Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 9 – Gamble

Chapter 9 – Gamble

As its name implied, the Life and Death Arena was a place where life and death were decided.

It was impossible to avoid enmity between the disciples of any sect. So, since something had occurred, then it should be dealt with in the right way. The reason the Sword Sect had established this Life and Death Arena was to deal with the enmity between disciples. Once an irreconcilable enmity appeared between disciples, then they could challenge the other party. Of course, the challenger couldn’t be more than two cultivation ranks higher than the person being challenged.

Yang Ye originally didn’t intend to issue such a challenge to the Life and Death Arena, but when he saw Duan Jun strike a lethal attack against him, he knew that Duan Jun didn’t intend to let him off at all. On the other hand, once he fought Duan Jun on the spot, then no matter if he won or lost, he would still suffer a loss.

If he lost, then it was obvious, Duan Jun could torture and kill him; if he won, then not only would he be unable to obtain any benefits, he would even be unable to kill Duan Jun. It was even to the extent that he would be in trouble by just injuring Duan Jun. After all, he was only a Labor Disciple now. Only at the Life and Death Arena would he be in a fair situation against Duan Jun, and he would be able to kill Duan Jun!

“Haha!!” After he returned to his senses, Duan Jun roared with laughter as he pointed at Yang Ye, and he revealed undisguised disdain and said, “I’m going to die of laughter! The number one piece of trash in history actually challenged me on the Life and Death Arena? On what basis are you issuing this challenge? Because you’re the number one piece of trash in history?”

Yang Ye was completely indifferent towards Duan Jun’s disdain, and he said, “According to the rules of the Sword Sect, when someone of lower cultivation challenges someone with higher cultivation, then that person can’t refuse. Of course, you can refuse me if you insist. However, in that way, the Sword Sect will probably start spreading news of how you, Duan Jun, didn’t even dare to accept the challenge of a Labor Disciple!”

“I know you’re provoking me!” Duan Jun laughed coldly and said, “However, I accept your challenge. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I’ll smash all the bones in your body, one by one, on the Life and Death Arena and in front of everyone within the Sword Sect. I’ll allow everyone to understand that a piece of trash will only be a piece of trash. Even if you become a Profounder, you’ll still be a piece of trash!”

“Are you done? If you’re done, then I’ll see you on the Life and Death Arena!” Yang Ye glanced indifferently at Duan Jun, and then he turned around and walked towards the Life and Death Arena.

When he saw Yang Ye’s casual appearance, the killing intent in Duan Jun’s eyes grew denser. A piece of trash like you is trying to act like an expert? Yang Ye hadn’t just destroyed his source of wealth; Yang Ye had even challenged him in public now. He felt that being challenged by a Labor Disciple was a humiliation to him. I’ll make you suffer!


“Yang Ye challenged an Outer Court Disciple to a battle on the Life and Death Arena. Come, let’s go quickly to watch it!”

“What? Are you sure? Yang Ye challenged an Outer Court Disciple? Is something wrong with him in the head?”

“It’s you that have something wrong in your head, your whole family has something wrong within them in the head. Just a moment ago, the cousin brother of that bastard Du Xiu went looking for trouble with Yang Ye, yet he never imagined that Yang Ye had already become a Profounder. Moreover, he challenged Du Xiu’s cousin brother on the spot. Now, they’ve already headed to the Life and Death Arena. You should go over quickly!”

“Yang Ye is already a Profounder? Nice. Let’s go cheer for Yang Ye….’

Outer Court Peak.

“What? A Labor Disciple challenged one of us Outer Court Disciples? It’s even that number one piece of trash in history? Are you sure? Isn’t that number one piece of trash in history not even a Profounder?”

“I don’t know. In any case, they’ve already headed to the Life and Death Arena. Let’s go over quickly. If we’re too late, then that Labor Disciple would be killed already, and we wouldn’t be able to watch the show. I’ll go notify the others.”

“A Labor Disciple challenged one of us Outer Court Disciples? It’s even at the Life and Death Arena? He really has an exaggerated opinion of his ability. Come, let’s go see how one of our Outer Court Disciples teaches him a lesson.”

In next to no time, the news of Yang Ye challenging an Outer Court Disciple had swiftly swept through the Labor Peak and Outer Court Peak like a plague, and the few thousand Labor Disciples and few hundred Outer Court Disciples rushed to the Life and Death Arena.


