Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 1791 - Bloodline Talent, Rearing Divinity

Chapter 1791: Bloodline Talent, Rearing Divinity

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Qin Wentian felt a little puzzled. Yue Changkong was trying to provoke him. Was it because he wanted to display his brilliance before Donghuang Ying?

“Oh, someone wants you to go up there.” Ten Miles Springwind smiled. Cao Tian and the others also stared at Yue Changkong. This man was indeed very outstanding but he gave them a sense of hypocrisy. Before this, Yue Changkong had always hidden himself, but once he became famous, he immediately built relations with the various major powers and even tried to worm his way into Donghuang Ying’s heart. He was an extremely scheming individual.

Right now, Yue Changkong wanted to use Qin Wentian as a stepping stone to display his abilities before Donghuang Ying?

However, although Donghuang Ying was beautiful, Qin Wentian didn’t have any feelings towards her. He naturally wouldn’t feel jealousy. He simply calmly glanced at Yue Changkong in the air and smiled, “It’s fine, I’ll just spectate.”

“Little princess, I brought up the suggestion for a spar against Brother Qin simply because I admire his glory earlier. I don’t have any other meaning. No matter which of us wins, the radiance we both exude is hard to mask.” Yue Changkong explained to Donghuang Ying. After that, he smiled at Qin Wentian, “Brother Qin, it’s truly a pity that you don’t want to come up here to display your capabilities given your talent.”

“If this is the case, Brother Qin you can consider this a little. No matter who wins or loses, both your radiance is hard to mask.” Donghuang Ying smiled. “The two of you are my friends, I won’t interfere.”

“Why does it sound so weird. No matter who wins or loses, the radiance they both exudes is hard to mask? Why does it sound like she is consoling Brother Qin, as though Brother Qin would truly be defeated?” Ten Miles Springwind spoke.

Qin Wentian casually smiled. “Since there’s no difference. Why is there a need to compete?”

Since he made the decision not to participate, he wouldn’t do so then. Once he did so, he would surely attract the focus of the Ziwei Divine Court. At that time, he wouldn’t be able to retreat even if he wanted to. Also, if the Ziwei Divine Court summoned him for a meeting, should he attend it or not?

“That’s a pity then, I initially still wanted to spar against Brother Qin.” Yue Changkong politely stated. If it wasn’t Qin Wentian already knowing that he is a fake that claimed he was the inheritor of the Time King, Qin Wentian might have believed that Yue Changkong was a gentleman. But now, the more gentlemanly Yue Changkong was acting, the larger a hypocrite he felt this man was. Sadly, it was useless no matter how much he tries to remind Donghuang Ying.

Donghuang Ying had an extraordinary background, she was the little princess of the Donghuang Clan and from this, one could tell how esteemed her status was. She has seen countless geniuses before and many would fawn on her, willing to submit. Now that she saw a genius like Yue Changkong, she naturally would feel interested and maybe attracted to him.

Just when Qin Wentian thought that this matter was at an end, Yue Changkong slowly turned his gaze over and stared at another person. He smiled, “Among the crowd of experts in the convention, actually the person I wish to challenge most isn’t Brother Qin. It’s a guest who came here from extremely far away.”

When everyone heard Yue Changkong’s words, they all stared at him. Who was it that Yue Changkong wanted to challenge?

“Luoshen Clan of the Desolate Region, I long have respect in my heart towards such a majestic clan. I didn’t expect that I would be able to see guests from the Luoshen Clan in this convention at the Mystic Region. Now that the constellation ocean shone its light on every world overlord of the younger generation, I can see there’s a goddess from the Luoshen Clan shining in her glory and I wish to seek guidance from her in the martial path. By doing so, I can also witness the glory of the Luoshen Clan with my eyes.” Yue Changkong slowly spoke, his eyes were staring straight at Luoshen Lei of the Luoshen Clan.

Luoshen Lei was also one of the talented world overlords of the younger generation that was shone upon by the light from the constellation ocean. She also has the qualifications to join in the battles if she wanted.

