Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master

Chapter 987 - Battle Begins

Chapter 987: Battle Begins

Throughout the years that he spent in Anril, Lin Li had experienced quite a few threats to his life, and he was lucky to have survived every time. However, even during the most dangerous moment, he had never truly felt hopeless. However, this time he could but suppress the feeling of death approaching in the face of the arrow.

The Stars of Fury was not only a bow that could maximize the power of the debris of the stars, but also one that could be called an artifact. Even without the debris of the stars, it could make ordinary arrows exert terrifying power. Although the Immortal King’s incarnation did not use the debris of the stars this time, he used the power of the debris of the stars to condense an arrow that contained power that Lin Li could not contend with.

Compared to the Magical Domain controlled by the Immortal King’s incarnation, the Magical Domain that Lin Li created with the seven pieces of the debris of the stars was rather shabby, and it did not have a strong defense like the incarnation’s. The arrow that came flying in was not affected in the slightest by Lin Li’s resistance. It reached Lin Li in no time.

Lin Li stimulated the Space Robe on his body in the nick of time, and the moment the arrow shot into his body, it flashed and moved in another direction. However, before he could stabilize his body, the incarnation of the Immortal King had already controlled the Magical Domain, and it collided again with his menacingly.

With a loud bang, the entire space shook violently from the impact of the collision of the domains, and some of the tall buildings in the Well of the Sun also collapsed amidst the violent shock. The entire layer was slashed away.

Lin Li’s Domain World also began to collapse tremendously, turning into a fragmented one that looked extremely miserable. It seemed to be on the verge of being destroyed at any moment. Lin Li did not feel glad about escaping the arrow at all. Instead, the skin of his body was cut badly in the collision this time, and his robe was immediately stained with blood.

The members of the expedition below encountered an even greater crisis during the second collision of the two Domain Worlds again. Countless specks of light were shaken out of the Immortal King’s incarnation’s Domain World. The specks of light looked just like fireflies at night, which did not seem dangerous at all.

However, when those specks of light fell to the ground, they immediately expanded, and a horrifying scene took place next. Large and powerful armies of humans, orcs, and High Elves emerged from the specs of light that formed a halo.

The armies were all creatures from the World Domain that the Immortal King’s incarnation had created. Just like in this world, they had professions such as Mages and Warriors, including many at the Legendary-level. That was the reason that those below the Sanctuary-realm were just like insignificant ants to the Sanctuary powerhouses. The creatures that looked like living beings were simply like a nest of ants that the Sanctuary powerhouses randomly tossed out.

However, to the people of the expedition, the group of opponents were not just ants that they could crush to death easily. Although every world would be spawned and destroyed in a split second in the domain of the Immortal King’s incarnation, the concept of time was completely different for the creatures in those worlds. Hence, the armies that appeared were not products that could be spawned quickly. Each of them had rich experiences in life, just like the members of the expedition.

Cavalry soldiers with heavy armor charged out one after another, each holding heavy lances. Fresh blood could still be seen dripping from the heavy armor of the cavalry. They had obviously just experienced a bloody war before arriving.

The heavily armored cavalry collided with the Holy Light Knights of the expedition, after which more than a dozen Holy Light Knights fell off their horses in the blink of an eye. They were then crushed into minced meat by the hooves of the horses that came afterwards. If the Holy Light Knights did not have the Holy Light Battle Song, the Holy Light Knights would definitely have a hard time dealing with it too. In the fight between the two teams, the Holy Light Knights were clearly at a disadvantage, and had lost the upper hand.

The heavily armored cavalry was just the beginning. Next, infantry clad in heavy armor appeared. Those soldiers were much taller and burlier than the people in Anril. Besides, they were just like mobile fortresses with their heavy armor. They were pointing their spears diagonally at the sky, and advancing orderly with heavy footsteps while surrounding the entire expedition. They slowly closed in on them, and restricted the space that they had.

“Fire!” There was a loud roar from the Rotterdam Kingdom’s team, after which 10 mana cannons that each had the diameter of a bucket shot out from the spaces between the Alchemy Colossuses, blasting straight at the infantry troops.

Special Alchemy Colossuses like the mobile Magical Crystal Cannons were almost useless in the World of the Dead. However, this time they weren’t facing any Abyssal Demons or other terrifying creatures, but an army made up of humans. However, they revealed the variety of weapons that they had for war.

