Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 16 – Grand Myriad Mountains

Chapter 16 – Grand Myriad Mountains

Yang Ye had just immersed his mind into his body when he noticed that the tiny vortex was sending strands of golden Profound Energy to his normal Dantian at this moment. Yes, it was golden Profound Energy, completely golden Profound Energy, and it wasn’t just light golden as it was in the past!

This golden Profound Energy surged violently and madly like torrents from within the tiny vortex, and then they flowed into his Dantian. In next to no time, his normal Dantian was full, yet the tiny vortex didn’t stop, and golden Profound Energy still surged ceaselessly from it. These strands of golden Profound Energy pushed ceaselessly towards the meridians within his entire body in the end.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s entire body including the meridians throughout his body were filled with golden Profound Energy.

To Yang Ye’s shock, these strands of golden Profound Energy actually fused directly into his body in the end, and strand after strand of golden Profound Energy fused ceaselessly into his body.

After around 15 minutes like this, the tiny vortex slowly came to a stop.

When he sensed the tiny vortex had stopped, Yang Ye hurriedly pulled his clothes off, and he was stunned on the spot as soon as he took a look. His entire body was suffused with a light golden color at this moment, and when his palms swept lightly past his chest, it felt hard like Dark Iron. Yang Ye gulped and said in a low voice, “Perfection in the Body Refinement Technique?”

The Body Refinement Technique was a basic cultivation technique of the Sword Sect, and it had a total of seven levels. Usually, there was rarely anyone that cultivated it, and even if someone did cultivate it, they would change to a different cultivation technique as soon as they became a Profounder. So, Yang Ye was absolutely the first person to cultivate it to the seventh level!

Since my Body Refinement Technique has attained the seventh level, then doesn’t that mean I’m at the seventh rank of the Mortal Realm already? When he thought up to here, Yang Ye hurriedly senses the state within his body. After a short moment, his eyes opened wide while his face was covered in excitement, and he said, I never expected that I would actually directly attain the seventh rank of the Mortal Realm!

At this moment, Yang Ye was really shocked in his heart. It had been less than a month since he’d noticed the tiny vortex. However, it was precisely within this month that he who wasn’t a Profounder before this had directly attained the seventh rank of the Mortal Realm. Was this normal?

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye felt slightly uneasy in his heart. At this moment, no matter how stupid he was, he was aware that this tiny vortex was definitely not an ordinary Dantian. Especially the golden Profound Energy, it didn’t just improve his strength, it was even able to strengthen the sword techniques he executed. He’d never seen the gold element Profound Energy from amongst the Profound Energy of the five elements, but he dared to confirm that the gold element Profound Energy was absolutely not as strong as his golden Profound Energy!

After staying silent for a moment, Yang Ye immersed his mind into his body, and when he saw the situation within the tiny vortex, he suddenly stood up while his eyes opened wide. He muttered in a low voice. “How could this be possible? How could this be possible?”

Yang Ye gulped as he suppressed the shock in his heart, and he immersed his heart into the tiny vortex within his body once more. At this moment, the space within the tiny vortex had enlarged. Yes, it had enlarged. The tiny vortex was originally the same size as his normal Dantian, but at this moment, even forty or fifty middle aged men could stand in the space within the tiny vortex!

Moreover, there was something like a bathing pool at the center of the tiny vortex, and it was completely filled with golden Profound Energy! Yang Ye was aware that Spatial Rings had a space of their own within them because he was wearing one right now. However, the tiny vortex within his body actually had a space of its own as well?!

What’s going on?

Besides feeling shocked, Yang Ye was bewildered. He really wanted to find someone and ask exactly what was going on. But he couldn’t. Because he wasn’t stupid, and he knew that if others found out that the tiny vortex could convert Profound Energy and had a space of its own, then it would definitely draw calamity to him.

After a long time, Yang Ye took a deep breath, and he decided to stop paying any attention to the tiny vortex. No matter how mysterious or heaven defying the tiny vortex was, it was within his body in the end, and it had to rely on him absorbing Profound Energy in order to become larger. At this moment, he’d already come to an understanding that the tiny vortex had probably enlarged because of the contribution of the Energy Stones from before.

Moreover, no matter what, the tiny vortex hadn’t revealed any hostility towards him, and it had even helped him improve his strength. So, instead of guessing the tiny vortex’s origins, wouldn’t it be better to use the tiny vortex properly to improve his strength?

After he figured all of this out, Yang Ye’s mind suddenly became clear. He seemed to have thought of something, and he lowered his head to look at his body that was suffused with light golden radiance. After that, he hesitated for a moment, and then he held the Dark Iron Sword in his hand and stabbed it towards his left chest.


The Dark Iron Sword struck his body, yet it seemed like it had struck Dark Iron instead, and it instantly caused a light sound of metal colliding to resound.

“Haha!!!” As he sensed the hardness of his body, Yang Ye started roaring with laughter, and he seemed to be slightly complacent. After a short moment, he said in a low voice, “I never expected that my body would actually be so strong after it was cleansed by the golden Profound Energy. At this moment, the strength of my body is probably extremely strong. Let me give it a try!”

He acted as soon as he thought about it. Yang Ye walked over to an enormous tree. This tree before him was called an Ironshell Tree. Its skin had numerous lumps on it, and it was extremely hard. Usually, when the Labor Disciples chopped trees, they would directly give up when they saw this type of tree because it was too hard, and it was utterly impossible for them to chop it down.

