Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master

Chapter 22 - A Visitor

Chapter 22: A Visitor

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This was a small trick Lin Li had learnt long ago. Mixing the Recovery Potion together with the Sobriety Potion would produce a cocktail potion with the simplest structure and most intense conflicting properties. Through this, the attributes of a certain herb could be perceived directly.

Lin Li gingerly picked up a petal and slowly immersed it in the beaker.

When that speck of black came in contact with the potion, a fizzing pop could be heard. The liquid in the beaker churned violently, and white mist arose from it. The acidic smell that had permeated the potion lab seemed to be swept away in an instant, and replacing it was a rush of refreshing fragrance.

“It is indeed the black lotus!” Lin Li placed the beaker in his hands down on the table, as if he was afraid he’d drop all the black lotus petals into it.

Black lotus was frequently used in mental strengthening. One of the most powerful end products using it was the legendary Ephemeral Divinity Potion. In that twenty seconds of brief divinity, the user possessed an almost-infinite mental strength and was immune to any mortal spells. This thing was definitely the deadliest of weapons. It could block almost anything from humans to gods, and could kill with just a glare.

Granted—this thing was just a legend.

No traces of the Ephemeral Divinity Potion could be found even in the formulas of pharmacist gurus. Perhaps only someone at the level of a Divine Smith would have it…

In addition, the black lotus could also be used to create mental strengthening potions like the Infinite Magical Ability, Arcane Field, and more. Although they were less freaky than the Ephemeral Divinity Potion, these potions were far more realistic than the illusory Divine Smith level formula. At least Lin Li had mastered their formulas when he had reached the level of a pharmacist guru.

Besides, these potions were not your average kind. They might not be as freaky as the Ephemeral Divinity Potion, but they were definitely almost there. In particular, the Infinite Magical Ability Potion was as enchanting as one wanted it to be. These three instantaneous phenomenal spells were enough for a mage apprentice to defeat a legendary mage.

Of course, to possess potions with such horrifying powers, the materials needed were not at all ordinary.

Other than the legendary black lotus, a great deal of rare herbs was also hard to find. After the completion of the potion, sap from the Eternity Tree had to be added in. Only the sap from the Eternity Tree would be able to provide magical support to the three legendary spells.

Anyhow, the black lotus could only be met but not asked for. Just these few petals would drive most pharmacists crazy. Moreover, these petals provided a clue for Lin Li to figure out the place pharmacists dreamed of—the spot where a black lotus was growing.

The black lotus petals were gently kept into the Ring of Endless Storm. Lin Li was mindful of his hands for the whole time as if he was afraid he’d bruise the treasure by accident.

He was finally done with the work and ready to leave when he met an acquaintance as he walked out of the potion lab.

This fellow actually dared to come to the Guild of Magic! Lin Li was unnerved watching Cromwell enter the Emerald Tower in a distance. Didn’t he just threaten Gerian a few days ago about what to do? And the next minute, he came calling on the Guild of Magic, right? The Gerian today was not the Gerian of yesterday. Ever since he had got ahold of the Arcane Magic Potion, it was as if an old man had met an old army doctor. Without a few smokes of the cigarette everyday, he’d not be at ease.

This fellow had come in so casually, wasn’t he afraid that Gerian would take the chance to vent his emotions?

The whole Jarrosus City was all about the fat old man now that he had the Arcane Magic Potion in his hands. Given the vindictive nature of the old man, he would never let Cromwell come to a good end for offending him!

“Felic! I couldn’t find you anywhere, so that’s where you’re hiding…” Lin Li was contemplating whether to hide in a corner and watch the upcoming show when he heard Kevin’s voice coming from the hall.

Lin Li looked up, only to see Kevin with a face full of sorrow.

“What’s with the expression?” Lin Li knew best the kind of crap Gerian had arranged for Kevin to do these two days. The fellow smirked unkindly upon seeing Kevin’s sorrowful face. “How was it? I bet you’ve reaped some profits these few days?”

“Don’t even mention…” Kevin’s pretty face was smothered into a ball of worry. “You don’t know how I managed to pull through these two days. I haven’t taken a break since morning. The people coming for Uncle Gerian were unceasing, everyone was asking how his illness was. I’ve told the lie about that infectious disease at least eight hundred times, if not a thousand. I’ve even come to suspect I’ll say the same things in my dreams…”

“Then you’d have to get the time to sleep.” Lin Li dropped another blow on Kevin heartlessly. He stretched out his hand and pointed at the noisy crowd outside the Emerald Tower. “Look at the number of people. By the time you play them off, it’ll probably be morning.”


Kevin was so engrossed in the chit-chat with Lin Li that he was caught unwittingly by Cromwell.

After being reprimanded by Old Merlin last night, Cromwell was even more anxious to prove himself. Early this morning, he walked into the Emerald Tower carrying a few level-fourteen spells. He had even planned out the plea he would give in his mind.

In his mind, he had imagined Gerian being overjoyed when he presented him with the spells. Then, he’d start pulling strings, talking about the deep and long-standing friendship the Guild of Magic and Merlin Family shared. And when the atmosphere became harmonious, he would represent the Merlin Family, and with a tactful and sincere tone, ask to purchase the thirty bottles of Arcane Magic Potion.

“Perfect!” A reserved smile came to Cromwell’s face at the thought of that exciting moment.

Except, no matter how reserved his smile or how perfect his plan was, there had to be a chance for him to carry it out first.

As soon as he walked into the Emerald Tower, Cromwell found that things were quite different from what he had imagined. The mages, who were nothing but polite when they saw him on other days, regarded him as air today. Even the most enthusiastic ones merely nodded to say hello. Cromwell thought he was mistaken, but it had happened several times; at last, he began to panic…

He had already messed up in his handling of the estates. If he couldn’t even get this done well, it would be hard to keep his position in the family.

So, Cromwell put on his best behavior, something that he rarely did, and tried his best to force a smile on his face, taking the initiative to befriend the mages in the Emerald Tower.

Cromwell smiled as his heart bled.

He was the son of Matthew Merlin, yet he had to lower his head and be the one taking the initiative to befriend these low-level mages. To the arrogant Cromwell, this was worse than killing him.

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