Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master

Chapter 13 - Emerald Tower

Chapter 13: Emerald Tower

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The Guild of Magic was located at the southern end of Jarrosus City. It was a huge building as well, no less so than the Adventurers Guild. The Guild of Magic was also known as the Emerald Tower in Jarrosus City. Standing on the streets, one would be able to see the tall spire of the tower from a distance.

Lin Li had asked several passers-by on the way and very soon found the direction to the Emerald Tower.

The Emerald Tower was unusually quiet as compared to the bustling Adventurers Guild. Lin Li stood outside the gate for a long time, but did not hear a sound at all. There was only a faint wave of magic coming from the tower. The magical wave was majestic and mysterious, and it made Lin Li feel as if what he was facing was an insurmountable mountain.

Walking in through the gates of the Emerald Tower, what he saw was likewise a spacious hall.

At a glance, the hall was empty, and not a single person was in sight.

“What kind of situation is this…”

Lin Li stood at the door, bewildered. Just then, he heard a commotion coming from the upper story.

“Shadow City wants the control of the Demon Fall Valley? Sure! But you’d better be prepared to bleed!” A furious roar came from upstairs. Lin Li saw a round gray figure just as he looked up.

“President Gerian, you’re too irrational…” The man who was driven out of the door by the round figure was a middle-aged man in his forties. He wore a tight black leather jacket and emitted a thick smell of blood from his body. When he turned around, Lin Li suddenly felt as if he was being targeted by a venomous snake.

Hold on… President Gerian?

Lin Li suddenly recalled—the name that the middle-aged man had called out seemed to be the one of the very person that Andoine had told him to look for.

At this thought, Lin Li was unable to restrain himself from taking another look at the plump figure.

Only then did Lin Li notice how old the figure in the gray mage robe looked. He had a kind countenance and was fair and chubby. Even when he was angry, he still looked cheerful. Lin Li felt a little dizzy; a fat old man like him who looked more like a businessman than a mage was actually the President of the Jarrosus Guild of Magic, Archmage Gerian!

“President Gerian, you are too irrational. Rejecting the friendship of Shadow City will only bring disaster to Jarrosus Guild of Magic.” The middle-aged man dropped such a sentence on him and left the Emerald Tower without another look back. He only took another look at Lin Li when he passed by, and the feeling of having been targeted by a venomous snake tightened Lin Li’s heart.

How does that man walk without a sound? Could he be possessed by a ghost? Lin Li’s character was not that of one who was willing to lose out. He had been unsettled by the gaze, and so he naturally had to curse in his heart.

“Come if you dare! As long as you dare to lay a finger on the Demon Fall Valley, I’ll chop the claws off your hands!” Who knew there’d be another even more fiery-tempered one? The middle-aged man had already gone far, but the fat old man never stopped berating. After some time, he finally noticed a presence in the hall. With a frown, he glared at Lin Li and asked, “Who are you?”

“You’re President Gerian, right?” Lin Li hastily turned over his pockets. He took out Andoine’s letter and handed it over. “I am Felic. Mage Andoine had told me to look for you. This is a letter he wrote to you.”

“It’s Andoine, that old chap!” The fat old man’s eyes lit up at the mention of Andoine’s name. The frown that was on his face dissipated, his chubby face radiant with smiles, and he looked just like an amiable businessman. “Where’s the old chap? Why are you here alone?”

“Mage Andoine said he had something to see to; he’ll only return to Jarrosus City in a week or two.”

“Oh…” Gerian nodded and began to read the letter in his hands.

Gerian had found it odd from the start. Although Andoine was a member of the Jarrosus Guild of Magic, he had been immersed in pharmaceutics and had not done anything serious in the guild for decades. He’d occasionally show his face once in a while, but only when he needed ingredients for his recipes. Had the wind changed for the old chap to write someone a letter of recommendation…?

