Ancient Strengthening Technique

Author's Note + Translator Note

Author’s Note:

Upon typing these words, I suddenly feel a sense of emptiness. Four years, <Ancient Strengthening Technique> has taken me four years to complete. I’m very tired yet I feel happy because of the support you readers have given me. Bit by bit, your support has given me the protection to grow to this point. Without all of you, Superfluous (author), wouldn’t have been able to persist up till now.

I don’t know if the ending is good or not. Some may like it, some may not. An author couldn’t possibly satisfy the wishes of everyone. There may be a thousand readers who have a thousand different endings in their mind.

Superfluous has done his best!

Initially, I promised to finish writing this book months ago. But after that, everyone also knows of the unfortunate circumstances that happened, leading to a crackdown. It’s truly a hassle to encounter such a thing.

In any case, I’m still considered satisfied with regards to the results of this novel on the market. Be it the support from you readers or from the website’s workers, I want to thank you all. I’m truly grateful.

Four years...I’ve been writing every single day and night. Sometimes, I can’t even take a break to celebrate festive occasions. Now, my health isn’t as good as before, I suffer from short-sightedness now and there’s a problem with my cervical vertebra.

The speed of my typing can be considered slow, I need about an hour to write roughly 700 words. I’ve been camping in front of my computer for endless days, sitting there the moment once I awake. My child is already four years old since she was born and I’ve not even brought her out once to play yet. You guys might feel that my words are an exaggeration but it is the truth.

The book has ended, the ending might feel hurried but in truth, I’ve finished writing what I wanted to write, it’s meaningless even if I wrote a few more chapters. Maybe, there might be some things that are unaccounted for but this is just like life. There are some things in life where one needn’t account for them too clearly, like passerbys just walking past you in your life.

I apologise because there has been some problems during the middle of this novel such as refreshing the daily updates. I couldn’t take any leave to settle my problems and has to settle for by writing only 2,000 words. It might have affected the will of some readers to continue reading.

<Ancient Strengthening Technique is over. Everything has ended, too much of Superfluous’s efforts were placed in it. Although this is Superfluous’s second book, I still feel that some of the plot is a little soft and immature and I’ve not brought out the potential of the plots to the maximum. But, Superfluous has already tried my best.

I shall end things here. In any case, I truly would like to thank everyone. I’m still thinking about the concept for my new book and will inform everyone once I’ve decided. I hope everyone would still be able to support me!

Translators note:

It has taken us roughly 3.5 years of time to finish translating this novel. I agreed with what the author has said, some plots in this novel felt a little too soft and immature, without the explosive endings which could have maximized the potential. But hey, even so, he did his best and I believed that he did grow as an author.

I started this novel alone and I was lucky enough to have much help coming my way.

Translators: Rila, xMyuux, Piangster, Choobcat, Justin, Chloe, Dragoninwhite, Aaron, Demi, Amy, Perseus, Seven7, Shane, Turtleruler, Yota, Zombiegirl. These are people who have helped me at some point in time during the 3.5 years we took to finish translating this novel.

Also, things wouldn’t have been possible without our editors and proofreaders. Although some of the editors are new, they did their best and there was a point in time where we had to re-edit a large portion of our old chapters for a smoother reading experience for the readers and this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of these people. The editors are: Rubble, Sherardia, Tomeking, Cryotic, Edwin, Nora, Maddhattress, Noripixel, Thready. And our resident proofreader: Calofel.

Firstly, I would like to thank all the readers, just the simple act of reading our translation of this novel generated views which kept us going. When we started, many of us were still in school, there were some who was at work and wanted to make some extra money to help with their family expenses as well. Also, special thanks to the readers who supported the project even further by becoming either a VIP now or supported through patreon or paypal in the past! Those were the additional motivation that kept us persisting.

There were quite a few times where we held contests and I like to thank everyone who participated in them. Some won cash prizes, some won access to advanced chapters and for those who didn't win anything, don't worry we will be planning more of such contests for the new novel.

Lastly, the thing everyone has been waiting for. As promised, the pictures of the characters would be shared at the end of the novel.

Do note that these pictures are not official art endorsed by the author, there were found from obscure chinese novel forums. Not all characters are shown.


I’m currently looking for my next novel, and I think I’m going to pick a Xuanhuan (Eastern Fantasy) once again. Hope to see the familiar faces in the comment boxes again in the future! The AST Team truly thanks everyone for their support!


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