Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master

Chapter 1281 - Secret Vault

Chapter 1281: Secret Vault

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Hearing that Lin Li wanted information about Mosari, Bradlor and the few ministers next to him seemed to be hesitant. Although they were all aware how terrible this disaster was, they still found it a little difficult to accept the idea of letting someone read all the secret texts of the kingdom.

At the thought of this, in a bid to test the waters, Bradlor asked Lin Li, “President Felic, if you have enough power to cooperate, can you suppress that demon with your Mount Tai mageweath?”

Lin Li’s brows furrowed into a frown as soon as he heard that because they were clearly bargaining with him. What a joke. He was just asking to see the so-called secret texts for the sake of helping the Gilded Kingdom make it through this crisis. Yet, they were still ignorantly trying to bargain with him!

“In this case, forget it, I believe that you can definitely deal with that demon and get rid of him with your power. He’s just an ancient demon deity, after all. The celebration ceremony should also be considered to have come to an end now, so we will take our leave.” After saying that, Lin Li turned around, and got ready to leave with Connoris. Besides, anyone could tell that Lin Li meant that he was leaving the Gilded Kingdom altogether, and not just the square alone.

His words had frightened Bradlor and the others.. If they really let Lin Li leave, they would have one less trump card to use in dealing with Mosari, and the loss would require them to pay a huge price to make up for it. Although they still had the Illuminati to rely on, the demon might soon break free from the confinement of the seal. By the time the Illuminati’s rescue team came to their aid, Four Seasons Island would probably have already sunk to the bottom of the sea.

“Please wait a moment and let us discuss this for a while, President Felic!” Bradlor hurriedly called out to Lin Li to stop him. Four Seasons Island was the foundation of the Gilded Kingdom and where their roots were. Even if the Gilded Kingdom was in control of a large territory, they still couldn’t afford to lose Four Seasons Island.

Seeing that Lin Li had stopped in his tracks, Bradlor didn’t dare to delay any longer, and instead turned around to look at the few ministers, with whom he discussed whether they should let Lin Li, an outsider, read the secret texts of the Gilded Kingdom.

If Bradlor and the others had a clear understanding of everything regarding Mosari and where the records containing information about him were, this might not be an issue at all. However, even they themselves were unaware of that information, so they had no choice but to show Lin Li, an outsider, the secret texts regarding the Gilded Kingdom in the early stage of its establishment. In that case, they would need to take some risks as there might be some information related to the fate of the Gilded Kingdom.

The several ministers around Bradlor were from the various senatorial families of the kingdom. Hence, Bradlor still had to consult them and ask them for their opinions before they could decide whether to show Lin Li the classified texts. While Bradlor and the others were discussing this matter, the battle going on in the middle of the square had reached a cooldown stage.

Mosari was indeed worthy of being an ancient deity. Although he had already been significantly weakened, he was still far stronger than what those few Giant Divine Soldiers could contend with. Amidst the various deafening explosive sounds, cobweb-like cracks began to appear on the bodies of those powerful Giant Divine Soldiers. In fact, everyone could even see countless stone fragments of various sizes falling downwards continuously.

Although Mosari was not coping with the siege of the Giant Divine Soldiers with ease, there wasn’t a single trace of injury on his body. He was continuously throwing punches and casting magic spells that blasted the Giant Divine Soldiers that had rushed towards him far, far away. He was just like a lion that was teaching some insignificant jackals a lesson.

Moreover, Mosari had somehow freed one of his feet that were initially still trapped in the crater, and stepped out at some point. When he stepped out with his other foot, he would probably have completely broken free from the seal.

When they saw the situation, the several Sanctuary powerhouses on the observatory platform finally stopped watching from the side without doing anything to help. Edmund and Elder Zumar of the Illuminati, as well as the Sanctuary powerhouses of the various forces who had friendly relations with the Gilded Kingdom, all began attacking Mosari, who was in the center of the square. They also knew that the calamity a terrifying existence like Mosari breaking free from the seal would become would definitely affect more than just the Gilded Kingdom.