But as he read on, the expression on the plump mage’s face changed. His eyes, narrow as he smiled, were as wide as those of a bull. He raised his head a couple of times to look at Lin Li as he was reading the letter. Finally, his hands that were holding onto the letter seemed to be trembling as well.

This… If what was said in the letter was true, was this guy still a human?

Look at what the old chap had said—a magic gift that was comparable to that of Geresco, the God of Mages!

The fat old man’s pupils dilated when he saw the name. He had grown up listening to the legend of the God of Mages. Gerian could count with his eyes closed exactly what the noblest mage of the Dark Ages had done in his time. He was the only mortal that could fight the gods, and there was the legend of him annihilating the Magic Legion of the High Elves with his own power. Gerian had always thought that such a person would only exist in myths.

Gerian would definitely regard it as a joke if it came from the mouth of someone else. But he knew deep down in his heart that Andoine was a man of his words. He had never exaggerated anything once in the hundred years he had lived.

I’ve found a treasure… I’ve found a treasure… Gerian eyes were still on the letter, but his heart was bursting with joy. He wished he could pick up the letter and give it a few kisses. Jarrosus Guild of Magic had been down and out for decades, and now the opportunity had presented itself for them to turn things around!

Before the old man’s joy could subside, another paragraph had caught his attention.

“Furthermore, he is a Master of Potions…”

Master of Potions… You must be kidding! Gerian rubbed his eyes as hard as he could, thinking he had seen wrong.

Gerian picked up the letter once again after he was done rubbing his eyes.

Damn! Really a Master of Potion!

Gerian had gone completely Spartan in his mind. This… was much more terrifying than a genius in magic!

Who had ever seen a Master of Potion under the age of seventy—let alone at this time, thirteen hundred years after the Dark Ages? Gerian took a peek from behind the letter and carefully sized up this young man named Felic. The mage robe looked rather worn, but the magical wave coming from it was exceptionally clear. From Gerian’s perspective, he could tell that this was not an ordinary magical item just by one look. He was tall and thin, with a face that looked slightly childish. He was probably not any older than 20 years old…

The letter also mentioned how powerful this young potion master was: powerful enough to outdo anyone in the Pharmacists Guild!

J… J… Jackpot… We have hit the jackpot this time!

A Master of Potion under the age of twenty… Gerian was trembling with excitement at the thought of it. From now on, the Pharmacists Guild was nothing to him! He would not have to go begging on their doorstep for a few bottles of potions, and would not even have to make contact with those pharmacists who had their eyes on the ceiling! Hell, what big shoes they wore when they didn’t even have large feet! He had a potion master here with him now—there was no need to face their terrible attitudes anymore!

“Mage Felic?” The old man was utterly out of breath after finishing the letter. His fixed gaze on Lin Li was a glimmering green, sending a chill down Lin Li’s spine. “Andoine has told me all about you in his letter. According to him, you have not gone through a level certification?”

“Level certification?”

Gerian knew he had said something nonsensical upon seeing Lin Li’s confused eyes. He had slapped himself out of dismay and cursed himself silently. What a fool I am! This kid had just been exposed to magic three months earlier and had been learning from Andoine, how would he know of any level certification?

“Simply put, it is to certify your magic level. In my opinion, this is necessary for you because it is only after being certified that you will be able to receive spells corresponding to your level from the Guild of Magic.”

Gerian kept a smile on his face when he was explaining what the level certification was, but in his heart, he felt an indescribable nervousness. This was about a magical genius who could rival Geresco, and even more about a Master of Potion under the age of twenty! Gerian even felt he was more nervous now than when he had advanced to an Archmage.

“Then, when can I get certified?” Lin Li reply was straightforward—he’d also like to know which level he was currently at.

“Anytime!” Gerian pulled Lin Li up the stairs. His chubby face was completely distorted from trying so hard to hold back his emotions. He wanted to pull Andoine into his arms and give him a few pecks on his cheeks. The old chap had been too lovely, he had to thank him when he returned to Jarrosus City.

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