Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 2053 - Additional Tales: Legend of the Devilish Female (END)

Chapter 2053: Additional Tales: Legend of the Devilish Female

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In the Falling Devil Region, the Blackstone Devil Palace.

Within the princess manor, there was a beautiful figure standing in a pavilion. The figure of this maiden was graceful and lithe. Her long cloak landed on the clean ground made from green jade. She didn’t wear any shoes. Her beautiful and lanky legs of absolute fairness reflected even more charm upon the reflection of the green jade ground.

There was no need to doubt her beauty. As the princess of the Blackstone Devil Sect, Yan Yuruo, who also had the title of devilish female, had appeared in the dreams of many people countless times.

In fact, the number of major characters from the Fallen Devil Region and many other devil islands who came to propose a marriage engagement to Yan Yuruo was already countless in number. However, the personality of the devilish female was extremely fierce. For countless years, she simply had no regard for anyone at all. Even for descendants of evil emperors as well as young devil kings with supreme talent, none of them could even enter her eye.

Hence, everyone on the Myriad Devil Islands all knew that the devilish princess Yan Yuruo was cold and arrogant with an extremely aloof personality that had no regard for the heroes of the world. During these years, she also had offended several people.

“Waiting in the pavilion, listening to the sounds of wind and rain. Who would know of my longing?” A faint smile flickered in the eyes of the devilish female. She was incomparably charming. Currently, the sky was drizzling. She stood in her pavilion and staring at the drizzling rain. This scene of rain caused her to feel even more longing in her heart.

“Princess.” Behind her, soft footsteps rang out. A beautiful woman with a cold expression appeared behind her. “Princess, the Devil King told you to leave.”

“Leave?” Yan Yuruo shook her head lightly, she was still looking at the rain. There were traces of his past presence here in this place.

“Juyu, you have followed me for so many years. Only I know the reason why. I believe that you are one of those people who understands me the most.” Yan Yuruo softly spoke. Juyu was once a devil general on the Blackstone Devil Island. Her fate changed because of one person. After that, after that person left, Juyu has always remained behind in the Blackstone Devil Sect and became her follower. There was only one reason why. Because, in their memories, the figure of the same man was there.

“Only my father and you know why I would never fall in love with any others. Even for this genius who is the most talented genius in the Fallen Devil Domain within ten thousand years, the youngest devil emperor in history.” Yan Yuruo smiled and stared at the sky. “Every time I want to forget this segment of memories, his name would suddenly appear in my mind as his figure would flash past my eyes. From the Devil Mountain to the Azure Mystic Heaven Empyrean and to the Ancient Godly Monarch. That bastard must be doing this intentionally so I can never forget him.”

Juyu smiled bitterly. Wasn’t she the same as well? Everyone would meet many people in their lives but some of these people were destined to be passersby. Even if they left behind precious memories in your heart, they would never be a main part of your life. However, that person was different. When you were about to forget him, his name would suddenly circulate through the world, appearing in your life again. He grew more and more dazzling, like the blazing sun high up in the sky. Even if you want to forget him, you wouldn’t be able to do so.

“What’s sad is that, for the bastard’s grand wedding, all thirty-three immortal realms were celebrating together. The number of beauties around him are as many as the clouds, his wives are all goddess-level beauties, how would he remember me? I’m nothing but just a passerby in his life. He entered our lives but left us so ruthlessly. He can only see the smiles of his new companions, how would he be able to see the tears of his old companions?” The devilish female sighed with melancholy. Juyu was speechless. She knew that the devilish princess, Yan Yuruo, had some history with Qin Wentian but their relationship shouldn’t be beyond friends. The princess was only saying things in this manner due to her personality.

At this moment, the rain falling outside suddenly stopped. A terrifying devil cloud shrouded the skies above. Numerous figures from the Blackstone Devil Sect rushed over, arriving at the pavilion’s surroundings. Their gazes were filled with vigilance as they stared at the terrifying devil cloud in the air.

The black-colored clouds flashed with fearsome-looking red lightning bolts. Electricity swam within it, and a young man actually appeared there. His figure was extremely skinny, and his eyes were demonic, flickering with extreme pride. The red lightning seemed to be flashing in his eyes, the scene was terrifying to the extreme.

