Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2491 - Qing Shui Became the Nine Continents Divine Palace Headquarters’ Palace Lord

AST 2491 - Qing Shui Became the Nine Continents Divine Palace Headquarters’ Palace Lord

Stellar Transposition under the effects of the Eighth Mortal Step was like stringing together the galaxies and stars. Its brightness and magnificence were superior than nine suns strung together.

Qing Shui felt as if he could no longer fully control his own power. Seeing the calmness on Heaven Star Battle God’s face, it reminded him of a look for having no worldly desires. The battle god was waiting. It was understood that this attack would at least critically injure the Heaven Star Battle God.

The fluctuations caused by the attack was minimal. Other than the sparkling magnificence, it was like a power that was fired off without a sound.

“Accept my request!”

Those were the last words Qing Shui heard from the Heaven Star Battle God.

His existence simply vanished. Even the beasts that had once surrounded the Heaven Star Battle God disappeared into thin air.

The death of the Heaven Star Battle God meant the end for his beasts. Three of them were similar to Primordial Golden Bear as they belonged to the Battle Heavenly Technique classification.

It was over. Everything was over. Qing Shui had won against the Heaven Star Battle God. The same Heaven Star Battle God who was nearing the end of his life span. Now, Qing Shui was the new head of all the battle gods. He had beaten the Heaven Star Battle God, which meant he would now become the new Palace Lord of Nine Continents Divine Palace.

As long as he wanted to become the Palace Lord of Nine Continents Divine Palace, he could do so immediately.

Though Heaven Star Battle God’s strength was formidable, Qing Shui had beaten him fair and square. It could be concluded that Qing Shui’s strength was superior without question. Moreover, he was young for his age. His potential for the future would be tremendous.

Nobody could stop him in his tracks.

Qing Shui did not hesitate. He immediately took over control of the Divine Palace. The Divine Palace was a gigantic conglomerate. Many of those who witnessed Qing Shui’s formidable strength came to join his force.

Qing Shui did not reject them. Right now, was a time in need of people. He could settle down and thoroughly organize them later.

The Vice Palace Lord made a decision previously that had made Qing Shui satisfied. He was the Dragon Elephant Battle God. His strength was one of the strongest after the Heaven Star Battle God. His earlier battle with Qing Shui was for the same Palace Lord position.

The Dragon Elephant Battle God had ambitions. He was a real battle god, after all. However, he also had kindness within his heart. In many occasions, he was helpless due to the circumstances. That was the feeling Qing Shui had when he was talking to the battle god.

This time around, Qing Shui planned to put him in an important position. This made Jing Wugou thankful.

At the same time, Qing Shui wanted to use the other two Vice Palace Lords to balance the power struggles. This was a Battle God Nation after all, he was prepared to follow the traditions. At this stage, he was helpless to find a separate solution. He had not wanted the Divine Palace to return to its former self since Qing Shui and crew had joined.

Whether it was Hao Tian, Mountain Moving Battle God, Diamond Battle God, or his two women, he had planned to put them all in positions of power. Thus, he intended to give them all roles as Vice Palace Lords or Custodians. Using those that were closest to you was the norm. Whether it was from the previous life or this life, this was something that was culturally acceptable. However, to be of use, they would have to possess the necessary strength to hold those positions. Otherwise, it would only harm them.

As for the bad seeds within the organization, he would let Jing Wugou deal with them. Qing Shui believed that Jing Wugou would do a good job. Moreover, Qing Shui felt that Jing Wugou would be especially ruthless. This could be considered as the way he accepted Heaven Star Battle God’s request.

Three days later, Qing Shui officially became the Palace Lord of the Nine Continents Divine Palace. Many came to congratulate him. This included some aristocrats, royal members, and sect leaders from nearby nations. They were all graciously friendly toward the existence that was Qing Shui. Even a moron could notice that this young man was an existence not to be messed with.

Many did not know what sort of ambitions and temperament this young man had. They did not want to stay too long and leave behind any pretext. Most came in person, bringing expensive gifts with them.

When Qing Shui became the Palace Lord, he had thought about what actions he would take. He was not willing to migrate his family over just yet. Given that his lifespan was extremely long, he could allow the Qing clan to develop further generations while maintaining a low profile. Still, he knew that some of them were ready for the world.

