Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 2613

Chapter 2613

Devouring the Sword Domain!

Yang Ye was astounded because if his Sword Domain was devoured, he would suffer extremely severe damage as well.

Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly and hurriedly unleashed his sword intent and sword energy to resist the devouring force!

However, it didn’t do much!

The devouring force still remained!

Moreover, his sword energy and sword intent were being gradually devoured as well.

Blood Maiden frowned slightly, and then Yang Ye’s Sword Domain transformed into an ocean of blood!

The Blood Domain!

Two overlapped domains!

Now that Blood Maiden had joined in, the devouring force was instantly obstructed!

Both Yang Ye and Blood Maiden heaved sighs of relief from the sight of this!

The devouring force was too terrifying. If it got close to them, both of them would probably be finished!

Just like that, everything beyond their domains was devoured, and they were extremely shocked by this!


By devouring this Void Planet, Sky Maiden could absorb the energy she wanted. In other words, the more she devoured, the stronger she would be.

Just thinking about it made their faces gradually relax!

Sky Maiden gaining strength was naturally a good thing for them!

Of course, their main objective was still to locate her first!

Yang Ye gazed at Blood Maiden, and the latter nodded and closed her eyes. A short while later, the space around them rippled, and then she opened her eyes. She grabbed Yang Ye by the shoulder, and they vanished on the spot.

A long time passed before they stopped again. At this moment, they were in a boundless expanse of space, and they saw a woman at the depths of it!

Sky Maiden!

They were delighted by the sight of her and hurriedly flew over. However, they hadn’t even gotten within 300m of her before a wave of powerful devouring force swept toward them!

Yang Ye and Blood Maiden were shocked and hurriedly moved around 1km back. Once they retreated, the energy returned to Sky Maiden.

They couldn’t get close!

Yang Ye and Blood Maiden exchanged glances, and then Yang Ye asked, “Second Sister, something seems to be off!”

Blood Maiden nodded. She looked off into the distance, and Sky Maiden remained motionless there. However, there were countless strands of energy surging toward her from all directions!

Obviously, it was the energy from the Void Planets that she’d devoured!

Yang Ye asked, “Can you contact her?”

Blood Maiden hesitated for a moment and said, “Let me try!”

She closed her eyes slowly, and it didn’t take long for spatial ripples to ripple out toward Sky Maiden. However, these ripples were completely devoured before they could arrive within 300m of her!

Blood Maiden gazed at Yang Ye and shook her head!

Yang Ye looked up at Sky Maiden and spoke solemnly, “Her consciousness may not be here right now. Looks like we have no choice but to wait for her.”

Blood Maiden nodded. It was all they could do right now.

Trying to use force wouldn’t be beneficial to anyone!

So, they could only wait, wait until Sky Maiden regained consciousness!

Blood Maiden spoke softly by Yang Ye’s side, “Big Sister’s strength is probably going to become unfathomable after this.”

Yang Ye nodded.

Sky Maiden’s devouring ability was too terrifying. She wasn’t even at her prime now. Once that happened, she may be able to devour a world with ease.

An attack that covered such a huge area was a calamity to any world!

It was truly quite heaven defying!

Meanwhile, Blood Maiden added, “Eldest Sister is devouring the parts of the Void Space without any restrain, so why doesn’t the Void Lord stop her. I think something is off!”

Yang Ye nodded. He’d thought of that from the beginning. The Void Lord wouldn’t allow her to just devour this place without any restraint. After all, it was part of the Void World!

Blood Maiden spoke solemnly, “Forget that for now. Everything will be clear to us once she regains her consciousness!”


They could only wait, wait until Sky Maiden regained her consciousness!

Yang Ye returned to the Primordial Pagoda and went to Qi Bitian’s bamboo house again. There was a table in the house, and there were two boxes on it.

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the egg. His intuition told him that there was something mysterious and strange about it. However, he’d scanned it many times yet failed to notice anything. In the end, he could only let it go.

Yang Ye shook his head and left the house. He saw Lei Lin outside.

Since Qi Bitian left, Lei Li had become quite depressed.

Because no one was there to play with her anymore!

As for Xue’er, Bao’er, and Little Sky, they spent most of their time cultivating. After all, they were all grown up now.

In the past, Snowy and Erya had no need for cultivating, so they could play all the time with her. But now, those two little fellows were gone.

Lei Lin looked up at Yang Ye, “Big brother, when will Snowy and Erya return? And Big Sis Qi?!”