When the people of the Blackstone Devil Sect saw the figure in the air, fear rose in their hearts, as well as some degree of respect. This was the youngest devil emperor in ten thousand years in the history of the Fallen Devil Region. His title was the Blood Devil Emperor. Many people in the devil sect didn’t understand why a supreme genius like him, who has already become a major character that was a devil emperor, would still be able to patiently pursue their princess for so many days. In addition, the princess seemed to have no interest in this devil emperor at all which led to the devil emperor finally becoming infuriated.

The Blood Devil Emperor stared at Yan Yuruo. His red eyes flared with arrogance and a few hints of rage. He stretched his hands out and instantly, terrifying red bolts of lightning fell from the sky. For a time, countless bolts of red lightning were unleashed within the vast devil sect. In an instant, numerous buildings here were turned into ashes. This place transformed into a world of red lightning.

“You said that I’m not qualified to be compared to the person in your heart. In that case, I want to show you if I’m qualified or not now.” The Blood Devil Emperor’s red eyes glanced at the pavilion Yan Yuruo was in. A moment later, the ground there was split apart by the red lightning. Terrifying cracks appeared, extending upwards to the pavilion. Boundless lightning bolts engulfed the pavilions, weaving in the space in Yan Yuruo’s surroundings, as though they were threatening her.

In the next instant, the pavilion flew into the air. It was surrounded by red lightning. This scene was too horrifying to behold.

“Blood Devil Emperor. Why must you force matters of the heart? Please spare Yuruo.” The Blackstone Devil King stood in the air and spoke.

The Blood Devil Emperor glanced at him. With just a single glance, a bolt of red lightning directly penetrated the chest of the Blackstone Devil King and sent him flying through the air from the impact.

“I’ve promised Yan Yuruo that I won’t kill anyone from the Blackstone Devil Sect. But if someone dares to stop me, I shall kill all of them with no mercy.” The Blood Devil Emperor coldly spoke. His gaze landed on Yan Yuruo once more. “I’m going to ask you this for the last time. Are you leaving with me or not?”

Yan Yuruo calmly smiled. This smile of hers was truly mesmerizing. She stared at the Blood Devil Emperor and asked, “Am I beautiful?”

The gaze of the Blood Devil Emperor froze. He nodded, “Naturally.”

“He once also admitted that I’m good-looking. But so what of it? Didn’t he break my heart in the end as well? He had hugged me and even touched me but he refused to be responsible for it. He is simply the most shameless bastard in all of the thirty-three immortal realms.” Yan Yuruo cursed with hidden bitterness. But despite so, when she recalled the past memories, her smile was exceptionally radiant. She stared at the Blood Devil Emperor, “I’m prepared. Just do what you want to.”

“You would rather die than to leave with me?” The Blood Devil Emperor revealed a look of rage. “Who is he exactly?”

“It’s best that you don’t know his identity. If not, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to sleep well from now on.” Yan Yuruo giggled.

“Ridiculous, what status do I have? Even if you don’t wish to leave with me, there’s no need to use the excuse of an imaginary person. Let alone the Fallen Devil Region, on the entire Myriad Devil Islands, even in the entire Azure Mystic Immortal Realms, who has the qualifications to make me, the Blood Devil Emperor, feel fear?”

“There are naturally people who can make you feel fear.” The heavily injured Blackstone Devil King walked over. He stared at the Blood Devil Emperor, “I clearly understand how outstanding you are, but even so, I’ve never persuaded Yuruo because I know it would be useless. You completely have no way to be compared to him. Most probably, you don’t even have the qualifications to be glanced at by him.”

“Impudent!” The Blood Devil Emperor turned his glance towards the Blackstone Devil King again. In an instant, the Blackstone Devil King was engulfed by countless red bolts of lightning. It was like with just a thought from the Blood Devil Emperor, the Blackstone Devil King would be consigned to eternal damnation.

“Father, this is my choice. Don’t interfere anymore.” Yan Yuruo stared at the Blackstone Devil King as she spoke.

“Silly girl. He ultimately is a person from another world. Even in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, who can be fortunate enough to meet with him? Why must you do this?” The Blackstone Devil King sighed deeply. He stared at the Blood Devil Emperor. “The man in her heart is the king of all gods, the Ancient Godly Monarch.”

After speaking, the Blackstone Devil King stared up at the sky. Maybe, only when glancing up at the vast skies would one be able to feel closer to Qin Wentian.

The Blood Devil Emperor started. But after that, he broke out in maniacal laughter. The heavens and earth trembled, and along with his maniacal laughter, the entire devil sect was engulfed by his lightning. This caused countless people to have looks of terror on their faces.