Yue Changkong’s tone sounded polite, praising her as the goddess of the Luoshen Clan and he admired and respected them hence he wanted to seek guidance from her.

However, in his polite words, there was another layer of meaning. Luoshen Clan was from the Desolate Region after all and is considered an outsider. For Yue Changkong, in the future if he could join the Ziwei Divine Court, he would naturally be representing them. If he was able to defeat Luoshen Lei now, there was a higher possibility that he could be selected by the Ziwei Divine Court. Hence, he made this gesture.

He wanted to use the Luoshen Clan as a platform to elevate himself.

It wasn’t any great secret that the Luoshen Clan has appeared in the convention. Back then when Luoshen Lei threatened the Dragon Pool Manor, it was already not possible for the Luoshen Clan’s name to remain a secret. Those major characters all knew about it but they pretended not to know anything. Now that Yue Changkong was bringing this out in public, what sort of attitude should they treat the Luoshen Clan with?

Even though they were peak powers of the Mystic Region, they still didn’t have the qualifications to stand on equal grounds with the Luoshen Clan. If one wanted them to act more arrogantly, they didn’t have the courage. But it was also impossible for them to act servilely. If not, what would the three hegemonic powers of the Mystic Region think of them? This place was the Mystic Region after all and this was the convention of the Mystic Region. The Luoshen Clan was an outsider from the Desolate Region.

Qin Wentian’s eyes abruptly shone with a cold sharpness. After Yue Changkong challenged him, he immediately challenged Luoshen Lei? What did this mean?

Qin Wentian naturally understood that although everyone tried not to mention the matters about Luoshen Lei, but it’s no secret that Luoshen Lei had helped him before. Many people knew about this.

In that case, did Yue Changkong know of this too?

If Yue Changkong knew and still challenged Luoshen Lei, there should be another layer of meaning behind his actions. Did Yue Changkong want to target him?

No matter if this is true or not, Qin Wentian increasingly felt that Yue Changkong was a sinister individual.

Luoshen Lei also started, she clearly didn’t expect that there would be people challenging her. Her initial purpose for coming to the Mystic Region wasn’t for the convention. She naturally had no wish to participate in this battle of the constellation ocean from the Ziwei Divine Court. She only wanted to take a look at the strength of the world overlords here. Also, she has been very low-profile and had only exposed her identity when she helped Qin Wentian that one time.

The words spoken by Yue Changkong instantly reminded everyone that the Luoshen Clan was an outsider. Also, his seemingly polite words placed himself as the representative of the Mystic Region. It was like this battle wasn’t one between individuals, but one between the chosen of the Mystic Region and the Desolate Region.

Her beautiful eyes stared at Yue Changkong. This person was truly scheming to the extreme.

“Little miss, we have no need to accept the challenge. We can simply find an excuse.” The old man beside her transmitted his voice over. Although Yue Changkong was extremely scheming, his prowess has already been determined. Yue Changkong was truly strong. His little miss was still young, there was no need for her to participate due to a fit of anger.

However, it seemed as though Luoshen Lei hadn’t heard his words. Her beautiful eyes stared at Yue Changkong. Since this man has already put it this way, how could she still reject the battle? If she didn’t fight, wouldn’t people gossip that the Luoshen Clan was full of cowards that only knew how to dodge fights?

“I’m not a goddess, I’m just an ordinary member of the Luoshen Clan and cannot represent all the geniuses there. But since you wish to spar with me, I will accept your challenge. Up till now, I’ve cultivated for four hundred years and have never sparred with the peak geniuses of the Mystic Region before.” Luoshen Lei slowly spoke, even revealing her age. This caused many people to feel fear in their hearts. What terrifying talent, as expected of a member from the Luoshen Clan of the Desolate Region.

She even intentionally revealed her age. She naturally didn’t want to increase the degree which she represented the Luoshen Clan. If not, if she lost, the Luoshen Clan would be embarrassed.

Many major characters silently nodded their heads. This genius young woman from the Luoshen Clan was also an extraordinary individual who was also extremely meticulous in her thoughts.

