Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 9: Dragon Subduing Fist

AGM 0009 – Dragon Subduing Fist

After which, Uncle Black looked towards Qin Wentian, as he stated, “Release the Astral Soul you’ve condensed, and let me take a look.”

Qin Wentian, with a slight intention of his will, opened his Astral Gate, and in that same instance, a faint shadow of the Heavenly Hammer Constellation materialized on his forehead, incomparably resplendent. Also, on the outlines of the Astral Soul, a radiant corona of pure gold-colored light could be seen revolving around it, as if it was emphasizing the top quality of this particular Astral Soul.

“The Astral Rivers existing in the Nine Heavenly Layers of Heavens, as long as one can condense an Astral Soul belonging to the 3rd Heavenly Layer or higher, will have the golden-colored light corona around their Astral Soul. The higher the quality of one constellation, the more terrifying the astral energy contained within it will be, and the more dazzling the corona of light will be! All Astral Souls from the 1st to the 9th Heavenly Layer, will shine with their own light. For Astral Souls condensed from the 3rd Heavenly Layer and above, the corona of light will undergo a transformation, turning into a pure gold color. And as such, as long as one releases their Astral Soul, people will be able to tell which heavenly layer your Astral Soul was condensed from.”

“And, normally, only those legendary existences of the Heavenly Dipper Realm, would be able to open up four Astral Gates, and condense Astral Souls from the 4th Heavenly Layer. To think that you, during your teenage years, have already directly condensed an Astral Soul by forming an innate link with a constellation from the 5th Heavenly Layer. Such shocking talent might bring you many benefits, but it too, might be a tragedy. Do you understand?”

Uncle Black gazed at Qin Wentian, as he gradually explained. Qin Wentian inclined his head in agreement — he naturally understood the meaning behind it. Autumn Snow’s first Astral Soul was already from the 3rd Layer of Heavens, and her name had resounded throughout the Country of Chu. If the news of him condensing his first Astral Soul from the 5th Layer of Heavens leaked out, there might be many people wanting to rope him in their factions, or, in extreme cases, even kill him.

The realms of cultivations could be classified as: Body Refinement, Arterial Circulation, Yuanfu (Yuan Palace), followed by Heavenly Dipper. Cultivators of the Heavenly Dipper Realm were also known as Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns.

Sovereign-level cultivators had power far exceeding that of the Yuanfu Realm. Even in the Country of Chu, with a population of a trillion people, the number of sovereign-level cultivators could be counted on a single hand. If one of them appeared, the might and authority at their disposal, would be comparable to an entire country.

“Do you still remember the set of acupuncture techniques that i taught you before? It should enable you to camouflage that radiant golden-colored corona of your Astral Soul.” Uncle Black continued asking.

“I remember.” Qin Wentian nodded his head.

“Good, your first Astral Soul, condensed from the Heavenly Hammer Constellation, will bestow upon you an extremely tyrannical attack power and impenetrable defense. Although I said that I would no longer bother about your cultivation, I still have to remind you to take great care in choosing which constellation to form an innate link with for your 2nd Astral Soul condensation.Those constellations that would restrict the movements of your opponents, complemented with your insanely strong attack power, would be the best.”

“I’ve understood.” Qin Wentian respectfully replied.

“You can go.” Uncle Black closed his eyes as Qin Wentian retracted his steps, reaching the boundary of the training grounds. There was a bookshelf here, with many books and manuals stored in it. Contained within them, were the lifeblood of Uncle Black’s efforts and experiences. Ever since Qin Wentian was young, he had grown up by reading through all of the books which were stored here. The majority of the books had contents regarding acupuncture techniques, causing Qin Wentian to guess that the Astral Soul of Uncle Black had a high possibility of having something to do with acupuncture.

The variety of methods of acupuncture techniques recorded here were extremely numerous. There were methods used for healing, to smoothen meridians, to ignite hidden potential, etc. Now that Qin Wentian had already become a Stellar Martial Cultivator, he could infuse his acupuncture needles with Astral Energy for greater effect.