Yang Ye rubbed her head lightly, “They’ll be back soon.”

He’d received word that it won’t be long before Snowy and Erya would be back!

Even though he didn’t want them back at a time like this, since they were coming back, he would allow it! If he were being honest, he missed them both too. Of course, he missed An Nanjing as well!

He wondered how strong she was now!

Yang Ye couldn’t help but smile when he thought of how he would see them soon!

The Primordial Pagoda!

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and the Primordial Pagoda appeared before him.

Yang Ye smiled, “I remember that this pagoda has a few more locked levels. Can you let me in?”

The Primordial Pagoda shook slightly, and then Yang Ye sensed them.

He vanished on the spot.

The Primordial Pagoda opened the top level for Yang Ye. Obviously, it felt that the previous levels weren’t that useful to Yang Ye anymore!

Indeed. Based on Yang Ye’s strength, it had surpassed the strength of all the pagoda’s past owners.

The top level!

Yang Ye arrived before a door. He opened it, and an old man in Daoist robes appeared before him.

The Dao Progenitor!

Yang Ye was stunned. He hadn’t expected to see the Dao Progenitor here. Of course, it was just a clone!

The Dao Progenitor grinned, “I’m probably gone now, right?”

Yang Ye bowed slightly and replied, “Yes!”

The Dao Progenitor smiled and walked out of the door, he gazed at the world down below and smiled, “This world is truly miraculous.”

Yang Ye listened in silence.

The Dao Progenitor gazed at Yang Ye and smiled, “I envy you a little. I’m jealous that you can see even more worlds and even learn more about them.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I’m just a little luckier!”

The Dao Progenitor smiled, “It’s not just due to luck alone.”

He sized up Yang Ye and continued, “Your strength and Sword Dao are much, much stronger than they were. Especially your cultivation in the Sword Dao, it can be described as being unfathomable.”

Yang Ye smiled and didn’t say anything.

The Dao Progenitor continued, “The thing behind these doors should be extremely useful to you. Perhaps it won’t help your strength grow much, but it should be extremely useful to the path you will take in the future! Unfortunately, I only managed to comprehend a little all those years ago. Go on inside!”

Yang Ye glanced at the Dao Progenitor, hesitated for a moment, and spoke softly, “Master…”

The Dao Progenitor grinned, “I’d like to see this world one last time!”

Yang Ye bowed to the Dao Progenitor and walked through the door.

There was only a small table within the room, and on it was a book.

A book of scriptures!

Yang Ye opened it, “The Dao is the Dao, yet not the Dao… Dao is within things, and things are within the Dao. All things are one… The heavens failed to control the Grand Dao completely. The one that escaped is both a constant and a variable. The Grand Dao is without shape, it is fate and destiny that guides the Heaven Dao’s inaction, it is a truth!”

Search for the original.

Yang Ye gradually got lost in it.

He was shocked!

Some of the writing in the book surpassed his knowledge.

A long time passed before Yang Ye closed the book and walked out of the room. The Dao Progenitor was gone.

Completely gone!

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he gazed at the book in his grasp. It turned out that the most precious thing in the pagoda was this book.

Yang Ye felt quite lost as he read it. It was because he wasn’t really able to understand many things within it!

Even though he didn’t understand them, he felt that the contents of the book were amazing, and the person who wrote the book was definitely extremely formidable!

Yang Ye placed the book back on the table. It was safest when left here.

Yang Ye walked out of the room and looked up at the sky.

The Dao?

According to the book, the Dao gave birth to all things and contains all things. The Dao is within things, and things are within the Dao. All things are one… In other words, everything contained the Dao. Even life, age, sickness, death, the laws of all things… Everything… Of course, it included his Sword Dao.

One of the Grand Dao escaped the heavens. In other words, the Dao is not perfect. But what does the escaped one represent?

The Grand Dao is shapeless, and the Heaven Dao’s inaction… What does that mean?

Yang Ye was bewildered.

A long time passed before he shook his head and left the pagoda.

He had no choice but to read through and comprehend it slowly.

Time would tell him everything!

Or perhaps it should be said that once he meets Qi Bitian or Tian Xiu in the future, he may find out a little more from them.

However, Yang Ye felt quite annoyed.

Why can’t you just be frank? Why must it be written in such a profound manner/!

If he wrote this book, he would definitely write—The biggest fist wins!

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