On the Life and Death Arena, an old man that wore a green and white robe looked at Yang Ye and the green clothed man. However, the old man’s gaze had mostly descended onto Yang Ye. The old man was called Cao Huo, and he was an Outer Court Elder of the Sword Sect that managed the Enforcement Team in the outer court. In the past, he’d witnessed numerous battles on the Life and Death Arena, yet it was still the first time he’d witnessed a Labor Disciple challenge an Outer Court Disciple.

Cao Huo waved his right hand, causing two crystalline Energy Stones to float towards Yang Ye and Duan Jun, and he said, “There are no rules on the Life and Death Arena, and both of you can utilize any methods! For the sake of fairness, both of you should fully replenish the Profound Energy within your bodies now, and then begin.” As soon as he finished speaking, the old man’s figure flashed towards the side.

“You’re dead!” Duan Jun gazed at Yang Ye and spoke indifferently.

Yang Ye didn’t reply. He walked over to the nearby weapon rack instead, and he chose a sword from amongst them. The sword was 1.5m long, two fingers broad, and forged from ordinary iron that was refined 100 times. It wasn’t anything good, and it was unranked.

“Green Hornet Sword, low-grade Yellow Rank, capable of slicing iron like mud.” Meanwhile, a sword appeared in Duan Jun’s hand. He looked at Yang Ye and said, “But don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I’ll severe the tendons in your arms and legs, smash the bones in your entire body, and then dispatch someone to send you back to your home so that you and your family can endure your pain together! What do you think? I’m benevolent, right?”

Yang Ye casually swung the sword in his hand, and then he said indifferently, “Don’t worry, I’ll be benevolent to you as well!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye sat cross-legged and absorbed the energy within the Energy Stone.

Duan Jun’s eyes flickered with ghastly and cold killing intent, and then he sat down crossed legged and absorbed the energy within the Energy Stone as well.

At this moment, over 100 Outer Court Disciples were looking at Yang Ye and the green clothed man from a spot outside the Life and Death Arena. One of them with an oblong face said to the Outer Court Disciple by his side. “Jiang Qiushui, Duan Jun is at the eighth rank of the Mortal Realm. I don’t know what’s the cultivation of that Labor Disciple, but I bet that Duan Jun will definitely take his head within 10 moves.”

“I bet it’ll be five moves!” The man called Jiang Qiushui looked at the man with an oblong face and said, “20 Energy Stones, do you dare to take me up on this bet?”

“You think so lowly of that Labor Disciple?” The man with an oblong face spoke with a smile.

“He entered the sect for two years, yet he has only become a Profounder now. Is such a piece of trash worthy of me thinking highly of him?” Jiang Qiushui said with disdain. “How about it? I’ll bet 20 Energy Stones that Duan Jun will take his head in five moves. Dare to take my bet?”

“Why not!?” The man with an oblong face roared with laughter. “Since that Labor Disciple dared to challenge Duan Jun, then he definitely possesses some ability. I don’t believe that he wouldn’t even be able to resist 10 moves. Does anyone else want to make a bet?”

“I bet on five moves!”

“I bet on 10 moves!”

“I bet 50 Energy Stones, that Labor Disciple will win!” Right at this moment, a clear and resounding voice that seemed immature resounded.

All the Outer Court Disciples were stunned. When they turned around to look, they saw a little girl around the age of 14 or 15 grinning as she looked at them. The little girl wore a light yellow dress with flower patterns, and it covered her slender figure that had started to take shape. She had willow leaf shaped brows, small cherry lips, and a pair of lively eyes that frequently spun about and revealed a strand of slyness.

The little girl was none other than Bao’er from the Talisman Peak. She’d especially come to look for Yang Ye today, yet she never expected that Yang Ye would actually get in a fight with someone. Not had she imagined that these fellows before her would actually look down upon Yang Ye. She knew how formidable Yang Ye was, and Yang Ye possessed Profound Energy of the five elements!

When all the Outer Court Disciples noticed that it was a little girl, they were slightly surprised. Even though the little girl was young, they were still able to imagine the peerless elegance she would possess once she matured. Moreover, some of their eyes even revealed a wisp of a lustful glow.

When she noticed some of them had such detestable gazes, Bao’er grunted coldly, and then she withdrew a stack of talismans before walking over to Jiang Qiushui and the others. She said, “I want to bet with you! I bet that little laborer will win.”