Although the infantry troops were fully equipped from head to toe, at the end of the day, they did not have powerful magical defenses. The 10 mana cannons immediately formed 10 furrows in the enemy army. Hundreds of infantry soldiers were melted by the mana cannons without even screaming.

An ordinary army would long have collapsed after suffering such casualties, but this army was a powerful and strong infantry troop. The casualties and injuries of their comrades did not slow them down at all. They were still as determined as before.

“Hurry, continue firing!” Prince Kanber of the Rotterdam Kingdom yelled hysterically. Although he was already a powerhouse that was at the peak of the Legendary-level, he still couldn’t help but get chills when he saw how brazen and fearless the infantry troops were.

In fact, there was no need for Kanber to even give any instructions. The 10 mobile Magical Crystal Cannons had already adjusted their shooting angle and began to recharge once again. The light from the mana flickered in front of the cannons, and as soon as Kanber said those words, the 10 mana cannons had already been launched again at the densely packed heavily armored infantry troops.

However, a magical barrier suddenly appeared as soon as the mana cannons touched the vanguard of the infantry this time. Although it was very fragile and shattered instantly, another one appeared right behind it, and weakened the power of the mana cannons.

Although the mana cannons still killed plenty of the heavily armored infantrymen in the end, their accomplishments were obviously worse than before. The people from the expedition had already seen a number of mages appearing in midair using the Levitation Spell. They were behind the troops, and it was no doubt that the magical barrier that appeared was cast by them. However, they did not reveal any special expressions when looking at the heavily armored infantrymen that had died.

The mobile Magical Crystal Cannons were still firing mana, but anyone could tell that their results were becoming poorer. The mages from the opposing team were gradually adjusting to the attacks of the Magical Crystal Cannons. They would probably lose their effects in no time.

Under the protection of the mages, the footsteps of the heavily armored infantry were also getting faster and faster. Those in the first few rows had already put down their spears, and were clearly planning to charge straight towards the expedition.

At this moment, the mages of the expedition finally showed their prowess, especially the mages of the Tower of Dusk. Under Basel’s and Alan’s commands, all sorts of powerful magic spells began crashing down like a thunderstorm. Many heavily armored infantrymen were immediately killed by the magic spells. Besides, the corpses also caused some impediment in advancement of the heavily armored infantry.

However, the people of the expedition did not have time to heave sighs of relief at all. The mages of the enemy’s team had already begun to counterattack, and countless magic spells flew towards the expedition.

Although the opposing mages were all from the worlds that appeared and got destroyed in a split second, their abilities were not inferior to those of the mages of the expedition team at all. The number of mages alone was already more than 10 times that of the expedition. Besides, their individual strength was all above level-15, and there were also quite a few Legendary-mages, some of which were at the peak of the realm.

If they were merely competing in terms of mages, the expedition might not be able to resist the attacks and hold on, but they fortunately had the tender Elemental Wyrm, Xiao Hua, and the Lord Devourer Garl. With the support of infinite mana, Xiao Hua was instantly generating Legendary-level magic spells in large quantities. Each Legendary-level magic spell would cause a large number of soldiers to die.

Although the Lord Devourer Garl was no longer as terrifying as he used to be, he could, after all, still exhibit his devouring abilities since he now had a host. His giant mouth, which had extended to his shoulders, opened like a black hole, swallowing a large amount of magic spells that were cast by the enemy mages in a single gulp.

In fact, Garl’s devouring ability was not really uncontrollable and indiscriminate, but when he had still been the Lord Devourer, he hadn’t cared whether those Abyssal Demons under his command lived or died, so he naturally hadn’t bothered going out of his way to control his power carefully. However, he could not do that now that he was also a member of the expedition. If he were to use his devouring ability haphazardly, Lin Li definitely would not spare him.

After devouring the enemy’s incoming magic spells in one gulp, Garl turned his mouth towards the ground, and his massive Devouring Force immediately pulled some of the heavily armored infantrymen off the ground and into his giant mouth. In the entire expedition, Garl was perhaps the only one who could fight the battle with relative ease. While others were displaying all the power they had, he just had to binge eat.

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