Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 1577 – Wisdom Physique!

Chapter 1577 – Wisdom Physique!

Yang Ye was overjoyed because he knew the owner of the voice well.

It was Blood Maiden!

However, she didn’t show herself because her voice had been transmitted through space. In other words, she was on the way here.

The man and woman exchanged glances, and it didn’t take long for their gazes to descend onto An Nanjing. Right when they were about to act, a man in black clothes suddenly appeared in front of them.

The man seemed to be around the age of 30, and there was an extremely long spear on his back. There was a golden dragon inscribed around the spear. The golden dragon’s tail was situated at the tip of the spear while its head extended just to the end of its shaft.

Yang Ye had an extremely solemn expression on his face when he saw the man. Because the man’s strength felt unfathomable to him!

He felt that the man in black clothes may be even stronger than the man with a saber and the woman with a sword!

“Master has ordered your return because the Nether Pavilion has shown itself.” As soon as the black clothed man finished speaking, he turned to look at Yang Ye, “If you want to save the spatial mink, then come to Coiling Dragon Mountain in ten days. Don’t be late.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot. At the same time, the young man and woman immediately vanished on the spot as well.

An Nanjing suddenly said, “They are so strong!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Very strong.”

Both An Nanjing and Yang Ye were no match for them in a one on one battle. Even though he fought such an intense battle with the woman earlier, the woman’s strength was actually far superior to him. Moreover, she clearly hadn’t been fighting seriously. On the other hand, while he did have the Stellar Sword Diagram and Sword God’s Seal, he wasn’t confident in his ability to kill her with them!

Yang Ye’s face gradually turned solemn. Who exactly is that mysterious master of theirs? That person was actually able to make so many experts submit!

Suddenly, the space in front of Yang Ye and An Nanjing trembled, and then a ray of blood red light flashed. The blood red light dispersed, and Blood Maiden appeared before them.

Yang Ye glanced at her and asked, “Where are Nether Maiden and the others?”

Blood Maiden gazed at him, “Are you very disappointed that it’s me and not 10th sister?”

Yang Ye’s face froze, and then he hurriedly said, “Not at all. I….” When he noticed the smile on the corners of her mouth, he realized that she was joking.

Yang Ye laughed bitterly, “Second Sister, even you’re being mischievous now!”

Blood Maiden restrained her smile, “Sorry!”

Yang Ye was stunned, “Why?”

Blood Maiden turned to look towards the distance, “If it wasn’t for us, she wouldn’t have targeted you. Because of us, she has started to scheme against you and capture your friends….”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly interrupted Blood Maiden, “Second Sister, why are you even saying something like that? I think that it’s pointless to speak about things like that between us. If you’re really worried that I’ll be killed, then give me a few more treasures. Treasures that surpass the known ranks of quality. I will absolutely not refuse them!”

Blood Maiden shook her head slightly, “You wish. Even I don’t have such treasures! Actually, even I feel like robbing you because you have so many!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Blood Maiden gazed at An Nanjing, “You obtained the Martial God’s inheritance?”

An Nanjing nodded slightly.

“Amazing!” Blood Maiden spoke softly, “This Martial God isn’t like those Martial Gods from the lower dimensions. Strictly speaking, those Martial Gods can’t be considered to be true Martial Gods. However, this Martial God is one that the entire continent publicly acknowledged all those years ago. His reputation on the continent was actually not inferior to the Unfettered One. He’s extremely picky. Countless geniuses have come here throughout the years with the hopes of obtaining his inheritance, but he didn’t take a liking to any one of them.”

Yang Ye smiled, “If even An Nanjing wasn’t enough for him, then I can only say that he would have to wait until he vanished completely from this world.”

Blood Maiden sized up An Nanjing and nodded, “She’s an extraordinary genius indeed. Her natural talent isn’t inferior to yours at all. No, it’s better than yours. If you didn’t obtain so many fortuitous encounters, you would definitely be inferior to her.”

Yang Ye rolled his eyes at her. However, Blood Maiden was right. If he didn’t have the Primordial Pagoda, he would definitely be inferior to her. But every single person had their own fortune. Just like An Nanjing, she too had obtained numerous inheritances and fortuitous encounters all along the way. Of course, her natural talent was beyond doubt.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye asked, “Where are the others?” The others he spoke of were naturally Nether Maiden and the others.

Blood Maiden replied, “They haven’t come up here yet!”

“You came on your own?” Yang Ye was astounded, “Aren’t you afraid?”

She glanced at him, “You would have died if I didn’t.”

Yang Ye’s heart felt warm. Blood Maiden and the others had definitely obtained news of the fact that he was being targeted, and that was why she’d rushed up here.

Yang Ye spoke softly, “It’s very dangerous for you to have come here on your own?”