Jiang Qiushui was stunned. However, when he saw the stack of talismans in Bao’er’s hand, Jiang Qiushui was instantly stunned on the spot. He returned to his senses after a long time, and his originally cold and proud expression had become zealous as he asked in a light voice. “You, you’re from the Talisman Peak?”

Meanwhile, all the other Outer Court Disciples had noticed the stack of talismans in Bao’er’s hand. Those were talismans that only the experts ranked in the top 10 of the Outer Court Rankings had the qualifications to receive from the Talisman Peak! All of their gazes burned with desire.

Bao’er grunted and said, “Yes, I bet that Labor Disciple will win. Are all of you betting of not?” She really disliked these people because not only did they look down upon the Little Laborer, they even gazed at her with that type of detestable gazes, so she intended to win away all of their cultivation resources!

She intends to be that Labor Disciple will win?

All of the Outer Court Disciples glanced at each other when they heard this. Is something wrong with this little girl’s head? She actually wants to bet that the Labor Disciple will win! After all, Duan Jun was already at the eighth rank of the Mortal Realm, whereas, the Labor Disciple was at most at the fourth or fifth rank of the Mortal Realm. So, would he be able to defeat Duan Jun?

When they thought up to here, all of them glanced at each other before they utterly revealed undisguised greed from their eyes.

Jiang Qiushui’s eyes flickered, and then he said, “We… we can bet with you. However, you have to be the broker because all of us are betting that the Labor Disciples loses. What do you think?”

Bao’er thought for a moment, and then she said, “Alright, all of you place your bets. I can accept bets of any sizes!”

Jiang Qiushui suppressed the excitement in his heart and continued. “Look, there are a few hundreds of us. That’s quite a huge sum. If you lose, then….”

Bao’er naturally knew what Jiang Qiushui meant. She immediately raised her brows before withdrawing a pile of talismans from within the small pouch before her and said, “Oh, there are around 20 talismans here, and all of them are at the mid-grade. Every single one of them can be sold for around 500 Energy Stones. If I lose, then I’ll use that to pay my debts, is that alright?”

“Mid-grade talismans?” As they gazed at the talismans in Bao’er’s hand, all of their eyes burned extremely brightly with greed. Every single mid-grade Talisman wasn’t something that merely 500 Energy Stones could buy. If they got it and sold it, then even getting 1,000 Energy Stones wouldn’t be a problem.

This time, there was no need for Jiang Qiushui to say anything, and all the Outer Court Disciples hurriedly nodded and agreed. It was a rare occurrence that someone generous would come to give them free wealth, so if they didn’t grab it, then they would suffer the wrath of the heavens!

“I bet 500 Energy Stones!” Meanwhile, Jiang Qiushui spoke abruptly. “I don’t have so many Energy Stones with me now, so you can remember the amount for now. If I lose, then I’ll definitely give it to you. We’re all Outer Court Disciples, so we don’t deceive you!”

When they heard Jiang Qiushui, all the Labor Disciples were stunned. 500 Energy Stones wasn’t a small amount. After all, they were only able to obtain 20 Energy Stones every single month. So, did Jiang Qiushui really possess so many?

Just as those Outer Court Disciples thought, Jiang Qiushui really didn’t possess 500 Energy Stones. However, he wasn’t afraid. Because was it possible for that Labor Disciple to win? The answer was absolutely impossible!

Bao’er thought for a moment and said, “Alright, all of you place your bets as well! I’ll remember it all for all of you.” She wasn’t afraid that these fellows would go back on their word because no one in the Sword Sect dared to take advantage of her!

“I’ll add another 2,000 Energy Stones!” When he heard that they could be owed, for now, Jiang Qiushui immediately added another 2,000 Energy Stones. He would definitely not forgive himself even he didn’t take advantage of such a ‘generous’ person.

When they heard Bao’er agree to allow Jiang Qiushui to owe her for now, a commotion arose amongst the other disciples, and then they immediately placed their bids.

“I’ll bet 1,000 Energy Stones as well!”

“I’ll bet 800!”

“I’ll bet 2,000!”

When she saw all of them placing their bets, Bao’er smiled to the point her eyes narrowed, and then she hurriedly withdrew a brush to note down all their bets. In her opinion, it was best if Yang Ye was able to win, and it was fine even if he lost. At any rate, not only were there a huge amount of such talismans in the Talisman Peak, even she herself could craft them as well.

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