to a peak Deity, even if he couldn’t defeat a Dualism Realm expert, he would be able to fight back, at the very least. After all, he really hadn’t been able to fight back in the previous battle with Lian Banzhuang!

It wasn’t just the Sword of Rebirth, he intended to cultivate Elemental Breaker and the Undying Elemental Body as well!

In short, his main objective wasn’t the Forest of Darkness now, it was to become stronger. If he didn’t become stronger, then not to mention getting to the Forest of Darkness, even surviving would be a problem!

This place was the forbidden area of the Ominous Territory!

This wasn’t a place filled with Deities anymore, it was very likely to be a place filled with Dualism Realm experts!

The Sword of Rebirth!

It was a sword technique capable of killing Rebirth Realm experts. It was divided into two levels — Rebirth Sword and Sword of Rebirth. Even though it was a sword technique which could kill Rebirth Realm experts, the true reason it was extraordinary was that it could be cultivated before one attained the Rebirth Realm. However, there were limits.

Firstly, it required the Enlightened Sword Heart. Secondly, it required powerful sword intent. The lowest requirement of sword intent was the Quasi Returnal Rank. Actually, even Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent wasn’t really sufficient. Returnal Rank sword intent was the best. But it couldn’t be helped, Yang Ye only possessed Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent. So, he could only cultivate the first level, the Rebirth Sword. As for the Sword of Rebirth, he could only cultivate it upon attaining Returnal Rank sword intent!

Fortunately, there were probably no Rebirth Realm experts here. So, just the Rebirth Sword should be sufficient.

Yang Ye hadn’t thought about relying on the Rebirth Sword to kill Dualism Realm experts. After all, his cultivation was too low, and the gap between him and the Dualism Realm was too huge. So, it wasn’t realistic to surmount that many realms of cultivation to kill a Dualism Realm expert. He only hoped that it would give him the strength to protect himself and not be unable to even fight back when facing Dualism Realm experts!

Yang Ye was a sword cultivator, so cultivating the Rebirth Sword wasn’t difficult for him. Coupled with the fact that he conformed to its requirements. While it wasn’t very easy, it wasn’t difficult for him as well.

The first level, the Rebirth Sword, was very different from Heavenrend. It didn’t rely on physical strength, and it relied on sword intent, Spiritual Energy, and Soul Energy. All three had to be merged into one, and then they were to be condensed like the process of utilizing the Brink Laws!

Was it difficult?

It was very, very difficult. It was comparatively better for his sword intent because he frequently brought it to the brink. So, it wasn’t difficult to bring it to the brink. However, Spiritual Energy and Soul Energy wasn’t that easy to bring to the brink. Moreover, he couldn’t make even a slight mistake. Because the slightest mistake would make him suffer backlash from both his Spiritual Energy and soul!

Fortunately, he had the Sword Domain. With the Sword Domain’s help, the danger he faced would be shrunk to the lowest possible level!

That was one of the terrifying aspects of the Sword Domain. It improved the rate he cultivated any sword technique, and it could even help him attain mastery quickly. Many people had their own fortune, and they had fortuitous encounters and powerful treasures. The Sword Domain was his fortune, it was the fortune he’d encountered.

For safety’s sake, Yang Ye went to the side of the cottage. He didn’t go in because she was definitely unwilling to let him in. However, it didn’t matter because he didn’t want to look at her cold face too.

This place was Lian Banzhuang’s territory, so other Dualism Realm experts would probably not come here. Thus, it was comparatively safer here.

He hadn’t summoned the Ancient Emperor Python and the others. Because if he really encountered danger in this place, then all of those demon beasts would be of no use. Moreover, they were injured and were healing in the Primordial Pagoda. Qiong Qi would be useful, but that fellow couldn’t help him right now.

Yang Ye shook his head, restrained his thoughts, and concentrated. At the same time, he activated the Sword Domain and started to cultivate the Rebirth Sword.

