Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 15: Imperial Edict

AGM 0015 – Imperial Edict

For the birthday celebration of Bai Qingsong, people had arrived from the Royal Capital — the Bai Residence was also the gathering place for the representatives of the four great academies. And yet, in the end, the one who shined the most, wasn’t the Bai Clan, not Autumn Snow, but was instead Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian had obtained an invitation to enroll in the prestigious Emperor Star Academy, while Autumn Snow could only enter the Royal Academy. This ending was not a joyous occasion for many. Because of such an ending, only Mustang and those from the Qin Clan were able to feel happy. However, the rest of the spectators on the grandstand — the Ye Clan, the Silver Feather Legion, as well as those clans from the Royal Capital — all had their original hopes and wishes dashed.

Old Master Ye, as well as those that hailed from the Royal Capital, felt extremely frustrated and unhappy about this ending at this moment. After all, the reason why they’d come with the intention of congratulating the Bai Clan, was all because they’d give face to the Ye Clan. Because today was supposed to be the day where Autumn Snow displayed her talent, as well as broke off the marriage engagement with the Qin Clan, and publicly humiliated them while severing all their relations. More importantly, today was also supposed to be the day where the Bai Clan and the Ye Clan discussed their marriage engagement.

Yet, the things that had happened today, went directly against the plans that they’d had.

The old master of the Ye Clan looked at the excited people of the Qin Clan, before indifferently glancing sideways at Bai Qingsong, and asked, “What? You’re that easily shaken?”

Bai Qingsong’s expression trembled, as he looked at Old Master Ye. After witnessing the might displayed by Qin Wentian today, although Bai Qingsong hated him, he couldn’t deny that he was somewhat shaken. If the events of the past few days hadn’t occurred, maybe, it truly would be like what Qin Wentian had said. Today, when Qin Wentian had unleashed his Astral Soul, the brilliance of the Bai Clan would’ve been even more dazzling, and the marriage between Qin Wentian and Autumn Snow would surely have been a story that captured the imagination, and was spread far and wide.

“Father.” That moment, Autumn Snow walked over to the side of Bai Qingsong, and glanced at her father, a desolate look evident in her eyes.

“The Ye Clan will temporarily delay our announcement about the marriage engagement.” Old Master Ye levelled his gaze at both of them, as he lowly intoned, causing both Bai Qingsong and Autumn Snow to stiffen. Today, the words spoken by Qin Chuan had caused Autumn Snow’s name and face to be dragged through the mud. If the Ye Clan still insisted on proposing a marriage engagement, wouldn’t people say that the Ye Clan were accepting goods that others had abandoned?

“But……” Bai Qingsong’s expressions grew nasty. Today, the enmity between Bai Clan and the Qin Clan had already worsened to a state of no return. If they lost the protection of this “big tree’, the Ye Clan, it would be tough for the Bai Clan to survive in the Sky Harmony City in the future. And moreover, the humiliation Qin Wentian had caused Autumn Snow earlier, combined with the Ye Clan’s actions, in addition to the actions of the four great academies earlier, and finally adding in the psychological impact on Autumn Snow… it would be akin to adding frost on top of snow, or pouring oil into a fire.

“There’s no need for buts, I will arrange everything. I will make the Qin Clan become history.” Old Master Ye gently said, as a frosty expression flashed in his eyes, causing both Bai Qingsong and Autumn Snow to shudder in their hearts. The Ye Clan, was a tough customer to handle indeed — much different from the Qin Clan.

“Autumn Snow, you must work hard on your cultivation.” Bai Qingsong silently exclaimed in his heart. Autumn Snow was able to understand what Bai Qingsong’s eyes conveyed, as her hands clenched tightly into fists. Today, the Ye Clan had delayed the marriage engagement announcement. In the future, she’d make the Ye Clan regret their actions today — she definitely would. The Qin Clan too, including Qin Wentian.

As their gaze swept past the Qin Clan, Old Master Ye and the rest once again set their eyes on the excited people of the Qin Clan, before Old Master Ye coldly stated, “Just merely displaying some talent could cause them to be excited to such a degree. No wonder that, after their Ancestor Qin Wu disappeared, the Qin Clan began their decline. Each generation has gotten successively worse than the others, to the state it’s at today, and yet they show no signs of regret. How pitiful.”

Qin Chuan’s expression abruptly turned unsightly, as he turned his sharp gaze upon the grandstand. The decline of the Qin Clan was known to all. If the emperor wanted the Qin Clan to decline, how could they not decline? The status and power wielded by the Ye Clan had also risen at that time. The emperor wanted to make use of the Ye Clan to suppress the Qin Clan, using the Qin Clan as their stepping stone. So that on the surface, the emperor didn’t need to personally act.

“9-star affinity for Astral Qi, and the first Astral Soul he condensed was from the 3rd Heavenly Layer. Ye WuQue from the Ye Clan, isn’t he just so-so. To think that you’d say something like this at this moment. Laughable.” Qin Chuan glared at the old man up on the grandstand, as he coldly replied.

“Ridiculous.” Old Master Ye calmly replied, as he stated, “Ye WuQue opened his 2nd Astral Gate and condensed his 2nd Astral Soul which was from the 3rd Heavenly Layer at the age of 15. I’m afraid that Qin Wentian at the age of 15, was still bitterly training his mediation technique in order to increase his affinity. How can he still be comparable to Ye WuQue?”

Hidden within the calm voice of Old Master Ye, were hints of unshakable conviction, as the crowd of spectators frowned slightly. Meditation could indeed increased one’s affinity towards the Astral Constellations. And there were indeed plenty of people who delayed their condensation of Astral Souls due to this reason. It seemed like Autumn Snow and Qin Wentian belonged to this group, and thus, they were indeed weaker when compared to Ye WuQue.

