Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 31 – Jump

Chapter 31 – Jump

Not long after Yang Ye and the white clothed woman left, two young men who had skulls branded on their left chests appeared beneath that large tree.

The comparatively taller young man amongst the two closed his eyes slightly before he sniffed lightly. After a short moment, he opened his eyes and said, “The smell of humans lingers here. Fairy Su and that man who brought her along with him as he fled have definitely been here!”

When he heard this, the shorter man behind him revealed a lusty glow in his eyes and said, “Qiao’zi, I heard that Fairy Su’s beauty is peerless. Now that she has been inflicted by the Blackblood Seal, it means she doesn’t possess any strength at all, right?”

Qiao’zi frowned and said, “Hei’zi, put those dirty thoughts of yours away. Even if her cultivation has been sealed, an expert of such level definitely possesses other methods to protect herself. Moreover, the orders we received were to immediately kill her on sight. Are you not afraid of the punishment if any mishap occurs?”

The expression of that man called Hei’zi turned grim when he heard the word punishment, and he smiled embarrassedly and said, “I was joking, joking. Come, let’s continue searching for them!”

Qiao’zi grunted coldly, and then they flashed towards the direction Yang Ye fled towards.


In the boundless Grand Myriad Mountains, besides the people pursuing them from behind, there were also countless terrifying Darkbeasts. Especially as they moved forward, the number of terrifying Darkbeasts grew more and more numerous. If the white clothed woman didn’t possess her formidable Divine Sense, then they’d probably already be within the bellies of Darkbeasts!

Yang Ye placed the woman down in a hidden cave, and then he withdrew the talisman crafting materials Bao’er gave him. After that, he completely disregarded the woman and directly started to craft a Transmission Talisman.

Yang Ye was aware that if they continued to run like this without any objective, then there would be no need for those people to pursue and kill them because even those Darkbeasts would be sufficient to deal with them. Now, he could only craft a Transmission Talisman and ask the woman to call for help, otherwise, they would definitely die!

When she saw Yang Ye holding a talisman brush and drawing on the empty paper, the white clothed woman’s eyes lit up, and she walked over slowly to Yang Ye. When she saw that golden Profound Energy was twisting about like lines on the paper, she was shocked in her heart and asked unconsciously. “You’re a Talisman Master?”

When he heard the woman, Yang Ye’s hand trembled, causing a line to slant, and then all the lines on the entire talisman twisted into a cluster. It had turned into trash.

Yang Ye raised his head to look at the woman and said angrily, “Don’t you know that you shouldn’t disturb someone while he’s crafting talismans?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he withdrew another empty talisman paper and started drawing again.

When she heard Yang Ye’s practically criticizing words, the woman didn’t get infuriated, and she became even more interested instead. Her tender eyes stared at the blank talisman paper because it was very rare to have a chance to watch one craft a talisman at such a close distance.

Yang Ye held the talisman brush and carefully drew on the paper, and he didn’t even dare take a deep breath. However, no matter how careful he was, the second talisman had still failed.

He’d never crafted a Transmission Talisman, so he couldn’t help but be slightly nervous. Moreover, when he thought about how numerous First Heaven Realm experts were pursuing him out there, his heart was unable to calm down.

The white clothed woman was slightly disappointed when she saw that talisman fail, but this disappointment only appeared for an instant. She gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You have to calm your heart down, otherwise, it’s impossible for you to craft a Transmission Talisman. You have sufficient time and you don’t have to hurry because those First Heaven Realm experts outside seem to have gone the wrong way!”

Yang Ye felt relaxed in his heart upon hearing this, and then he nodded. After a short moment, when he felt that his heart had calmed down, Yang Ye held the brush before gradually starting to draw on the blank talisman paper.

After around an hour of time, Yang Ye lifted his brush and sat on the floor while gasping for breath. He said, “This talisman really is difficult to draw! Fortunately, I’ve succeeded!”

As she gazed at the strange and lifelike diagram on the talisman, a wisp of happiness flashed past the woman’s eyes, and when she discerned the quality of the talisman clearly, undisguised shock appeared in the woman’s eyes. It’s actually a high-grade talisman! Even though she wasn’t a Talisman Master, she knew what a high-grade talisman represented.Could it be that this young man is an Earth Talisman Master? The white clothed woman shook her head and stopped thinking about this. She picked up the talisman from the stone and tossed it into the air. When she saw it vanish in the air, she turned around to look at Yang Ye before she said, “Let’s flee quickly, otherwise, it’ll be too late!”

“Wha… what?” Yang Ye was puzzled.

“Two First Heaven Realm experts are only less than 5km away from here, and they’re rushing towards here at high speed!”

“Didn’t you say that they ran the other way?”

“I lied to you.”

Yang Ye was speechless, and he stopped wasting his time. He carried the woman on his back and left the cave before running towards Death Abyss.

“Around how long will it be before the experts of the Sword Sect will be able to arrive?” Yang Ye asked in a low voice.

“Around two hours!”