When Yang Ye activated the Sword Domain, Lian Banzhuang who was seated cross-legged on her bed in the cottage had suddenly opened her eyes. She gazed in Yang Ye’s direction for a long time, and then she frowned, “A Domain…. I underestimated him a little. Perhaps he really can leave this place if he’d given a few more years….”

She shook her head and spoke softly, “Unfortunately, his days are numbered!”

In the beginning, Yang Ye had cultivated the Rebirth Sword only to improve his ability to survive here. But once he started cultivating it, he became quite lost in how ingenious it was.

Unlike Heavenrend, the Rebirth Sword didn’t stress upon explosive force, and it stressed on the combination of intent, spirit, and soul. After all, regardless of whether it was sword intent, Spiritual Energy, or Soul Energy, they were an individual form of energy, and they were extremely strong on their own.

For example, just his sword intent was sufficient to suppress ordinary enemies. On the other hand, some could utilize Spiritual Energy to kill their enemies. Even more skilled cultivators could even use their souls to fight enemies. For example, Lu Wan’er’s Sword Soul Technique.

The Rebirth Sword stressed upon the fusion of those three types of energy, and then using a unique method to utilize the product of the fusion!

Of course, while the Rebirth Sword was powerful, it was quite inferior when compared to the second level, the Sword of Rebirth. The Sword of Rebirth used the body as the sword, the heart as the body, one’s thoughts as speed, the soul as support, the eyes as the blade…. The sword is me, and I’m the sword. As for the Sword of Rebirth, it could destroy the five elements and slice through both Yin and Yang. When cultivated to its limits, it could even sever the past and the present.

Unfortunately, the requirements to cultivate the Sword of Rebirth was quite high. It required Returnal Rank sword intent. Moreover, its requirements towards Spiritual Energy and Soul Energy were high as well. It was from something that he could cultivate.

He could give it a try once he attained the Semi-Deity or Deity Realm!

Yang Ye had always been cultivating techniques which others had created. Many would wonder why he didn’t create his own.

But was it easy to create a powerful sword technique?

It wasn’t easy at all.

It required abundant experience, skill in various techniques, and spending a huge amount of time on research. He didn’t have any of those!

He was very clearly aware of the extent of his ability. He didn’t have the ability to create a sword technique of his own right now. Once his mind and experience arrived at a certain level, only then might it be possible for him to create his own technique. Presently, it wasn’t time to be creating but learning!

Just like that, time passed slowly, and three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Yang Ye had failed countless times during these three days, but he hadn’t given up. Moreover, because he had the Sword Domain to help him, he never made the same mistake twice. So, after cultivating bitterly for three days, he’d gained some experience.

The Rebirth Sword was quite complicated, and it was much more complicated than Heavenrend. Heavenrend only stressed upon one thing, and it was explosive force. That was all that was needed. However, the Rebirth Sword required the perfect fusion of intent, spirit, and soul. Moreover, even the slightest mistake would cause him to fail!

So, he’d been constantly failing throughout this time.

However, Yang Ye didn't give up, and he tried over and over again. He wasn’t afraid of failure at all. After all, when he was a Labor Disciple in the Sword Sect, he’d fallen from heaven straight into hell. But even then, he still hadn’t given up, let alone now!

Just like time, time passed slowly, and five days passed in the instant.

Yang Ye stood by the side of the cottage with his eyes closed, and the Sword Precursor was in his grasp.

Yang Ye seemed like a monk in deep meditation, and he didn’t move a muscle.

Around six hours later, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes. At the same moment that his eyes opened, the Sword Precursor had vanished from his grasp.

At the moment his sword vanished, the cottage beside him had been instantly obliterated. At the same time, the mountain which was over 10km away from him had suddenly collapsed and shattered. A moment later, the entire mountain was instantly obliterated.

It seemed like the mountain had never been there!

“Who did that?!” Suddenly, a furious howl that shook the sky resounded from afar, and then a monstrous wave of pressure slammed down in Yang Ye’s direction.

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