Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master

Chapter 31 - Breakthrough

Chapter 31: Breakthrough

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After the battle between Old Merlin and Gerian, the Merlin Family seemed to have quieted down all of a sudden. And together with the Merlin Family, the pharmacist from the Guild of Magic had also stayed quiet.

The revelation that Lin Li was that pharmacist spread like wildfire following the battle between the most powerful mages in Jarrosus. Now, more than half of Jarrosus City knew about the young pharmacist named Felic in the Guild of Magic, and that he was not even 20 years of age. Perhaps due to the overwhelming glory of being a pharmacist, many people actually overlooked the fact that he was also a level-eight mage.

Mmm… In actual fact it was level-nine.

Lin Li had learnt too much from the battle between Gerian and Old Merlin.

For the subsequent few days, he had not stepped out of his room. He did not even have the time to care about the auction of the Arcane magic potions. He’d locked himself up in the room and calmly pondered over every bit of the battle. Lin Li studied repeatedly each spell and gesture that both of them had used.

After he had left the Sunset Mountains, Lin Li vaguely felt that he had encountered some sort of hindrance in the progress of his magic.

It was a strange feeling, like being blocked by something.

He had been training diligently every day, and he also knew that he had an exceptional talent. But he couldn’t seem to overcome that ridge.

He was helpless and aggrieved…

But there was no other way. What Lin Li could do was to practice and read all kinds of magic books more diligently, hoping to make up for all this with diligence.

But the effect of such effort was rather frustrating.

The daily practice of elemental sequencing had indeed brought Lin Li’s mastery of magical elements to a high level. He could even unleash the level-two Waterfall Strike instantaneously, something which many archmages above level-ten were not able to accomplish. Reading all kinds of magic books desperately had also allowed him to be gradually rid of the awkward status of a novice mage, becoming a full-fledged one instead; at least most of the time now he didn’t have to ask Kevin about everything when he had encountered problems.

But that ridge was still there…

It was still the feeling of impotence. It was like there was a mountain in front of you which you could not get around in any way.

This situation lasted for a long time—until a few days ago, when the battle between the strongest mages of Jarrosus took place outside the Emerald Tower.

Lin Li gained so much from the battle.

The direct exchange between the two great archmages was even more effective than a legendary mage’s precepts and examples.

The subtle control of magical elements, the precise distribution of mana, and the flexible use of various kinds of spells, et cetera, et cetera, not only opened Lin Li’s eyes, but also exposed him to a world he had never imagined before.

The kind of feeling was like a closed door suddenly opened.

It was a sense of enlightenment.

It was only then that Lin Li suddenly understood why Andoine had said he had nothing more to teach him back in the Sunset Mountains. Some things just couldn’t be described in words. If you understood, you understood, and if you didn’t, you’d still not understand no matter how much was said. When the magic power reached a certain level, language seemed to become pale and powerless, and no amount of preaching would be as real as fighting one another.

Feeling that the mountain was loosening up bit by bit, Lin Li plunged into a state of excitement.

He had locked himself in his room for several days, his mind full of the battle between Gerian and Old Merlin.

It was not until the fourth morning that he came out of the room.

When Kevin saw him, his eyes were bloodshot and his whole body looked terribly gaunt, but Kevin could only feel the word “powerful” coming from that weak and gaunt person.

At first sight, Kevin almost thought he had mistaken Lin Li for someone else.

Although Lin Li was a gifted superman and possessed the hidden identity of a pharmacist, Kevin never felt unable to contend with the former when he stood in front of him. Kevin even felt he was better than the young mage in some ways.

But only four days passed and Kevin could feel that Lin Li had already left him far behind in magic.

He was somewhat surprised, and somewhat dismayed…

Kevin could not help but feel dejected hanging out with a freak like Lin Li every day.

Kevin was among the top talents among the young people in Jarrosus City. He had been exposed to magic since he was sensible, all the way until he had become a level-eight mage at the age of 25. Even the proud Cromwell had to admire him given his speed in advancing. But in front of a demon like Lin Li, his genius had suddenly come to nothing. From ignorance to a level-eight mage, and then another breakthrough from level-eight to level-nine and above, it took him only a mere three months. How was he any different from a beast?

“Good morning, Felic.”

“Good morning, Kevin.” After the greetings, Lin Li dragged Kevin to the level certification hall without another word.

The glow from the crystal ball confirmed Kevin’s earlier speculations. Lin Li’s magic level had indeed gone beyond level-nine, and even reached the peak of level-nine.

Even though he was prepared, Kevin sighed a little helplessly when he saw the light from the crystal ball. This was too freaky. A young man under the age of 20 had attained a top level-nine in magic; it would only take him just one more step forward to reach the realm that all mages dreamed of—the Archmage!

Perhaps only someone like Kevin, who grew up with traditional magic education, knew how many mages had been dreaming of being an archmage all their lives, and how many had never been able to achieve that dream. If they knew that a young man who had only been exposed to magic for three months had come so close to being an archmage, who knew if they would be so very ashamed and resentful that they’d kill themselves over it…

It was fortunate that Kevin had gotten used to it. Ever since he’d met Lin Li, the young mage had been working miracles. An unprecedented magic genius and enigmatic potion master… Kevin was more or less numb after the repeated surprises. Even if one day Lin Li suddenly picked up a hammer and stood by the fire forging iron, Kevin felt that he would probably only mutter “monster” and then lower his head to do his own thing…

“Oh, right. Felic, I heard people from the guild say someone came looking for you yesterday.” Kevin suddenly remembered after they walked out from the level certification hall.

“Looking for me?” Lin Li was slightly confounded. Other than people from the Guild of Magic, did he have other acquaintances in Jarrosus?

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