Blood Maiden was very strong, but those three fellows were very strong as well. Blood Maiden would definitely have no need to fear them if it was a one on one battle. However, they would definitely not fight her in single combat. Even he wouldn’t choose to fight her in single combat.

Blood Maiden replied, “I’ll be fine for now. Because they want to annihilate all of us and not just me. So, she won’t attack until all of us are here. After all, if we choose to just flee, then even ten experts who are stronger than me wouldn’t be able to stop us from fleeing.”

Yang Ye said, “What is that power that’s targeting you? Who’s that person they call master?”

Blood Maiden remained silent for a long time, and then she said, “You’ll know in the future. Actually, it won’t take long. You’ll know in ten days.”

Yang Ye asked, “All of you’ll be coming with me?”

Blood Maiden replied, “The true reason they asked you to go there in ten days is to make us go there at the same time. Ten days should be enough.”

Yang Ye asked, “Have you found your eldest sister?”

Blood Maiden shook her head slightly, “We haven’t found her.”

“Then….” Yang Ye spoke softly, “Can you win?”

Blood Maiden spoke indifferently, “We have to fight even if we can’t win. We can’t just watch as you give your life away!”

Yang Ye was absolutely moved by this. Meanwhile, Blood Maiden added, “You’re too weak. I intend to take you somewhere. That place should be quite helpful to you.”

Yang Ye asked, “Where?”

She fell silent for an instant, and then she said, “The Nether Pavilion!”

The Nether Pavilion! Yang Ye’s heart shook. Their old headquarters?

Blood Maiden asked, “Is someone helping you investigate that power?”

Yang Ye nodded, “A friend of mine!”

Blood Maiden frowned, “Where is that person right now?”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why?”

“That person is in danger! You lead the way!” As soon as she finished speaking, she grabbed Yang Ye and An Nanjing’s shoulders before vanishing on the spot.

Oblivion Boundary City.

A woman who held a folding fan suddenly appeared at the entrance of the city. As soon as she appeared there, she instantly became the center of attention, and the gazes of countless converged on her.

She was beautiful!

She was so beautiful she could take one’s soul away!

She paid no attention to the gazes from the surroundings. She went straight to the Goat Pub. She suddenly stopped when she was about to enter because there were numerous people behind her. Practically all of them were men, and there were over a thousand of them.

She turned around and glanced at them. After that, she waved her fan gently, and a light gust of wind blew by. The figures of those people suddenly stiffened on the spot, and then they actually aged in an instant. It didn’t take long for them to become withered and transform into dirt that was blown off with the wind.

At this moment, their entire aging process had been completed in less than half a breath of time.

The woman turned around and walked into the Goat Pub. Meanwhile, a woman in a green dress came to the woman holding a folding fan, and she said, “My young miss requests your presence!”

The woman with a fan nodded slightly, and then she vanished on the spot.

In a room.

Ding Shaoyao gazed at the woman before her and said, “Since the moment I started helping him, I knew that this day would come.”

The woman sized up Ding Shaoyao. In the end, her gaze lingered on the center of Ding Shaoyao’s forehead for a long time. She remained silent for quite some time before she said, “Wisdom…. No wonder.”

“Wisdom?” Ding Shaoyao frowned slightly, “What are you trying to say?”

The woman explained, “There are many strange and miraculous physiques in the world. You possess the Wisdom Physique, so you’re born with extraordinary wisdom.” She paused for a moment and continued, “I possess the Wisdom Physique too!”

Ding Shaoyao fell silent. She hadn’t expected herself to possess that Wisdom Physique the woman spoke about.

Meanwhile, the woman with a folding fan chuckled abruptly, “We who possess the Wisdom Physique plan and anticipate all sorts of things, so the world doesn’t like our presence. Thus, only a single possessor of the Wisdom Physique appears in each era. If two appear, then it proves that one will die, just like Sprite Lords….”

Ding Shaoyao gazed at the woman for a long time, “Your target is the Nether Pavilion. Will you spare Yang Ye’s life?”

The woman replied with a question, “Would Yang Ye spare my life if I annihilate the Nether Pavilion?”

Ding Shaoyao fell silent.

The woman with a fan suddenly said, “There’s something I’m really curious about. You knew this would happen, so why did you help him?”

Ding Shaoyao asked, “Have you ever liked someone?”

The woman fell silent. Quite some time passed before she nodded, “I understand now. Come with me. If I have you with me, then I presume he’ll definitely stop at nothing to….”

Meanwhile, Ding Shaoyao suddenly withdrew a herb which looked like a flower, and she placed it on the table, “Shaoyao, herbaceous peony, also known as the herb of parting. Give it to him for me and tell him that I don’t ask for much. It’s enough if he thinks of me from time to time.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Ding Shaoyao's eyes closed slowly, and a strand of blood gradually seeped out from the corner of her mouth.

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