Qin Wentian withdrew one of the books from the bookshelf, sat down cross-leggedly, and began revising it’s content. After which, he withdrew his silver needles and inserted them into the various acupuncture points located in his head region. After a few moments, Qin Wentian could feel the effect taking place; the radiant corona of golden light began to diminish in brilliance. This technique would only affect the intensity of the Astral Light. Despite dimming the light reflected, the might contained within the Astral Soul was still unchanged.

What Qin Wentian didn’t know, was that this particular set of acupuncture techniques that he cultivated were extremely rare and valuable. Throughout the entirety of the Country of Chu, there was no others who would be able to do what he did.

After a long period of time, Qin Wentian removed the silver needles, opened his eyes as he intoned in a low voice, “Success. Now, unless it was myself intentionally using Astral Energy to forcefully break open the seals, the color of my Astral Soul will remain unchanged.”

At the same time, Qin Wentian withdrew the Yuan Meteor Stone, as he sensed the resonance of the immense Astral Energy contained within.

All Yuan Meteor Stones originated from the Heavenly Layers, and were exceedingly precious. The amount of Astral Energy contained within the constellations was incomparably immense. Although Stellar Martial Cultivators could sense and absorb the Astral Qi, the amount which they absorbed could only be considered a droplet of water in the entire ocean! As such, even if the Yuan Meteor Stones were small in size, the Astral Energy contained within was extremely terrifying.

In addition, Yuan Meteor stones could be used to greatly increase the probability of communication with the constellations. For example, if Qin Wentian, through his meditation, used the Yuan Meteor Stone in his hand in addition to that of his sensory abilities, he would be able to feel the connection between the Astral Constellation which the Yuan Meteor Stone had descended from. Other than this, the benefits of Yuan Meteor Stones include forming innate links with the constellations, aiding the cultivator in absorption of the Astral Energy, or even condensing an Astral Soul. As such, many cultivators used the Yuan Meteor Stones as a means of becoming a Stellar Martial Cultivator

From this, one could see how valuable the Yuan Meteor Stones was. There were almost no way for ordinary cultivators, who weren’t from powerful families or clans, to be able to get ahold of it.

“The immense amount of Astral Energy contained within this stone, in addition to that of the domineering energy from the Heavenly Hammer Constellation, should be able to allow me to swiftly break through.” Qin Wentian said in his heart. As he did so, he withdrew the Dragon Subduing Fist manual which Mustang had passed to him as his heart slightly trembled in amazement. This Dragon Subduing Fist, was an innate technique!

The Body Refinement Realm, formed the basis of the way of Martial Arts, enabling one to be able to obtain a perfect human body. At this realm, it was impossible for the cultivator to cultivate innate techniques. Cultivators who were at the first realm of cultivation – Body Refinement Realm, could at most only cultivate the foundation of innate techniques. Only when the cultivator had broken through to the Arterial Circulation Realm, would they be able to cultivate the innate techniques, which possessed tyrannical might.

The Essence of the Dragon Subduing Fist was domineering and unyielding in nature, akin to an actual dragon. The manual was split into two sections — the first, the section containing the normal attacks, and the second, the section containing the innate techniques. In the attack section, there were only three stances recorded, namely; Raging Dragon Leaving the Oceans, Dragon Clashing in the Wilds, and Draconic Roar from the Nine Heavens.

“I will train in the Dragon Subduing Fist techniques during the day, and absorb the Astral Qi from the Heavenly Constellations at night with the aid of the Yuan Meteor Stone, with the hope of breaking through. Hopefully, my strength will be able to rapidly increase after these two days, enabling me to gain back my prestige from the Bai Clan.” Qin Wentian thought to himself. After all, it was better to wait for night time before attempting to absorb the Astral Qi from the Heavenly Constellations.

