Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master

Chapter 998 - Fight

Chapter 998: Fight

Immediately, the offensive spells of the expedition team were disintegrated by Osric effortlessly. However, the members of the expedition team were in a mess because of the attacks that they launched, especially the mobile Magical Crystal Cannons of the Rotterdam Kingdom that were crushed into bits because of the mana backlash. Even the people around them were affected.

Clearly, it was already impossible to snatch the magical crystal back from Osric. No matter how indignant Lin Li was, he had no choice but to admit that the difference in strength was huge. At this moment, Osric was probably far stronger and even more powerful than the three arbitrators of the Supreme Council.

“Keep attacking, his Attack Reversing mageweath array has a time limit!” As a Guru of Inscription, Lin Li immediately managed to identify the mageweath array on Osric’s Divine King Battle Robe. At the same time, he was also well aware of all the information regarding it.

Under Lin Li’s orders, the members of the expedition immediately began retaliating against Osric after dodging the reversed attacks.

While chanting the Holy Incantation, Archbishop Martin tossed the Light of Judgment that was burning with silver flames at Osric’s head. Waving the staff in his hand, Donald chanted a long incantation at the top of his lungs, and balls of destructive thunderbolts were summoned from the void. The tender Elemental Wyrm, Xiao Hua, Ujfalusi, Basel, and the mages of the Tower of Dusk were all powerful enough to destroy a city instantly or even flatten a giant peak.

A large number of offensive spells completely overwhelmed Osric’s figure, and the roar of magic spells resounded through the air, causing the entire Central Tower to echo continuously with it.

However, when everyone was going all out to attack Osric, Lin Li, who was giving commands to attack, did not join in. Instead, he once again triggered the power of the seven pieces of the debris of the stars, and allowed them to condense into a vibrant pillar of light that was blasted at the pyramid-shaped control panel in the center.

Lin Li didn’t think that there was only one defensive mageweath array on Osric’s Divine King Battle Robe. Besides, Osric’s strength was at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm, and even without the robe, he would not be damaged by the expedition team’s attacks at all. Hence, he made the expedition team continue attacking Osric only because he wanted to attract Osric’s attention. The control crystal that was placed in the central control panel was Lin Li’s real target.

Since he couldn’t get it, he had to destroy it! Faced with this situation, Lin Li had no choice but to be resolute. If he could not get the control crystal back, he would not be able to gain control of the Sky Castle. He wasn’t willing to watch the Sky Castle land in Osric’s hands.

Under Lin Li’s activation, the seven pieces of the debris of the stars emitted a massive power that could destroy the world. Their power was merged together to form a force that could blast the earth into a bottomless abyss.

However, in the face of the crazy attacks of the expedition, Osric held the control crystal, and calmly raised a hand to put up a barrier, watching Lin Li attack without doing anything. He did not seem worried at all, and after Lin Li’s attack landed hard on the control panel, Osric finally sneered coldly, and gibed, “Teacher created this control panel personally with the core of the stars. It’s impossible to cause any damage to it even for me.”

As expected, when the brilliant light dissipated, Lin Li was surprised to find that the control panel was still intact despite having already sustained the full-blown attack that he had launched. Let alone being destroyed, there wasn’t any damage at all.

Seeing this, Lin Li and the members of the expedition couldn’t help but feel hopeless and forced into despair. They could not defeat Osric, snatch away the control crystal, or destroy the control panel. Did they really have to let Osric gain control of the Sky Castle?

In the history of Anril, Osric was known to be a ruthless butcher who could no longer be simply described as having bloodstained hands. He had killed numerous lives throughout. The High Elves had been exterminated by the rebellious alliance of humans and others. As the Highlord of the High Elves, Osric (and other High Elves) was just as resentful towards the humans and other races.

If Osric, who was considered the most brutal butcher in history, were to really gain control of the Sky Castle, God knew what kind of crazy revenge he would launch on Anril. That would definitely be a terrible disaster for all the races in Anril.

Of course, that was all for the future, and no one was sure if it would happen. Not everyone was so noble to sacrifice their own lives for the sake of world peace. However, the expedition was certain that if Osric gained control of the Sky Castle, he definitely would not let them off, and none of them would be able to escape.

Despite knowing that all their efforts would be futile under such circumstances and having their hearts filled with despair, the people of the expedition nonetheless had no choice but to fight for their lives. Since they only had one life which they might lose if they fought and would definitely lose if they did not, they decided that they might as well go all out.

“Since we can’t destroy the control panel, let’s destroy the control crystal!”

As that voice mounded, a pillar of mana sliced through the sky and accurately shot at the control crystal in Osric’s hand. Angelano, who had already begun activating and maneuvering the Titan-level Alchemy Colossus, was the one who attacked. The mana cannon shot had come from the Magical Crystal Cannons on the arms of the Alchemy Colossus.

However, Osric did not dodge the mana cannon shot that was darting at him. Instead, he clutched the magical crystal with his hand, and punched the mana cannon’s attack. With a loud roar, the latter dissipated, but Osric’s magical crystal did not get damaged at all.

“Yet another rebel who can’t wait to be punished,” Osric gibed coldly, swinging his hand at Angelano. Countless thunderbolts smashed into the large body of the Angelano immediately.

However, Angelano had made a start, and the other members of the expedition team who had been inspired by him immediately focused all their attacks on the magical crystal in Osric’s hand.

Norfeller’s body suddenly appeared beside Osric, and one of the two Retribution Daggers stabbed at his chest, while the other one stabbed at the magical crystal in his hand.

