Ancient Strengthening Technique

Chapter 22 - Helpless Lies

Chapter 22 Helpless Lies.

Ancient Strengthening Technique: Chapter 22 – Helpless Lies

“Oh, I see… Mother, those 3 books which you mentioned earlier, can I find them in our library?” Qing Shui eagerly asked.

The 3 books that Qing Yi mentioned were not rare or valuable books, they could in fact be considered relatively common. Just from the titles of these books, one could tell that the knowledge recorded in them was elementary knowledge on herbs that served as the foundation of an alchemist’s knowledge.

“Therefore, copies of these books are extremely commonplace, even commoners that do not belong to any clans will have a copy of them. Almost all of the adults in Qing Village have flipped through the contents of the 3 books, memorizing it as much as possible. After all, when they are out hunting or foraging in the wilds, with luck they might be able to discover valuable herbs which they might overlook if not for the knowledge from the books.” Qing Yi explained, with hints of curiousity in her eyes as she looked at Qing Shui.

After learning from Qing Yi that the copies of <<Continental Medical Annal>>, <<10,000 Herbology Encyclopedia>> and the <<Herbal Combination Formula>> were extremely widespread, Qing Shui could confirm that the knowledge within these books was at most elementary knowledge that made up the foundation of an alchemist. If the books were rare and valuable, how would so many people be able to have access to them?

Since Qing Shui had already decided that he wanted to become an alchemist, he decided to take the chance now to read the books containing information pertaining to the art of alchemy. Since there was nothing he could do to facilitate his breakthrough to the 4th layer of Ancient Strengthening Technique at the moment, Qing Shui wanted to obtain the chance to gain more insights into the art of alchemy, he wanted to read more and find out if the alchemy he knew from [Western Fantasy] was similar to the one they practiced in World of the Nine Continents.

“Qing Shui, why the sudden interest in reading?” Qing Yi could sense that Qing Shui had a burning curiosity regarding the knowledge these books contained.

“Keke, Mother, you are in the medicinal herbs business, I wish to understand more about herbs so that I will be able to assist you. Who knows, I may even become an alchemist in the future as well. Qing Shui said half-jokingly.

“You little brat, how could it be so easy for one to become an alchemist.” Qing Yi smiled gently. “Nevermind, we will look towards the future, after all, a moment of oppression counts for nothing. As the saying goes: one must suffer before one can accomplish great things.” Qing Yi warmly said as she rubbed Qing Shui’s hair. Looking at Qing Yi, Qing Shui once again felt the greatness of motherly love..

“Mother, I am planning to leave Qing Village in the next few days. I want to see the outside world. After all, I’m already 15, and I have never even stepped out of Qing Village before! People would label me as a country bumpkin if they knew.” Qing Shui yearned for the world outside immensely. He also knew that bringing this topic up would cause Qing Yi to worry about him, after all, his strength was supposedly only at the level of 3rd grade of the Blue Lotus Art.

Qing Yi furrowed her brows in worry and blamed herself in her heart. She blamed herself for not bringing Qing Shui along when she went to Hundred Miles City. Qing Yi was afraid that Qing Shui might become overly intrigued by the beautiful sights outside of Qing Village and refuse to return! He was bound to suffer and get bullied outside of Qing Village with the meager bit of strength he possessed.”

What Qing Yi didn’t know was that Qing Shui’s mental state had already matured to the state of an adult a long time ago. Pain and suffering? What are those? Before true determination, those are nothing! Qing Shui had long since understood that, in this world where cultivation was key, the strong ruled over everything. Power is the most absolute authority, while strength determined a person’s status. It was the same throughout the ages.

Looking at Qing Yi’s furrowed eyebrows, Qing Shui knew that she was worrying about him. This was also expected.. If he wanted to leave the village, he would have to come out with a reasonable excuse.

“Mother, are you worried that I will be bullied?” Qing Shui blinked his eyes, seemingly innocently, trying to make the atmosphere less edgy. After all, all children are close to the heart of their parents, how could Qing Shui not understand Qing Yi’s worry for him.