However, the attacks of the Sanctuary powerhouses were not of much help, as they barely changed the situation. Even the attacks of Edmund, a peak Sanctuary powerhouse, were still just like a tickle to Mosari, whose strength and realm were far higher than those of Edmund.

Bradlor and the several ministers were initially still undecided as they couldn’t reach a consensus, but when they saw the situation in the square, they stopped arguing any further. As long as one wasn’t a fool, they would be able to tell that it was almost certain that Mosari would break free from the seal. It was only a matter of moments before he did.

“Okay, President Felic, as long as you— Forget it, the secret texts regarding the kingdom during the early stages of its establishment are stored in the secret vault of the royal palace. I’ll take you there now, I hope we still have time,” said Bradlor. He’d initially planned to make Lin Li swear an oath or something. However, when he saw how critical the situation in the middle of the square was, he realized that he had to deal with it urgently instead of continuing to harp on this issue.

Lin Li shook his head in amusement, thinking to himself that the people of the Gilded Kingdom were really oblivious to the severity of the current situation because they were still being so anal about such an irrelevant detail at such a critical juncture. If Lin Li hadn’t been good-tempered and kind enough to want to save the Gilded Kingdom from total destruction by Mosari, he would have long left this place instead of giving them time to discuss the matter.

Rendered helpless by the situation, Bradlor and the ministers of the various senatorial families had no choice but to agree to Lin Li’s request to read their classified records. Compared to the danger that the kingdom was now in, the revelation of the Gilded Kingdom’s secrets and idle chatter was considered a trivial issue that wouldn’t result in any significant consequences.

However, when he was preparing to lead Lin Li to the secret vault, Bradlor glanced at the square worriedly, and pleaded with Lin Li, “President Felic, there is countless information in the secret vault, and I don’t know how long it will take for you to find the information that you need, but as you can see, the situation here is urgent, and if…”

Anyone could tell that the several Giant Divine Soldiers were simply too weak to stop Mosari from breaking free from the seal. If nothing unexpected happened, Mosari would definitely emerge from the seal, and when the time came, it would be difficult for them to handle the situation.

Mosari had been sealed there for countless years, and once he broke free, he would certainly vent all his pent-up anger and frustration. In particular, the Gilded Kingdom could be considered Mosari’s great enemy, so given the fact that he was sealed here, regardless by whom, there was a 99% chance that it had something to do with the Gilded Kingdom.

Mosari was not a saint who would treat his enemy with kindness and grace, but a vengeful and vindictive great demon deity. So, how could he possibly let the Gilded Kingdom live well? Besides, Mosari would definitely have an urgent need to restore his power after breaking free. As long as he wasn’t a fool, Mosari would know what to do to kill two birds with one stone by restoring his power while also exacting revenge on his enemy.

Since Lin Li already had the intention to intervene and help, he naturally wouldn’t want to see Mosari break free from the seal. Hence, he had actually come up with a plan long ago. Even if Bradlor hadn’t asked, he would have created trouble for Mosari so that he could buy some time to read the information.

However, Lin Li did not whip out his staff and charge straight to the battlefield like the others. Instead, he stood on the observation deck, and waved his hand in the direction of the center of the square in a seemingly inconspicuous manner.

However, with a gentle wave of his hand, countless cobweb-like lines suddenly began to appear in the void in the battlefield in the center of the square. From afar, they looked like threads that were emitting rays of light. However, if one got closer, they would realize that the threads consisted of countless tiny magic runes.

The countless threads emerged from the void, and wound towards the center of Mosari’s body. As soon as they touched Mosari’s body, they vanished without a trace, but at the same time Mosari’s massive magic flames gradually faded too, and the aura emanating from his body was obviously weakened by a huge margin.

Seeing this scene, Bradlor and the others were overjoyed. They hurriedly asked Lin Li, “President Felic, can we suppress the demon again by doing this!?”

At the end of the day, Bradlor and the others were still hoping that they wouldn’t have to let Lin Li read the secret texts, which they perceived as a last resort, as long as there was a slight possibility of an alternative option. When they saw how effortlessly Lin Li had managed to suppress Mosari’s power, they immediately saw some hope.