Unfortunately, Osric was not a mere mage. He was both a Mage and a Warrior, but he had been classified by humans due to their limited talent. The High Elves had always been proficient in both magic and physical combat. Osric managed to dodge Norfeller’s dagger, and he clutched the magical crystal, which blasted at Norfeller’s chest at the same time. There were clear sounds of bones getting crushed, and Norfeller’s body was blasted away.

The two Knights, Jeremiah and Kanber, who were at the peak of the Legendary-realm began emitting intense rays of light, while the sharp swords in their hands formed arcs of light in the air. They all exhibited their strongest combat techniques and besieged Osric. However, their only goal was the magical crystal in Osric’s hand.

However, according to the division of professions, Osric was not only a Mage at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm, he was also a Warrior. The melee combat techniques that Jeremiah and Kanber were proud of were just as childish and ridiculous in front of Osric.

In the blink of an eye, two figures flew out from around Osric, splashing large amounts of flesh blood along the way. Jeremiah and Kanber were slammed into the ground, and they each spat out a mouthful of blood, no longer able to stand up.

Frankly speaking, with the power of the expedition, it was actually impossible to hurt Osric, let alone destroy the magical crystal that Osric was holding. They could not snatch it or destroy the magical crystal and the control panel. All of a sudden, the members of the expedition did not know how to fight even though they desperately wanted to.

In this situation, the members of the teams of the Brilliance Shrine and the Rotterdam Kingdom could not qualify to even be cannon fodder. The only combatants who could fight were Archbishop Martin, Donald, Jeremiah, and Kanber, the four Legendary powerhouses who were at the peak of the Legendary-realm. The other few Legendary powerhouses could not sustain a single attack at all, and they were too weak to fight. The few remaining Alchemy Colossuses were blown to pieces by Osric’s offensive spells. After Jeremiah and Kanber fell to the ground, the remaining people of the two forces couldn’t help but become timid.

On the Tower of Dusk’s side, the tender Elemental Wyrm Xiao Hua, Ujfalusi, Basel, and the mages were continuously attacking Osric with offensive spells, while the two Humerus Wyrms were hovering and revolving above Osric’s head. From time to time, they would spit out some dragon breath or exhibit strong and powerful dragon language magic spells.

Connoris, Norfeller, the Demon Gordon, and the Lord of Nightmares fought at close range with Osric without hesitation under the protection of their magic spells.

Now, the Holy Death Knights could already be called the Retribution Knight Legion. They formed an Infinite-kill Formation and trapped Osric in it, trying to brutally murder him.

However, the difference in strength was so great that not long after the Retribution Knights and Osric clashed with each other, the Retribution Knights were almost crippled. Seeing that the Retribution Knights were no match for Highlord Osric, Lin Li had no choice but to get them to retreat for the time being.

Next, Osric’s figure flew into the sky in the blink of an eye, and threw the massive Crimson Humerus Wyrm away after pulling it down by its horn, causing it to smash against the wall in the distance.

Osric fell from the air and stepped on the Demon Gordon’s head, flattening him into a metal disc. Next, he started fighting the Lord of Nightmares.

Seeing that the members of the expedition were continuously getting severely injured, Lin Li was getting increasingly anxious even though he was constantly attacking. That was Highlord Osric. It was no wonder that he could kill the Tyrant Balak in the Endless Abyss with his own power.

As an ancient demon deity, the Tyrant Balak and the infinite Zago Demons were far more powerful than the expedition. It would be a far-fetched idea for them to use that power to subdue Osric, who was at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm.

However, at this time, Lin Li suddenly felt his heart shake. It turned out that Osric, who was currently engaged in the battle, had already begun to expel Lin Li’s Mind Imprint. Once he removed Lin Li’s Mind Imprint from the control crystal, he could replace it with his own. He would then be able to fully control the Sky Castle.

However, after detecting the situation, Lin Li was elated instead of being frightened. He was just being worried about how to start defeating Osric, but to his surprise, the latter gave him the opportunity himself. Lin Li had extraordinarily massive mental strength, and no one in Anril could compare to him. Even the three arbitrators of the Supreme Council were no match for him in terms of mental strength alone.

Hence, Lin Li was quite confident in his own mental strength. Although Osric, who was at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm, was difficult to deal with, he might not win in a battle of mental strength.

At the thought of this, Lin Li summoned the Lord Devourer, Garl, from the Summoning Lamp, and instructed Garl to use his devouring ability to cooperate with others to continue attacking Osric. Meanwhile, he began injecting his mental strength into the control crystal continuously in a bid to have a great battle of mental strength with Osric.

Compared to physical battles, battles of mental strength were like great wars, and the massive mental strength that Lin Li controlled was like commanding a large army. After he injected his mental strength into the control crystal, he immediately fused it with his mental strength imprint. He then set up a formation to face the invading mental strength of Osric.

At this moment, Osric was dealing with the attacks of those people of the Tower of Dusk while injecting his mental strength into the control crystal to expel Lin Li’s mental strength imprint from it. Hence, Osric was already aware of the sudden increase in Lin Li’s mental strength imprint, but he wasn’t affected by it in any way.

The battle outside was already getting extremely intense, but the battle of mental strength was even more exciting and thrilling. Lin Li initially thought that he would be able to suppress his opponent easily with his massive mental strength. However, to his surprise, Osric was not that inferior in terms of mental strength.

Besides, under the subtle manipulation of mental strength, Osric actually trumped Lin Li by a notch as his mental strength was just like an elite army, constantly dividing and sieging Lin Li’s mental strength. It continuously devoured the space occupied by Lin Li’s mental strength.

After a few rounds and a few exchanges of strikes, Lin Li knew that he had shot himself in the foot. After all, Osric was the Highlord of High Elves, and he actually began deploying strategies during the battle.

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