Another World Peace Creator Magician

Chapter 2 The Young Lady

The small round face, shiny silver hair, a little chubby Erwin's trying his best to walk while holding onto the wall, a small step was made, little by a little, the small Erwin tried to walk towards his big sister who's sitting not too far away from him.

The young lady cheers little Erwin, giving him energy and courage to try his best to walk on his 2nd. The smell of lavender spread all over the room, the smell of the burned wood from the stove that used to bake the bread tickling the nose, the warm atmosphere really makes the little Erwin's life is nothing but joy and smile.

"Woah... Erwin, you are able to walk towards big sis, good boy, good boy"

The young lady is giving little Erwin praises for his hard work for succeeding to walk on his 2nd.

The young lady picked up little Erwin with a big smile on her face, carrying him to the meal table and there was a bowl of onion soup and stewed potato served on the table.

The sweet smell from the stewed potato makes little Erwin excited and giving the young lady a sign that he wanted that.

"Ahh, you want to try this stewed potato?"

The young lady then peels the skin of the potato and try to soften the potato so little Erwin can eat it without chewing it hard.

The feel of the warm potato that filled up little Erwin's mouth, the soft textures makes little Erwin seems to enjoy himself while eating it.

"You've grown a lot now Erwin?"

With a big smile on her face, the young lady feeds up more soften potato to little Erwin and while Erwin enjoys himself eating the sweet potato, the young lady smiles to little Erwin's joyful face.

"Yosh let's fill up our energy and open the store with a high spirit"

The young lady is so pumped up right now, by having the little Erwin on her side, every day, whatever she did, with little Erwin with her, she can feel cute energy pumping up her spirit.

- I have to protect this little angel

The young lady seems to enjoy herself by watching little Erwin with his mouth full because of the food he chewed, she strokes her only little brother, the only reason she lived for is before her eyes and a lonely smile coming from her, making little Erwin start to look worried about her.


Little Erwin tries to reach out his hand and touch the young lady's cheek, the young lady surprised with little Erwin's sudden manner, and her eyes sparkling because what the little Erwin tries to do just melted her heart.

"Why are you so cute..."

The young lady lift up little Erwin's armpits and raise him high with a big laugh coming from her, it makes little Erwin got the big smile back on his face.

"I'm not Ma... I'm Sis"

For an eight years old girl to be a mom at her age is a bit too much for her. But for a young lady of a bakery family who continues the family business on her own and keeping little Erwin will become a really good mother in the future.


The young Erwin who is sitting in the chair and playing with the dough noticed the girl uses magic to fire up the stove and bake the bread.

"Ahh, this?"

The girl still has the little fire flamming on her index finger turns back her head facing little Erwin.

"This is magic Erwin, really convenient to use right?"

The girl shows little Erwin the little flame coming from her finger and little Erwin got an amazed expression on his face.


"Magic, when Erwin grew up big sis sure Erwin will become great magician"

The girl pats little Erwin's head and a big smile coming from little Erwin's face.

"Let's open the store soon Erwin, you go and help big sis today, okay?"

The girl went back to the stove after seeing little Erwin's excited face after she invites him to help out at the store, even he only sits in the chair and greets people who come to the store, though people like to come to the store sometimes they just want to greet little Erwin.

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