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he heard this. Luckily, if it’s only two hours, then we ought to be able to persist until them.

However, what the woman said next caused that sigh of relief he just heaved to return right back into him because he heard the woman say. “A Spirit Realm expert is rushing towards here, and his strength is on par with that Bloodhand.”

Yang Ye’s heart instantly went almost completely cold. On par with Bloodhand?

What sort of notion was that? It meant that if that expert wanted to kill him, the expert merely had to tap his finger lightly.

What should I do? I’ll definitely be unable to fight him. Surrender? Even if I’m willing to do it, would they be willing to accept it? I only have a single path left, and that’s to run. Run like my life depends on it!

“Head to Death Mountain Range’s Death Abyss!” The woman spoke in a low voice.

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate and immediately dashed towards Death Mountain Range at full speed.


This was an extremely precipitous mountain range. The mountain range wasn’t high, yet it was extremely long and wide. It continued on for a few thousands of kilometers, and it was like the body of a colossal dragon.

This was Death Mountain Range. Entering this mountain range was equivalent to truly entering the Grand Myriad Mountains. It could be said to be a barrier in the Grand Myriad Mountains. However, if one desired to pass through this mountain range before attaining the First Heaven Realm, then it would absolutely be impossible! Because this mountain range was filled with countless Darkbeasts comparable to the First Heaven Realm!

It was precisely because of these countless Darkbeast that human experts beneath the First Heaven Realm could only hunt Darkbeasts and search for herbs around the border of the Grand Myriad Mountains, and they didn’t dare to truly step foot within the Grand Myriad Mountains!

Of course, even if those Darkbeasts didn’t exist, humans that hadn’t attained the First Heaven Realm wouldn’t dare venture deep into the Grand Myriad Mountains as well. Not to mention that the Grand Myriad Mountains was the world of Darkbeasts, the tall mountains and thick forests that covered it would probably cause most humans to get completely lost within it!

Of course, the true reason that caused humans to stop and not dare step foot into the Grand Myriad Mountains was because of this mountain range’s name, Death!

There was an abyss at the border of this mountain range, and it was called Death Abyss!

Death Abyss spanned for 3km in distance and was 300m wide, and both of its sides were smooth and precipitous, causing it to be extremely dangerous. Death Abyss was beneath this precipice. It was bottomless, and it was enveloped by a type of dark red mist all year round.

According to rumor, there were a few hundreds of thousands of human skeletons at the bottom of this abyss, and these humans were human experts that had stepped foot into Death Mountain Range….

To put it simply, Darkbeasts didn’t welcome humans in Death Mountain Range.

Yang Ye carried the woman on his back as he arrived at Death Abyss. Right when he was about to flash towards the depths of Death Mountain Range, the woman stopped him and said, “Don’t go in there. There’s a King Rank Darkbeast on guard there, and it’ll tear you alive once you go there!”

A King Rank Darkbeast! Yang Ye gulped. King Rank Darkbeasts were comparable to humans at the First Heaven Realm, but their strengths were absolutely more formidable than humans. Because the defense and physical strength of Darkbeasts were too formidable!

“What should we do now?” asked Yang Ye. Since the woman had asked him to come here, then she ought to have a way to save them.

The woman pointed towards Death Abyss with her fair hand and said, “Jump down.”

“Wha… what? Jump down?” Yang Ye thought that he’d misheard.

The woman nodded and said, “This abyss contains a mysterious force that seals the cultivations of anyone that descends to its bottom. We’ll only have a chance at surviving by jumping down!”

Yang Ye glanced at the abyss. It was impossible to see the bottom of the abyss, and it was suffused with a scarlet red mist. Just a single glance made it obvious that there was absolutely nothing good waiting for them at the bottom.

“Are we really going to jump down?” Yang Ye gulped. He wasn’t cowardly, and it was truly because this abyss was a bit too terrifying.

“Haha!! Fairy Su, you’re cornered now!” Right at this moment, a black dot flashed over from the horizon. The black dot was extremely swift. In a blink of Yang Ye’s eyes, the black dot had become fist sized, and when he blinked once more, he noticed that it was already the size of a head.

He didn’t dare blink again and stopped hesitating. He lifted the woman on his back, and then he took a deep breath before he leaped towards Death Abyss.

Just as the woman had said, they would absolutely die if they stayed up here, whereas, if they jumped down, then they still had a chance. Since it was like that, it was better to just jump!

At the instant Yang Ye had just jumped down into Death Abyss, the bald and tattooed man descended on the spot where Yang Ye stood moments ago. He gazed at the mist that Yang Ye and the white clothed woman had vanished behind, and his expression was extremely gloomy. He hesitated for a short moment yet didn’t give chase in the end because it was too mysterious down there, and he didn’t dare rashly descend it!

With a swing of his right hand, a Transmission Talisman flew into the sky. The bald tattooed man said in a low voice, “The two of them fell down Death Abyss. Stop the search and stop the plan for now. Everyone, hide yourselves immediately. Those that disobey will be punished according to the rules of the sect!”

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