Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master

Chapter 10 - Frost

Chapter 10: Frost

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The strength of level-eight magical beasts was just too powerful. It was luck that they had encountered the Leviathan Gorilla, an oddity. If it had been other brutal and savage level-eight magical beasts, he would probably have been torn to pieces by now.

By the time Lin Li had recovered his breath from the shower of coconuts, he was already covered in patches of black and blue, like a person applying various dyestuff on the body as a part of performance art.

“F*ck you darned gorilla…” Lin Li hid behind a tree, panting heavily as he desperately tried to come up with a plan.

This darned gorilla was an absolute freak. It was a level-eight magical beast, and it had reached a frightening degree in both speed and strength. Moreover, it was fighting on its home ground. The giant net was like an impenetrable defense; even the razor-sharp wind blades couldn’t sever the rattans.

This was really killing him…

Lin Li had just caught his breath when the Leviathan Gorilla on the giant net began to cackle again. Lin Li looked up just in time to see another pile of coconuts this fiend had brought back. Lin Li was distressed at the sight. If he did not get rid of the giant net, he would really be killed by those coconuts today.

Hang on… Giant net?

Suddenly, an idea flashed across his mind, and he felt as if he had grasped something.

Just then, the Leviathan Gorilla launched a new round of attacks. This time, the coconut shower was more violent and brutal than before. The coconuts fell one after another, and although they did not hit Lin Li, they landed on the giant tree beside him with a loud crash.

Lin Li’s scalp tingled upon hearing the sound.

“Let’s do this!” There was no time for Lin Li to dwell on it in this situation—it didn’t matter whether the idea would work or not, he had to do it no matter what.

Lin Li finally found an empty space amidst the coconut shower. He took a leap to the side and managed to hide behind a few giant trees. The trees here were lined together, forming an excellent area for concealment. At least for the time being, the Leviathan Gorilla’s coconuts would not reach here.

After earning a temporary respite for himself, Lin Li dared not hesitate any longer. He opened up the Ring of Endless Storm and pulled out a bottle of blue potion.

It was a Clarity Potion made from the succus of ghostskin and leaves from the Wisdom Tree. It could greatly increase the scope of magic cast. Because Andoine had always objected to his excessive reliance on potions, he had only concocted three bottles. Lin Li’s heart ached as he downed a bottle, for it meant he had one bottle less…

After he had finished the Recovery Potion, Lin Li glared menacingly at the giant net above him. “Darned gorilla, you’ve got guts!”

“Kakakaka!” The Leviathan Gorilla could not care less. After a fit of cackles, it resumed drawing on Ina’s face with even more joy than before.

“I’ll tear down your lousy net and see if you can still laugh!” It was the first time Lin Li took out his own staff from the Space Ring since leaving the log cabin. It was the only thing Andoine had gifted him—a magic staff embedded with the magical crystal of the Frost Troll. Lin Li had named it Winter.

Holding the Winter Staff in his hand, Lin Li felt a familiar rush of magical wave all over his body. A low yet lengthy recitation of spell sounded among the trees. The surrounding air’s temperature seemed to drop to the freezing point in an instant with the abstruse and mysterious recitation. Ina stopped crying and stared down blankly at Lin Li as she took in the powerful magical force. Even the Leviathan Gorilla, which was in the giant net, had forgotten its weird cackles. The inborn instinct of a high-level magical beast had told it that it was in danger.

“Frost!” The last of the spell was broken by Lin Li, and the crystal at the tip of the staff glowed brilliantly. A wave of cold current radiated from Lin Li and swept through the giant net.

Wherever the cold current passed, a vast expanse of white could be seen. Under the frigid cold brought on by the Frost Spell, every rattan in the range was chilled to ice. The range wasn’t wide, perhaps only a few dozen meters, but it was enough for Lin Li.

After the Frost Spell, he cast another Wind Blade Spell.

The target of this Wind Blade Spell wasn’t the Leviathan Gorilla in the giant net, but the rattan that was frozen to ice.

“Snip!” The air was filled with ice flakes in the midst of jarring sounds.

All the moisture in the rattan was taken away after being frozen by the Frost Spell. Although the Wind Blade Spell couldn’t cut through the tough rattan, it was more than enough to break ice.

After a dozen shots of wind blades, Lin Li had managed to carve a hole in the giant net.

The tiny hole grew in size as Lin Li continued to deliver the wind blades.

By the time the hopping, cackling gorilla realized something was wrong, it was already too late. The giant net had lost its balance and was collapsing; no matter how it jumped, it could not prevent the whole net from tearing.

“Wooo!” Finally, the Leviathan Gorilla fell head-first down the giant net amidst the screaming.

Falling with it was Ina, who was wrapped like a rice dumpling.

Lin Li caught Ina before she hit the ground before turning around to cast a Delaying Spell on the Leviathan Gorilla.

Without the giant net as a shield and a coconut in hand, the Leviathan Gorilla was no better than a toothless tiger.

“That’ll teach you to laugh again!” Lin Li helped Ina loosen the restraints on her body, not forgetting to deliver the wind blades at the same time.

For most of the day, Lin Li had to suffer from the shower of coconuts. Now that he had gained the upper hand, he was done being polite with the Leviathan Gorilla. Dozens of wind blades were shot out with a swoosh, such that the darned gorilla couldn’t even lift its head. The Wind Blade Spell was a low-level spell, but after breaking away from the restraint of the chant, it had become the most direct and effective mean of attack. Along with the support of an abnormal mental strength, the wind blades were like a river, flowing unceasingly…

Even a powerful level-eight magical beast could not withstand the terrifying cluster of wind blades. It could rely on its tough skin to resist a couple of shots, but with dozens of wind blades flying in the air, the quantitative change had led to a qualitative change—the Leviathan Gorilla’s tough skin had become a joke.

Even the toughest of skin could not withstand the repeated cuts of countless wind blades.

“Wooo…” The cries were exceptionally tragic. Blood was seeping out endlessly from the wounds; in just the blink of an eye, the Leviathan Gorilla’s fur was tainted red.

What made matters worse was that Lin Li also used the Delaying Spell in the midst of those wind blades from time to time. Under the constraint of the Delaying Spell, the Leviathan Gorilla was utterly tormented. It could not flee nor catch up with him, and if it stayed grounded, it’d be ripped by the wind blades.

A mighty level-eight magical beast beaten to the ground. Where did its previous arrogance go?

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