“Hmm, Qing Shui, how about this? Just stay here for a few months longer, after I become less busy, I will accompany you to tour the outside world together, alright?” Qing Yi felt bitter in her heart. After all, a large clan like the Qing Clan needs plenty of capital to operate. Her medicinal business in the Hundred Miles City was imperative to the survival of the Qing Clan. In addition, recently there had been a a huge business transaction taking place. Hints of hesitation appeared in her heart, because on one hand she wanted to accompany Qing Shui, while on the other hand, she would need to conclude this business transaction personally.

Qing Shui went over and comforted Qing Yi, as he could see that Qing Yi was torn between the two fronts.

“Mother, actually I am not as weak as I appear to be, I have something that I always wanted to tell you.” Qing Shui started to squirm uncomfortably, he could not tell the whole truth, but he needed something close to that, something which also sounded reasonable so as to allow Qing Yi to believe him.

“Oh, you little brat, after you grew up you decided to play tricks on your mother uh?” Qing Shui smiled as slightly berated Qing Shui. “Okay, go ahead, tell me what is it that you are hiding.”

After Qing Shui saw the smile appear on Qing Yi’s face, he knew that this was a good thing, if he could successfully convince Qing Yi now, he would have the chance to explore the world outside of Qing Village.

“Five years ago, at the bottom of the western mountains, I met an extremely ancient man. After seeing me, the old man laughed and said that this was a chance meeting, he had a feeling that this must be an arrangement of destiny! The old man reviewed my cultivation techniques and said that the strengthening technique I was currently practicing was not suited for myself. After that, he taught me a set of strengthening techniques that would not only be able to refine my tendons and bones, but also massively increase my level of strength! In addition, before he left, he also imparted to me a set of fist techniques. Back then, I was young and ignorant and didn’t really understood much. However, I practiced the techniques the old man taught me and have gained some small success within the last 5 years. Now that 5 years has passed, I regret not learning more from him. Because now that I think about it, he must have been a Xian Tian cultivator!” Qing Shui hurriedly sprouted out a whole bunch of crap, mixing in some elements of the truth.

Qing Yi held an unbelieving gaze in her eyes as she discovered the many glaring loopholes of the story Qing Shui explained. However, she still silently let him finish.

“You said that you had some small success after cultivating for 5 years, so what is your actual strength now?” Qing Yi appreciated that Qing Shui was trying to make her feel less worried. However, she hoped what Qing Shui said was true!

“Hmm the old man didn’t say so I am not really sure what level my strength has reached. However, I can say for certain that currently, my strength can be counted within the top 20 of the 3rd generation disciples” Qing Shui didn’t dare to tell Qing Yi about his true strength.

“Since it is like this, and seeing how confident you are, Mother shall suppress her strength to Martial Warrior, 6th grade and have a small competition with you.” Qing Yi said with anticipation. She could not wait to find out how much had Qing Shui grown in these 5 years.

Qing Shui smiled with elation in his heart, his scheme had succeeded “If I manage to win, can mother grant me permission to leave Qing Village?”

Qing Yi hesitated for awhile, looking at the confident expression on Qing Shui’s face, she was uncertain if she should be happy or sad. She was worried that Qing Shui might end up the victor, but she also hoped that he would win, proving to everyone that his strength level could be comparable to Martial Warrior, 6th grade! The stronger he was, the better! This meant that he would have the ability to protect himself when he is journeying outside Qing Village.

Qing Yi gave Qing Shui an ultimatum. “Defeat me and you will have my permission!” Although, her heart was thinking that if Qing Shui proved to be stronger than expected, she would just stealthily increase her strength accordingly.

Qing Shui beamed, with a wide smile on his face. “Okay, I am ready!”

Qing Yi was at the realm of Martial Commander, 8th Grade, if Qing Yi suppressed her strength to Martial Warrior, 6th grade, then he was absolutely certain that she would not be a match for him.


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