Though his thoughts were like this, whether his children could achieve this was a question waiting to be answered. The younger generations would do fine on their own. He was not worried because he was confident in his children.

Tantai Lingyan also came, but she did not appear in front Qing Shui. She was watching from afar. Demon Gate and Divine Palace were opposing forces. It was for the best that they remained at a distance right now.

Once the ceremony was finished, Qing Shui left and flew toward the south.

At a quiet valley covered in beautiful greenery, Tantai Lingyan was laughing and playing with a cute little girl.

Qing Shui watched as if his heartstrings were being struck. This scene was as beautiful as a painting. His mood was as calm as a mirror. He felt an unspeakable satisfaction. It was as though he was having an epiphany. Even if one of them were the Divine Palace’s Palace Lord and the other was the Demon Gate Sect Leader. Even if they were separated by a split in heaven, nothing would matter at this moment.

Tantai Lingyan turned her head slowly, smiling toward Qing Shui. She was gentle and elegant, just like a goddess from the heavens. No one would believe she was the Demon King, nor would anyone believe she had wiped out several Divine Palaces.


Once Qing Tan saw Qing Shui, she happily ran toward Qing Shui and threw herself into his arms.

“Baby girl!” Qing Shui embraced his daughter and spun her around in a circle. He then kissed her lightly on her cheeks.


Qing Tan let out crisp laughter. She was especially happy, being able to embrace Qing Shui and hug his neck.

Qing Shui felt he owed this daughter a lot. He thought about all his wives and children at home. He had not returned for a long time, but soon they would be together again. They would not be separated anymore.

Home… what an important existence that he had overlooked for some time. ‘Home’ was his motivation and support for everything he had done out here.

Tantai Lingyan softly smiled as she watched the father and daughter duo.

“Congratulations on becoming the Palace Lord of the Divine Palace.” Tantai Lingyan said with a smile.

“Then I’ll have to congratulate you on becoming the Demon Gate’s Sect Leader.” Qing Shui replied as he smiled too.

“You can, yes. Haha!” Tantai Lingyan laughed lightly.

Qing Shui lost his composure as he looked at the woman who was encompassed a goddess’ beauty. Her charm was enough to make anyone fall for her. Qing Shui was absent-minded as he thought of her past. She used to be cold as ice. Though she still carried the same pureness, there was a bit of flirtatiousness seeping through. There was an indescribable charm that she exuded especially in front of Qing Shui. She had completely removed any barriers between them.

Noticing that Qing Shui was absent-mindedly staring at herself, Tantai Lingyan was a bit embarrassed. She lightly glared at him once.

“Xiao Yanyan, we should discuss the matter between Demon Gate and Divine Palace. We have the power to resolve it now.” Qing Shui held onto Tantai Lingyan while embracing Qing Tan as they slowly strolled in the valley.

“Demon Gate and Divine Palace had been a long-inherited existence. Even if you are the Palace Lord and I am the Sect Leader, we cannot alter the rift that has existed for so long. An insignificant cause can have a massive effect. All we can do is lead them towards a result that we both want. If there is fighting, then that is only because it’s the rule of the land.” Tantai Lingyan said softly.

Qing Shui laughed. He did not think that Tantai Lingyan would say such things. It would seem she had seen through it. Though saying this was not much, comprehending the situation was not an easy task.

“Xiao Yanyan sure has matured.” Qing Shui said as he smiled, looking at her direction.

Tantai Lingyan silently glared at him.

“That is what I was thinking. We can slowly guide them. As time passed, things will change. Perhaps a complete resolution is not possible. This could only be fate. As long as we tried our best, that is enough.” Qing Shui did not tell Tantai Lingyan to not be the Sect Leader.

Even if he had said it, and even if Tantai Lingyan accepted, it was better to have Tantai Lingyan as the Sect Leader. The relationship between Demon Gate and Divine Palace would be worse without Tantai Lingyan as the Sect Leader. Moreover, she carried the Demon Saint Blood. Her rule was absolute. The strong ruled the rest. Their goal was not to completely change Demon Gate and Divine Palace’s relationship. As long as they could reduce the conflicts slowly, it was good enough.

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