Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master

Chapter 29 - Red Bull Drink

Chapter 29: Red Bull Drink

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Old Merlin squeezed the crystal ball in his right hand and all at once traces of light escaped from the gaps between his fingers. The pure and clean aura gushed into Old Merlin’s body at an unimaginable speed. With that surge of power, color had returned to the pale and frail face.

Everyone could clearly feel that Old Merlin was recovering his mana at lightning speed. The depletion brought about by the earlier battle was quickly recovered to the full by the Strong Energy Crystal. In just a few seconds, the seemingly frail old man would become the most powerful mage in Jarrosus.

Outside the Emerald Tower, the sky was covered with layers of thick, dark clouds…

A bitter smile came across Gerian’s face. The winner of the battle between the most powerful mages of Jarrosus was actually decided by a crystal.

Everyone was in despair, including Kevin. All was for naught in the face of a mage with a fully restored mana. Though they had plenty of people in the Emerald Tower, none could help Gerian…

Old Merlin’s smile spread across his face. It seemed like the situation was too far gone beyond repair.

Just when everyone thought that the defeat of the Emerald Tower was a foregone conclusion, Lin Li shook his head helplessly. “Looks like his brain was really damaged…”

The voice wasn’t loud, but enough for everyone around to hear. Immediately, about four or five mages turned around; the stares they gave Lin Li were filled with rage—even Kevin’s. He was the one most familiar with Lin Li out of all others. And it was due to this that he knew how much Gerian valued Lin Li, and how much pressure Gerian had endured when those privileges were given to Lin Li.

Never had he expected Lin Li to say such a thing when Gerian was at the most dangerous of times.

Kevin’s face turned unusually surly as he looked at Lin Li with rage and contempt in his eyes. “Mage Felic, you really disappoint me…”

“Why are you all looking at me like that…? Also, Kevin, if you’re to be disappointed, you should be disappointed in that old fellow.” Lin Li shook his head resignedly and slowly pulled out a sky-blue bottle from his pockets. “If his brain wasn’t damaged, he would have asked for help long ago. Does he really think that he could take the whole Jarrosus City being an archmage…”

Under the deepening eventide, the sky-blue bottle flared an even dazzling glow than the Strong Energy Crystal.

It was likewise gorgeous yet blurry, emitting the same pure magical aura.

When the beam of halo penetrated from Lin Li’s hands, the few people who were glaring at Lin Li were dumbfounded almost at the same time.

Kevin blushed, then showed a look of surprise on his face. As for the mages behind him, all of them let out cheers!

The cheering alarmed everyone, including Old Merlin and Cromwell. All kinds of looks were shot in their direction—looks of doubt, surprise, and suspicion.

And then they saw Lin Li emerge from the crowd.

“Looks like you’re really getting on age, even your brain’s stopped working…” Lin Li whispered quietly. Under Gerian’s astounded stare, he stuffed the sky-blue glass bottle into his hand.

“This is…” Gerian was slightly confounded, but very soon sensed mana tumbling in the glass bottle. It was pure and clean, just like the Strong Energy Crystal in Old Merlin’s hands.

“This is similar to the Strong Energy Crystal. I remember it was called the Awakening Potion or something,” Lin Li added softly, “but I prefer to call it the Red Bull drink.”


Who had the time to study the Red Bull drink with him at this critical time? Before Lin Li’s voice faded, Gerian had already removed the bottle cap and poured the Awakening Potion into his mouth. He took in the pure mana contained in it while savoring the sweet yet sour aftertaste in his mouth.

As soon as he gulped down the Awakening Potion, Gerian knew what the outcome would be.

The speed of mana recovery brought on by the Awakening Potion far exceeded that of the Strong Energy Crystal Old Merlin held in his hands. Almost instantly, the exhausted mana was restored to its peak.

Feeling the magical wave coming from Gerian, another cheer broke out from the crowd outside the Emerald Tower.

This was the miracle of a pharmacist!

Everyone’s heart was filled with the joy of having survived a disaster. If it hadn’t been for the bottle of Awakening Potion, there would probably not be any Guild of Magic in Jarrosus in the future. The ups and downs of life were indeed exhilarating. The mages who were clutching their hearts a moment ago could now await the chance for victory.

They had even outlined a scene in their minds—Gerian taking on Old Merlin again after recovering his mana. When both sides exhausted their powers once again, the crowd at the Emerald Tower would rush forth and knock Old Merlin out completely. Of course, other than President Gerian and Mage Felic, the most glorious position must be left for oneself…

Unfortunately, Lin Li did not give them any chance at all. The mages, immersed in their imagination, soon saw Lin Li’s hand reaching into his pocket again. This time, what he took out was yet another sky-blue glass bottle, likewise with the dazzling halo and the pure magical aura.

“Let me give you another bottle on account of how excitingly you fought…”


As soon as the words were out of his mouth, the crowd outside the Emerald Tower collapsed.

Particularly Old Merlin, who felt a throbbing pain in the heart as he held onto the Strong Energy Crystal…

The Strong Energy Crystal was hard to come by. Even with the power and wealth of the Merlin Family, only one had been found for so many years. But when it came to the Guild of Magic, just look at what this young mage Felic had done…

It was enough to stuff the Awakening Potion which was no less precious than the Strong Energy Crystal into the hands of Gerian. But Gerian had just finished a bottle, and he immediately stuffed him another one based “on account of how excitingly you fought”… The most precious Awakening Potion, when it came out of his mouth, was like a carrot that was being stuffed into his hands…

Old Merlin wanted to ask if there was any justice left in this world…

Everything was over…

Feeling the powerful aura coming from Gerian, Old Merlin let out a slight sigh and released his grip on the Strong Energy Crystal. All was meaningless. Even if he could absorb as much mana as he could from the Strong Energy Crystal, he would be almost on par with Gerian at his peak.

To Old Merlin, that meant defeat.

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