“The first move of the Dragon Subduing Fist is the move “Raging Dragon Leaving the Oceans”. This move appeared deceptively simple, but to master it, one had to be able to accomplish the point of pressing forward with an indomitable will. As the raging dragon rushed out from the oceans, the might it exhibited was incomparably overbearing. Qin Wentian detailedly analysed the critical points of this particular stance, as he concurrently displayed the first stance inside the training grounds. As his fists struck out, he imagined the Astral Energy within him to be the image of a raging dragon, tyrannical and domineering, frenziedly rushing out from the oceans.

“Wrong, my movements were too wooden, it was completely different from the complete integration of body movements that the drawings depicted.” During his cultivation, Qin Wentian repeatedly introspected himself, as he unceasingly sought to match the drawings depicted, as he pondered over the critical points highlighting the essence of the move. After a long while, Qin Wentian went completely still. Closing his eyes as he lost himself in contemplation, in his mind’s eye, it seemed as though he could see a gigantic dragon, with a tyrannical appearance, looking extremely ferocious and powerful.

All of a sudden, Qin Wentian snapped open his eyes, as enlightenment blossomed on his face. Qin Wentian bent his waist as he stepped forward, adopting the posture of a dragon, as a roar of rage rang out, akin to that of a raging dragon. An extremely deafening sound reverberated out, as his fist sped forward, targeting a huge block of stone. The stone instantly exploded, as the stone fragments were blasted away in four directions.

“Hu…” Qin Wentian’s long hair danced madly in the wind, as he was filled with boundless enthusiasm. Glancing at his fist, his charming eyes were as bright as the stars. The power of this move was even greater than his expectations! If in the future, he were to step into the Arterial Circulation Realm, he would then be able to fully employ the true divine might of this ability. How terrifying would that be? A power so strong that he could even subdue the dragons and tame the tigers!

Even though he had already grasped the essence behind this stance, Qin Wentian did not stop, but continued on assiduously cultivating. This feeling, brought on by possessing this immense level of power, made him tremendously excited. It caused his blood to boil and set his heart on fire.

Time passed rapidly, and night had already descended. The maid servants Qin Yao sent to remind him to eat, were all rejected by Qin Wentian as he sealed the training grounds and proceeded on with his cultivation. In the span of one night, with the assistance of the Yuan Meteor Stone as well as his Tempered Thousand Hammer Refinement Technique, he had already reached the peak of the 4th level of the Body Refinement Realm, just a hairs distance away from a breakthrough to the 5th level.

In the span of one night, that immense amount of Astral Energy contained within the Yuan Meteor Stone was entirely absorbed by Qin Wentian. One could see how terrifying his sensory abilities towards the Astral Constellation were.

Dawn approached, but Qin Wentian doggedly continued using his Tempered Thousand Hammer Refinement Technique, until he finally broke through the barrier, and stepped into the 5th level of the Body Refinement Technique. 7 days, he spent only a total of 7 days to breakthrough five levels. If news of this were to be leaked out, without a doubt, it would be universally shocking.

After he broke through, Qin Wentian had no intentions to rest. Immediately, he continued on training the 2nd stance of the Dragon Subduing Fist, “Dragon Clashing in the Wilds”.

In these two days, Qin Wentian cultivated to the point of forgetting food and drink, completely immersing himself within.

Another day passed, as the stars in the skies gradually disappear, and the sun rose far off in the eastern horizon, casting a white glare over the land. Qin Wentian opened his eyes. Despite not sleeping, he was filled with vitality. Qin Wentian gazed mutely at the passing clouds in the skies, as though he had some troubles hidden in his heart.

Today, was the birthday celebration of Bai Qingsong, where there would be many representatives of the various powers in the Royal Capital gathered at the Bai Clan.

Thinking of everything that had happened for the past few days, Qin Wentian couldn’t help but feel that he was in a surreal situation — as if he was dreaming. The Bai Clan repaying his gratitude with enmity, the emotionless side of Bai Autumn Snow, the innocence of Bai Qing, the iron bond between Qin Chuan and him, and now, in the blink of an eye, he had already become a Stellar Martial Cultivator and had condensed his Astral Soul. He decided, all matters, be they good or bad, should be settled today.

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