However, Lin Li glanced at the crowd coldly, and said in a composed tone, “This method can only be used once. I’m not interested in your clandestine records anyway, so if you think it’s too difficult for you to let me read them, we can just forget it.”

Hearing Lin Li’s words, Bradlor and the others looked dismayed again as they were afraid that Lin Li would really stop caring about this matter and leave them in the lurch. Hence, the king hurriedly shook his head, and waved his hands while saying, “President Felic, you’re mistaken, that’s not what we mean. Let’s hurry up and look at the information.”

Seeing how flustered and terrified Bradlor and the others were, Lin Li no longer said anything, and simply reached out to wave his hand in midair, creating a spatial rift which he then stepped into. Bradlor and the others no longer dared to waste any more time, and quickly followed Lin Li into the spatial rift.

When Lin Li and Bradlor and the others came out of the spatial rift, they were already in the Gilded Kingdom’s palace. Bradlor sternly ordered the palace guards to stand down, and quickly brought Lin Li to the secret vault in the depths of the palace.

Soon, under the guidance of Bradlor, Lin Li arrived in a heavily guarded secret vault in the deepest part of the palace. The secret vault was not built underground, but rather on the same level as the other buildings around. On the one hand, it would be easier to guard it, and on the other hand, it wouldn’t arouse any suspicion.

Bradlor stepped forward, and used some complicated techniques to open the door of the secret vault. He then led Lin Li into the secret vault, while the ministers from the senatorial families stayed outside.

The secret vault, which was purely used for the storage of texts and reading materials, seemed more like a historical library. There were several rows of tall, neatly arranged bookshelves that rested on their weight on the ground in the secret vault. Apart from the secret records that Lin Li asked to read, there were also many books on magic, alchemy, and other fields of knowledge.

Bradlor’s concern might also be partly in this regard as he was worried that Lin Li, an outsider, would read the books that he regarded as treasures. They wouldn’t know that Lin Li had collected magic books that contained information that was far more profound than theirs. How could he possibly covet their books?

Lin Li did not even bother to look at the rows of magic books on the shelves, and instead followed Bradlor all the way to the innermost part of the secret vault, where there was a large number of historical documents. In other words, they were the secret records of the Gilded Kingdom, which were different from those of the Illuminati, which were only recorded in one book. Otherwise, Bradlor could have just taken out the book and shown it to Lin Li.

“President Felic, all information about the history of the Gilded Kingdom, down to the most minute detail, can be found in the records here. Where do you plan to start reading?” Bradlor seemed somewhat anxious, mainly because he was worried about the time Lin Li would take to read them because he knew that finding the required information was not something that could be done in minutes. Of course, the other thing he was worried about was that the more Lin Li read, the more secrets of the Gilded Kingdom, some of which were rather embarrassing, he would find out.

However, Lin Li wasn’t actually interested in those things at all. If it weren’t for the sake of suppressing Mosari, he wouldn’t have bothered to look at those private matters of the Gilded Kingdom.

Although the ancestors of the Gilded Kingdom had brought a large number of civilians to the sea since the beginning of the Dark Age, they hadn’t established the kingdom immediately, because they hadn’t wanted to attract the attention of the major forces at sea. Instead, they’d chosen to wait until they had accumulated a certain amount of strength.

When the Gilded Kingdom was formally established, it was already the middle of the Dark Age, and they were strong enough to survive in the presence of the High Elves and the Ocean Dynasty.

However, even though the records started from the middle of the Dark Age, there were countless records related to the Gilded Kingdom, and finding information about Mosari in them was just like searching for a needle in a haystack. By the time Lin Li found the information needed, the situation in the square would probably have reached the point of becoming unmanageable.

Hence, after hearing Bradlor’s question, Lin Li gave it some thought, and said, “Let’s start by looking for that prophecy of the kingdom. Can you be sure of which era that prophecy was passed down from?”

Although it was said to be a prophecy, it was more like a legend for Bradlor and the others. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been so uncertain about the authenticity of the prophecy. If it was a legend, it wouldn’t be that easy to find out the exact era that the prophecy came from. Otherwise, how could it be considered a legend?

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