As he gazed at this Ironshell Skin before him that required a few people in order to embrace it completely, Yang Ye took a deep breath while he gradually clenched his right fist tightly. After a short moment of silence, Yang Ye shouted in a low voice, and then his right hand smashed down towards the enormous tree before him.


Yang Ye’s fist was like a sharp blade slicing into rotting wood, and his entire fist entered into the Ironshell Tree without facing any obstruction at all. At a certain moment in time, Yang Ye’s right arm suddenly shook once more, and energy sprayed out from his fist.


The Ironshell Tree instantly exploded, causing countless bits of wood to shoot towards the surroundings.

Yang Ye withdrew his fist, and he said in a low voice while he gazed at the Ironshell Tree that had been blasted into pieces by a single punch from him, “I never expected that my strength is already so formidable. This fist definitely possessed no less than 1,500kgs of strength. If I utilize a Strength Talisman, then my strength would be even more terrifying than a Darkbeast!”

When he thought about how his strength would be comparable to a Darkbeast, Yang Ye’s eyes flickered with the glow of excitement. But in next to no time, he calmed down because he thought of a person, Liu Qingyu, that person that was ranked at the 29th position on the Outer Court Rankings.

Even though Liu Qingyu didn’t come looking for trouble with him now, Yang Ye was clearly aware that Liu Qingyu would come. Moreover, even if Liu Qingyu didn’t come looking for trouble with him, he would look for trouble with Liu Qingyu.

The Liu Clan and Yang Ye could absolutely not coexist!

“With my current strength, it’s probably quite difficult to defeat Liu Qingyu who’s on the Outer Court Rankings. Looks like I have to head to the Grand Myriad Mountains to gain experiences between life and death!” Yang Ye muttered in a low voice. At this moment, his strength had improved greatly, but compared to those geniuses on the Outer Court Rankings, it was still slightly insufficient because some geniuses on the Outer Court Rankings were even able to go against the Outer Court Elders!

“It’s time to head to the Grand Myriad Mountains!” Yang Ye clenched his fists tightly. This time, he’d decided that only by experiencing tempering between moments of life and death would he be able to become stronger. No matter if it was for the sake of the Outer Court Exam occurring over 20 days from now or because of the pressure the Liu Clan brought to him, he needed to possess formidable strength.

The Grand Myriad Mountains could be said to be a restricted area to humans because it was the territory of Darkbeasts. There were countless formidable Darkbeasts there, and humans that ventured there would definitely never return.

Of course, this referred to the depths of the Grand Myriad Mountains. There were still numerous humans in the outer area of the Grand Myriad Mountains, and amongst these people were mercenaries, independent cultivators searching for treasures, and disciples of various sects. The disciples of the Sword Sect occupied the greatest number amongst these people because the Sword Sect was the closest to the Grand Myriad Mountains!

The Sword Sect encouraged its disciples to temper themselves in the Grand Myriad Mountains. After all, only experiencing battles of life and death would allow one to truly become an expert. However, out of consideration for the level of danger in the Grand Myriad Mountains, the Sword Sect ruled that only experts at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm could head to the Grand Myriad Mountains to temper themselves or accept assignments that required heading to the Grand Myriad Mountains.

This rule was naturally not restrictive to Yang Ye because he still wasn’t a disciple of the Sword Sect yet.

On the following day, Yang Ye crafted five Strength Talismans. All these five Strength Talismans were high-grade talismans, and this caused Yang Ye to be slightly surprised.

On the second day, Yang Ye departed at daybreak.

After traveling throughout the morning, Yang Ye finally arrived at the border of the Grand Myriad Mountains. There were a few small groups scattered around the bordered, and these groups were all mercenaries that specialized in heading into the Grand Myriad Mountains to hunt and kill Darkbeasts to be sold. They were a group of people that lived on the edge.

Yang Ye glanced at these people in the surroundings before he withdrew his gaze, and then he shot his gaze towards an expanse of forest in the distance. As he gazed at the dense forest there, Yang Ye’s expression became slightly heavy, and he said, “That’s probably Snake Forest, and entering Snake Forest is equivalent to truly entering the Grand Myriad Mountains.”

Right when Yang Ye was observing the surroundings, a rugged man walked over to his side and asked. “Young Brother, are you going into the Grand Myriad Mountains?”

Yang Ye turned around and noticed a rugged man smiling at him. The man was around 30 years old, he had dense brows, large eyes, and dark skin. Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the man’s shoulder in the end because the man was carrying a large saber on his shoulder. The saber was extremely large, and it was at least a few hundreds of kilograms in weight.

After his gaze stopped on the man’s shoulder for a moment, Yang Ye nodded lightly.

When he saw Yang Ye nod, the rugged man roared with laughter and said, “Young Brother, you’re probably by yourself. Since it’s like that, why don’t you go with us? Our group just happens to lack a member. What do you think?” As he spoke, he pointed towards a few people that weren’t too far away.

Yang Ye looked along the direction the man’s finger pointed at and noticed a few people that were standing ahead. He hesitated for a moment before he nodded. He’d just arrived here and didn’t know anything about the Grand Myriad Mountains, so it would definitely be beneficial to go along with some mercenaries and get familiar with this place.

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