“How ridiculous. Could it be the person she loves really is the Myriad Devil Sovereign, the Heaven Empyrean of Azure Mystic, the Overlord of all Thirty-three Immortal Realms, the Ancient Godly Monarch?” The laughter of the Blood Devil Emperor echoed throughout the surroundings, causing the remaining buildings to tremble from the force of it.

“That’s right.” Yan Yuruo seriously replied, her words causing the Blood Devil Emperor to start as he glanced at her. He only saw Yan Yuruo smiling. Her smile was so gentle. She inclined her head and stared up at the sky, seemingly wanting her gaze to penetrate it. A tear suddenly appeared in her eyes. She spoke, “You are now the Ancient Godly Monarch and is omnipotent. Can you see what is happening here now? Do you still remember that once, in the Blackstone Devil Sect, a devilish female tried to entice you but she failed miserably? What an embarrassing and sorrowful story. If you knew one day that I’ve died, would your heart even feel the slightest fluctuation of emotions? Oh, I’m wrong. You are so busy now. Most probably, you would never know that I would die here today forever, right?”

As she spoke, the devilish female closed her eyes, seemingly filled with reluctance. All of a sudden, she opened her eyes and scolded, “Qin Wentian, you damnable bastard. Your existence harmed this beautiful young woman for my entire life. Even before my death, I still couldn’t help but keep thinking of you!”

Her voice echoed through the red bolts of lightning in the surroundings, before dispersing gradually. Yan Yuruo’s beautiful eyes were filled with unwillingness but ultimately, she still closed her eyes. The boundless red lightning descended, wanting to swallow her whole.

However, at this moment, a sigh suddenly rang out from the sky. After that, time seemed to stop as a lazy voice echoed through time and space.

“Who’s the one scolding me?”

This voice wasn’t loud yet it penetrated through the blood-red bolts of lightning and entered the ears of everyone here.

The devilish female Yan Yuruo, who had closed her eyes, suddenly trembled. When she listened closely to the voice, her delicate frame suddenly trembled intensely. Her beautiful eyes abruptly opened. A figure seemed to step through space and time and appeared from the void, gradually manifesting in full. In just an instant, tearstains covered the entirety of Yan Yuruo’s face!

Qin Wentian’s figure appeared in the air, smiling as he stared at her. At this moment, deathly silence was everywhere. Countless people felt their bodies trembling.

“Ancient Godly Monarch.” It was unknown who started murmuring his title.

“It’s the Ancient Godly Monarch!” Gradually, the voices joined together into a terrifying wave.

“My heavens, I actually met the Ancient Godly Monarch today!” Somebody was so excited that he shouted out loud. Before this, they could only see him through the projection in the sky. But now, the Ancient Godly Monarch himself has appeared before their eyes.

The countenance of the Blood Devil Emperor was like dead ashes. He was trembling as well. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that the person Yan Yuruo loved was truly the overlord of all thirty-three immortal realms. He knelt down as he trembled with fear, He then bowed, “The Blood Devil Emperor pays my respects to Ancient Godly Monarch.”

Qin Wentian didn’t bother to glance over. He only waved his hand and a moment later, the Blood Devil Emperor completely vanished. Nobody knew where he went or whether he was dead or alive.”

Tears continued flowing down Yan Yuruo’s face. Her beautiful eyes stared fixedly at the figure in the air. She only saw Qin Wentian smiling, “Today is a joyous day. Why are you crying so badly?”

“A joyous day?” Yan Yuruo started as she asked.

“Mhm.” Qin Wentian nodded. His gaze surveyed the crowd as he continued, “The mobile game for this series (Ancient Godly Monarch – Astral Soul Awakening) is formally released online. All of you can download it and accompany me to unite the thirty-three immortal realms, verifying your own daos and becoming the most powerful godkings as well!”


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Are all of you surprised by the creative way of advertising? Today is truly a joyous day. The official mobile game for this series (Ancient Godly Monarch: Astral Soul Awakening) has launched. When you guys read the novel, you can also wage war and unite the thirty-three immortal realms, becoming a godking as strong as Qin Wentian!

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Sadly, I don’t think the mobile game has been translated. I’m not sure if readers outside China would be able to download the game too. For those who are in China, the actual name of the game is ‘太古神王:星魂觉醒’.

Thank you all for reading the series! It has been a long three years for me as well but I’m not tired yet. I’m looking forward to translating more future novels by the author Jing Wuhen!

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