Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master

Chapter 985 - King of Hunters

Chapter 985: King of Hunters

However, the problem was: why did his Hunter character transmigrate together with him? It seemed to have transmigrated at the same time, and it actually waited for him alone in that place for over 1,000 years.

Damn it, this is too confusing. Did my account get hacked when I transmigrated!? Lin Li really wanted to find the customer service attendants of the Endless World and ask them what exactly they had done to his Hunter account. Unfortunately, he would not have that opportunity.

“Who exactly are you, and why are you like this?” Since Lin Li did not have the chance to question the customer service attendants of Endless World, he had no choice but to ask the unknown person who had stolen his account.

From what the figure said just now, Lin Li could actually tell that the former had expected that he would be able to transmigrate to the world of Anril. However, he wasn’t too sure, either. Otherwise, the other party wouldn’t have said that he had been waiting for Lin Li to appear for thousands of years and not say anything after Lin Li eventually did. No matter what, Lin Li was certain that his transmigration definitely had something to do with the other party.

Being able to transmigrate to Anril was frankly a good thing to Lin Li. After all, in the world that he came from, he was just an ordinary homebody no matter how outstanding of a gamer he was. He was neither the son of a high-ranking government official nor a wealthy heir. He could only generate a small income by selling a few pieces of game equipment, and if he were to call himself a professional player, others would only look at him with disdain.

He was a far cry from what he was now: the President of the Tower of Dusk and a Sanctuary powerhouse who was high above many in Anril. Putting aside the glory and prestige he enjoyed, the fact that he could enjoy a long lifespan of thousands of years after stepping into the Sanctuary-realm was something that the world that he transmigrated from could not compare to. Although this world seemed to be a little more dangerous as he had explored the place numerous times in the past few years, and experienced several near-death encounters, that did not mean that the world he was in previously was absolutely safe.

In short, Lin Li was quite satisfied with the current situation. In the previous world, he would never be able to achieve all of these. However, that did not mean that he was going to thank the person who’d sent him there. God knew what kind of conspiracy there was behind it. He did not want everything that he had obtained in Anril to become just a dream.

That concern was the reason that Lin Li became more and more concerned about the secret behind his transmigration to Anril. He wanted to be the master of his own destiny, and not be in a passive position like before he transmigrated to Anril.

However, the other party didn’t answer Lin Li’s question, and acted like he didn’t hear it at all. Seemingly a little regretful, he said, “Unfortunately, you’ve arrived too late. I’ve already left this world. You have to wait for the next opportunity.”

When he heard this, Lin Li had actually already made guesses about the other party’s identity. The other party looked extremely similar to him, and also owned seven pieces of the debris of the stars. At the same time, he was also the owner of the Well of the Sun. It seemed that he could only be the mythical Immortal King who could rival the gods.

Besides, Lin Li could also tell that regardless of whether the other party was the Immortal King or some kind of existence, the figure in front of him who was donning the King of Hunters set was definitely not his real form, but an incarnation that he created. However, even if it was an incarnation, Lin Li did not dare to be careless. The Immortal King was an impeccable existence, and the incarnation he created was definitely not something that someone like him, who had just entered the Sanctuary-realm, could contend with.

However, apart from knowing that the figure was just an incarnation, Lin Li also had more doubts about the other party’s words.

“Do you have something to do with the reason that I’m here? Do you mean that you’ve left Anril, or…” Lin Li couldn’t think of a way to express his question for a moment.

The other party said that he has already left this world, but which world is he referring to? The worlds here include Anril, the Undead World, the Dark Shadow World, and the worlds that the Sanctuary powerhouses created. There are also countless other unknown worlds in the endless void.

However, the world that he came from was definitely not one of the many worlds here. Hence, did the other party leave Anril or the collective of all the worlds here?

Also, why do I have to wait for the next opportunity? Isn’t this decided based on the strength of the individual? Is the Immortal King unable to travel freely between worlds as well? Or does this so-called opportunity refer to the type of transmigration that brought me here to Anril?

While Lin Li was struggling to understand the concept of this world, the figure spoke again. “You will get an answer to these questions, but not now. What you need to do now is to defeat this incarnation I left behind and prove your strength. When you appear in the place in the Well of the Sun where you should be appearing, and find the item I left behind, perhaps we can truly meet.”

The other party’s words made Lin Li feel helpless for a while. After all, the other party was just an incarnation that perhaps had a wisp of Soul Brand left behind by the Immortal King. If he wanted to get all the answers he wanted to know from the incarnation, it would probably be akin to questioning a video recording.

Of course, Lin Li was at least certain now that his transmigration to Anril was most likely related to the Immortal King. The only thing that made him feel puzzled was that his Hunter game avatar was actually present there. He did not know how the Hunter had become the incarnation of the Immortal King.

However, no matter how many questions he had, Lin Li did not have time to consider anymore. After that figure said those words, a ray of light suddenly darted out from the figure, and shot into the massive vortex in the sky. Immediately afterwards, the figure that was initially as calm and still as a statue immediately changed shockingly as the light disappeared.

The entire space in the Well of the Sun began vibrating and roaring loudly like a human’s heartbeat. In the sky, the large vortex that was slowly rotating also gradually began speeding up after the white light penetrated it. At the same time, countless Razer Pythons began glistening and jumping around in the vortex.

The plain black leather armor of the figure standing at the top of the palace gradually began emitting colorful streams of light that made the figure look like a descending god. Even the shiny golden glow of the Well of the Sun seemed somewhat dim, thus becoming the backdrop that accentuated its brilliance.

Of course, Lin Li was no stranger to this splendid brilliance, because it was radiated from the superior-grade gemstones that he had embellished the King of Hunters set with back then. However, he had always covered the glow of the gemstones on the set because he didn’t like attracting too much attention everywhere he went.