“Ye WuQue from the Ye Clan is too dazzling, so far beyond reach.” The hearts of the crowd were thinking. Ye WuQue was a monster that had a high possibility to step into the Yuanfu Realm before the age of 20.

Qin Chuan had no way to refute this after hearing the words of his counterpart. After all, Qin Wentian had just embarked onto the path of cultivation.

No one knew that Qin Wentian’s first Astral Soul was condensed from a constellation from the 5th Heavenly Layer. And, how many days had he taken to achieve what he had today?

“But……” at this moment, only to hear that Old Master Ye continued saying, as he looked at Qin Wentian, “Qin Wentian does indeed possess extraordinary talent, and has condensed an Astral Soul, worthy of nurturing. However, the best place to nurture him was not the Emperor Star Academy, but the Chu Country’s Godly General Military Palace instead.”

“Impossible.” Qin Chuan rejected immediately, “Qin Wentian’s choice belonged to himself, the Ye Clan has no rights to interfere.”

Those in the crowd that had more experience, had their pupils contracted. The Godly General Military Palace was a place that specially nurtured elites for the Chu Country’s army. That place was only opened to those with peak-level talents within the army, and had never accepted outsiders.

Back when Qin Wu swept unchallenged across the Chu Country, other than having heavenly might, there was also another important reason – and that was that Qin Wu was a controller at the Godly General Military Palace. However, back when the emperor forced the Qin Clan to decline, one of the first moves he made was to obtain control over the military palace. Currently, the emperor’s powers was already firmly entrenched inside the Godly General Military Palace. How could Qin Wentian still enter there?

“Hmph, Qin Wu, a man who was loyal to his country, that had created the Godly General Military Palace. To think that his descendants have now all forgotten about him — that they are unwilling to enter the Godly General Palace. Isn’t that equivalent to humiliating your own ancestor?” Old Master Ye coldly snorted. Now, even Mustang was infuriated. To think that the Ye Clan still had such a sinister move.

“Qin Wentian has already agreed to join my Emperor Star Academy. But now, you, Ye Mo, are trying to get him to join the Godly General Military Palace. What is the meaning of this?” Mustang asked as his voice turned increasingly colder.

“Qin Wentian has not officially joined the Emperor Star Academy yet, which means he still has freedom, and thus cannot be considered a student of the Emperor Star Academy.” Ye Mo stared directly at Mustang, as he tranquilly stated. “And thus, wherever he joins is still undecided. Moreover, the request for Qin Wentian to join the Godly General Military Palace wasn’t my decision.”

As he was explaining this, the lips of Ye Mo curled into a cold smile, as he looked to Icehawk, who was standing by his side. Icehawk understood his meaning intuitively, as he stood up and walked forward, withdrawing a edict, before smiling coldly at Qin Chuan, “This is his Majesty’s imperial edict. Do you want me to read it out, or do you want to see it for yourself personally?”

Qin Chuan froze. The emperor had finally made his move, dealing a critical strike to the Qin Clan.

So the true reason behind Ye Mo and Icehawk coming to the Sky Harmony City wasn’t for the sake of Autumn Snow. It was for the Qin Clan

“Read it out.” Qin Chuan’s heart went cold.

Icehawk grinned coldly, “In the past, Qin Wu’s fame resounded throughout the entire country, his military exploits illustrious. Although the previous emperor bestowed Qin Wu a title, as the Wu King, it was still insufficient to address his merits. And now, to think that the Qin Clan has gradually declined, it has brought shame to their Ancestor. His Majesty has decreed that if there were any outstanding talents in the Qin Clan, Icehawk is to directly send the talents to the Godly General Military Palace for cultivation. And as for the elites of the private army of the Qin Clan, Icehawk is hereby granted the power to lead the Silver Feather Legion, to allow them to join the Silver Feather Legion. For those who resist, Icehawk is to conduct the execution together with Ye Mo.”

The crowd of spectators, after hearing the imperial edict, involuntarily shuddered. What a cunning plan, to praise the past merits of the Qin Clan Ancestor, while pulling out any roots of future hope in the Qin Clan, by taking all the talented youths away. To think that they even wanted to destroy the private army of the Qin Clan. This way, there was no more hope left for the Qin Clan.

“If my Ancestor knew of this, he would surely say thanks his Majesty for his love.” Qin Chuan gave up, as he calmed down, before making a sarcastic remark.

The billions of people of the Chu Country all belonged to clans with different levels of authority and power. The Royal Clan was naturally the strongest power in the Chu Country, but they usually wouldn’t disrupt the matters of the other clans in the country. However, the Qin Clan was different. The Qin Clan was a military clan that belonged to the Chu Country. As such, the Royal Clan could issue commands and imperial orders to the Qin Clan, who had the responsibility to obey.

Qin Wentian who was beside Qin Chuan, felt a wave of despair. This time around, both the Ye Clan and Icehawk had come with preparations. And as luck would have it, they’d witnessed him displaying his talent at the training grounds earlier. How could the Ye Clan give up on such an opportunity?

“In the past, the Emperor, using the title of Wu King, banished the Qin Clan to the Sky Harmony City. And now, they are also prepared to steal away the hope of the Qin Clan under the pretext of that imperial edict.” Qin Wentian silently speculated in his heart. If the Qin Clan didn’t obey, it meant that they wanted to defy the imperial order. And if so, at that time, the military troops which Icehawk brought would surely take action.

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