“Being able to spar against a goddess from the Luoshen Clan is a fortune I must have cultivated good karma for, for a total of three lifetimes. Please.” Yue Changkong still acted with grace and elegance as he smiled.

Luoshen Lei’s silhouette flashed, soaring up into the air. Very swiftly, she arrived at the constellation sea Yue Changkong was in. When the starry light enveloped her, she who was originally already extremely beautiful, now truly seemed like a goddess descending to the mortal world. At this instant, it was as though all the spiritual qi of heavens and earth was gathered on her.

“I heard that the Luoshen Clan is known as the god of all demons, all demons would submit themselves to you. The Luoshen Clan also has a very powerful and unique bloodline ability, they are able to nurture and rear divine creatures. Today, I finally have the chance to seek the guidance from a member of the Luoshen Clan.” Yue Changkong spoke. Evidently, his understanding of the Luoshen Clan was very deep. He even knew about one of their bloodline abilities.

“Although I’ve broken through to the world overlord realm, my foundation isn’t stable yet as I just broken through. I cannot truly unleash the true potential of my talent. In the future if you have the chance to compete against true geniuses of my clan, only then would you know how powerful my Luoshen Clan is. However, you might not be qualified enough to compete with them.” Luoshen Lei calmly spoke.

“Hahaha…” Yue Changkong laughed loudly. “In that case, I shall wait and see. As for today, I will temporarily experience the teachings of goddess first. Please.”

Luoshen Lei didn’t say anything more. Her long hair fluttered in the wind as her body began to glow with light, like a real goddess. Her entire body was covered in a layer of holy light as her aura rapidly climbed. A dazzling demon god portrait appeared in the starry space, enveloping her within. The demon god portrait contained a myriad of sacred demonic creatures and was radiating a terrifying aura.

“My world heart, Moon Radiance.” Yue Changkong spoke and as the sound of his voice faded, the power of his world heart and innate heavenheart mandate gushed forth, causing a desolate aura to bore down on everything. The power he unleashed shot towards the location Luoshen Lei was in. He wanted to directly lock Luoshen Lei’s movements. In his heart domain, a powerful binding force manifested. Everything in his heart domain became immobile, no one weaker than him would be able to do anything if they were caught within it.

This has already exceeded the limits of spatial binding. In the domain generated by Yue Changkong’s world heart, everything came to a halt. Luoshen Lei tried to move but a terrifying energy seemed to hold her back. The formless radiance from the world heart unceasingly cascaded down on her, every beam of light was like a pillar of binding force, locking her in place.

“Bzz~” A beam of divine moonlight shot over, quicker and fiercer than lightning, directly blasting towards Luoshen Lei.

Luoshen Lei’s eyes gleamed with sharpness. In an instant, a gigantic divine turtle suddenly appeared. It spat out a terrifying screen of light that transformed into an absolute defensive energy barrier, surrounding her.

The divine moon light descended, boring down on the turtle, wanting to seal its movements.

Luoshen Lei’s expression didn’t change. She shouted again as a terrifying phoenix appeared inside Yue Changkong’s heart domain. The phoenix breathed out in Yue Changkong’s direction but Yue Changkong directly vanished. In the space he was in earlier, a column of ashes appeared. And in another location, a portion of Yue Changkong’s sleeve was actually burning.

“The talent: rearing divinity, of the Luoshen Clan, is truly extraordinary and worthy of its reputation.” Yue Changkong slowly spoke. Before him, another python appeared. In the next moment, he felt as though he was about to be frozen solid.

In the air, the demon god portrait continued spawning greater demons. Every saint beast within was able to fight for Luoshen Lei. Also, each of them had their own respective demon-attribute heavenheart mandates. This meant that Luoshen Lei was able to use many types of heavenheart mandates!

This was one of the terrifying abilities of the Luoshen Clan bloodline. They were able to nurture and rear demons using their blood. It was extremely terrifying.

Everyone exclaimed in admiration. Luoshen Lei has only cultivated for slightly over four hundred years. In the future when she grew stronger, this ability of hers would naturally grow stronger as well!

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