The basic stats of the King of Hunters set were initially already very strong. Besides, Lin Li had also used gemstones that were worth more than 1,000,000 yuan, causing the stats of the set to increase by several times. The King of Hunters set, which was considered an excellent set of equipment second only to the debris of the stars and the Stars of Fury, was the thing that allowed Lin Li to reach the pinnacle of the Endless World game.

Unfortunately, in the past, Lin Li’s enemies and opponents were the ones who had to deal with the troublesome King of Hunters set, but this time, it was Lin Li’s turn.

As the brilliant light radiated, tidal waves of mana began to surge outwards with the Immortal King’s incarnation at its center. Under the mana waves, there began to be clear, warped ripples in the golden light that filled the sky, resembling the waves of the sea in a storm where the Immortal King’s incarnation was in the middle.

The members of the expedition below had all gone into a defensive stance where they tensed up as soon as Lin Li discovered the incarnation of the Immortal King at the top of the palace. Afterwards, they saw Lin Li leave the team, and actually start a conversation with that figure. Only then did they feel a little less nervous as they thought that they probably wouldn’t have to do anything this time.

However, to their surprise, the situation changed extremely quickly. The figure that looked just like a statue, and was having a friendly conversation with Lin Li erupted with a terrifying aura in the blink of an eye. The emotions of the members of the expedition fluctuated; the stark contrast made them feel so uncomfortable that they wanted to vomit blood.

Fortunately, the team consisted of elites of various forces; hence, they did not relax entirely because of the slight relief they felt just now. They did not get flustered and mess up because of the sudden mana fluctuations, either. However, even then, the members of the expedition who were on the defensive and keeping their guard up were still involuntarily pushed backwards.

Although many of them were Legendary powerhouses, and they also had large Alchemy Colossuses and elites who formed various battle formations, the power of the mana fluctuations were difficult for the expedition to deal with. They were being pushed backwards by the force like ants that were unable to resist against giants.

Sensing the terrifying mana fluctuations, Archbishop Martin’s face turned as pale as a sheet, and his confidence in Lin Li had also begun to waver while they were retreating.

As an archbishop of the Brilliance Shrine, Archbishop Martin had also participated in the fight against the Black Current in the Sunset Mountains where the Brilliance Shrine cooperated with the Supreme Council. He had personally experienced the power of the three arbitrators of the Supreme Council and Pope Rosario. Hence, Archbishop Martin was much clearer about the power of Sanctuary powerhouses compared to the others.

Archbishop Martin could completely feel that the strength displayed by that figure was probably similar even to Pope Rosario’s, and it was much stronger than Lin Li, who had just advanced to the Sanctuary-realm. He felt that he could no longer rely on his backer, Lin Li. Having made this conjecture, Archbishop Martin was extremely helpless.

As for Donald and the others from the Rotterdam Kingdom, they were absolutely horrified. They were well aware that in the eyes of a Sanctuary powerhouse, they were just a bunch of insignificant ants who definitely would be abandoned during times of crisis, especially since their relationship with the Tower of Dusk had always been strained. How could the Tower of Dusk be willing to take care of them during the crucial juncture?

However, fortunately, the bunch of ants from the expedition were not taken seriously by the incarnation of the Immortal King, and were now enduring only the impact of the mana fluctuations. Otherwise, given the strength of the Immortal King’s incarnation, they would probably face a huge calamity with a lift of the incarnation’s finger.

Of course, Lin Li did not have anything to rejoice about, because the incarnation was a test that the Immortal King had given him. At the thought of this, Lin Li was so enraged that he began cursing the Immortal King’s ancestors in his heart. What kind of test is this? This is just a plot to murder me.

Indeed, in the face of this incarnation left behind by the Immortal King that erupted with vigorous mana fluctuations now, Lin Li immediately sensed that the fluctuations were definitely not something that he could contend with. He was just a level-25 greenhorn that had entered the Sanctuary-realm recently. However, the incarnation had level-28 strength. In the Sanctuary-realm, the difference between every level was worlds apart. Besides, there was a difference of three levels between them.

Even Lin Li felt unsteady under the mana fluctuations that erupted from the Immortal King’s incarnation. He felt as helpless as a boat in a storm. Even though Lin Li was also in the Sanctuary-realm, he still felt extremely small, as if he were looking up at a tall mountain that reached as high as the clouds.

With the seven pieces of the debris of the stars, the combat power that Lin Li was able to exert was indeed far beyond that of an ordinary level-25 Sanctuary powerhouse. However, the Immortal King’s incarnation also had seven pieces of the debris of the stars. Besides, he was also wearing the King of Hunters set that was embellished with superior-grade magical gemstones, while Lin Li was wearing only a Space Robe.

The only thing that could give Lin Li a sense of comfort was the fact that the Immortal King’s incarnation did not have the Stars of Fury, which was a terrifying weapon that could maximize the power of the debris of the stars. Otherwise, Lin Li could just get ready to be killed by the other party. He would at least die a little faster and happier.

Using the Hunter avatar and the power of the debris of the stars and the Stars of Fury, Lin Li managed to kill the powerful demigod Azardas, the Dragon of Destruction. Although Lin Li had now stepped into the Sanctuary-realm, and had hopes of becoming a demigod-level existence, he would not be so conceited as to think that he was now stronger than the Dragon of Destruction.

At this juncture, the seven specks of colorful light around the incarnation of the Immortal King were speeding up quickly, forming a brilliant stream of light while expanding the range of the revolving light. Next, Lin Li saw countless world shadows that were continuously emerging from the seven spinning pieces of the debris of the stars.

They were not virtual shadows, but real worlds. However, time passed much faster there than in the Well of the Sun. It was as if the entire history of the rise and fall of the world was being displayed in a split second.

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