Apocalypse Cockroach

Chapter 2404

Chapter 2404: 2404

All sorts of things in the past always spread in Zhang Xiaoqiang's mind . Half a year has passed since the war, but Zhang Xiaoqiang always feels as clear as it happened yesterday . In the past, when he saw the heroic elegy in TV dramas, he would always feel sad and scold him with a word of dog blood . But only after he has experienced it, can he really realize the scenes of tragedy and Elegy, and only after everything tends to calm down, Only in this way can he recall his lost companions, relatives and comrades in arms .

Sitting in a wheelchair, Zhang Xiaoqiang habitually wants to touch the cigarette . Then he shakes his head and grins bitterly . He hasn't smoked for half a year . However, whenever he thinks of the final battle, he always wants to paralyze himself with cigarettes . When the warm sunlight sprinkles copper like spots on his body through the gaps between the leaves, he can't help thinking of the vulgar Golden Dragon, A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth . No one expected that the coward who was scared by the gun would become the king of all animals one day . The whole ocean was his bathtub, and he was also the nightmare of all sea people .

In the distance, the verdant grass is thriving, and countless enchanting mutant flowers are scattered all over the place . With the encouragement of a group of women, three little people are toddlers . Ji Xiaocao has a certain elder sister style, which makes the children stumble behind . Seeing a pair of children, Zhang Xiaoqiang feels comfortable, No longer looking at the future generations running in the sun, laughing to make people warm, but when he saw the youngest of the three villains, his heart gradually filled with grief, Chu Zhuo Mingyue's only seven color crystal nucleus left behind a kiss, just like kissing on Zhuo Mingyue's heart, that little Lori with dreamy eyes is his daughter and Zhuo Mingyue, Zhuo Siyue .

Zhuo Mingyue is not a human, so she has a different way of bearing . Zhuo Mingyue left a huge egg in that room . She was afraid that Zhang Xiaoqiang would blame her . She did not dare to say that the egg was born in Zhuo Mingyue's body after she was mature . It needed Zhang Xiaoqiang's talents to complete the birth . But this way is too weird . Zhuo Mingyue was afraid that Zhang Xiaoqiang could not accept it, He didn't dare to have a relationship with him . Finally, he figured it out and didn't dare to tell Zhang Xiaoqiang for the first time . Until Zhang Xiaoqiang pacified the little man in the egg with his thinking, he got his third child .

Zhuo Siyue doesn't accept those women . She is only close to Zhang Xiaoqiang . Besides, she has a lot of fun with Fei . Of course, she is still in harmony with her two elder brothers and sisters . All three of them are evolutors . The strongest one is Zhuo Siyue . She has the same ability as Zhuo Mingyue . Although she is only half a year old, she is one of the top evolutors in the world, Zhang Xiaoqiang is ready to integrate Zhuo Mingyue's crystal nucleus with her when she comes of age . I believe that even Wan Qiang's rebirth may not be her opponent at that time .

Talking about Wanqiang, Zhang Xiaoqiang can't help recalling that thrilling moment when he lost all his fighting power . Although Delia protected him, she had no power to stop Wanqiang, who was in the peak state . From Wanqiang's undisguised intention of killing, Zhang Xiaoqiang thought that he would die, but he didn't feel reconciled, at least in Wanqiang's hands, Human beings may not have no way to live .

Unexpectedly, the blood phoenix of Wanqiang fusion did not disappear completely . He temporarily controlled Wanqiang with the last bit of energy . Even though it was only a few seconds, it made Zhang Xiaoqiang think of the nano robots injected to control the blood Phoenix . These nano robots do not have much power . There is only one way to release the evolutionary matrix, which is the killer of zombie virus, It can neutralize the virus . Xuefeng happens to have a needle in her body, and the nano robot detonator is always in Zhang Xiaoqiang's hands . At the most arrogant moment of Wanqiang, Zhang Xiaoqiang makes him completely tragic . He turns from the king of zombies back to ordinary people . As a result, Wanqiang can't stand the feeling of losing power, so he goes to Zhang Xiaoqiang to fight for it . Finally, he is hugged by yueya'er, slips down the red algae and falls into the sea to die, Yueya'er was also seriously injured and has been in a coma until now . Every day, Zhang Xiaoqiang will visit her and blame herself in his heart .

"Brother cockroach, Delia is here . She wants to talk to us about the ownership of South American survivors . Besides, she wants to see you . . . " Huang Quan and kesailer come to Zhang Xiaoqiang . As soon as they say what they are going to do, miaowao rushes to stop them with the lightning carving and says, "don't disturb me, my dear . His injury is not good yet . I'll have you? Isn't it you who are in charge of the rejuvenation of China? My dear has retired . He wants to enjoy life with us . . . "

"Well, meow meow, don't talk to them like this . How can you say that you are also the consul in charge of the survival of nearly ten million people . . . " Zhang Xiaoqiang looks at Huang Quan, whose face is red . Since he is still alive, he doesn't need Yang Ke'er to pay for the future of mankind, but he doesn't need to work hard . This injury makes him overdraw all his abilities . He is as weak as ordinary people . Now he is no longer the powerful cockroach brother, It's just a wounded veteran immersed in the past .

"And miss Delia?" Kessler asked hesitantly . He could see that Delia cared about Zhang Xiaoqiang . If Delia and Zhang Xiaoqiang were combined, China would also merge with the new era . The interests and benefits could not be achieved by a million armies . As an excellent politician, Kessler didn't care about Zhang Xiaoqiang's private life . He only cared about the interests of Fuxin .

"Tell her that I love my wife and children very much and hope that she can find the man she loves as soon as possible . . . "Zhang Xiaoqiang politely refused to let meow meow squint his eyes and gave him a rewarding kiss, which made Zhang Xiaoqiang yell: "meow meow, including you, you are not allowed to climb onto my bed at night . How do you get married in the future?"

"It's better if I can't get married . I'll depend on you to see who dares to ask me . Anyway, I'll follow you all my life, unless . . . Unless you marry me . . . "

Zhang Xiaoqiang turned out a huge white eye and waved his hand to let Huang Quan and Huang Quan leave . He is not ready to participate in the rejuvenation of China any more, Hiding himself and fame, Huang Quan looked at the tired Zhang Xiaoqiang with a bitter smile and said, "it seems that your brother-in-law is not satisfied with the work in Qinghai and wants to change to Wuhan . It's not easy for us to decide . . . "

"Oh?" Zhang Xiaoqiang opened his eyes and flashed past unhappiness in his heart . At that time, he was just an otaku, and no one looked down on him . Among them was his brother-in-law, so they were not close to each other . Thinking of this, Zhang Xiaoqiang looked up at the sky and said, "let him join the army . Doesn't he want a higher starting point? Let him kill zombies for the cause of human liberation, and send two people to protect him secretly . The others are the same as ordinary soldiers . Let him know how waste is made into heroes . "

"Husband, we are going to write a biography for you . This is our family . . . " In the distance, Yang Ke'er cheered faintly, and Zhang Xiaoqiang yelled: "when I die, I'll write . Anyway, I'm just an otaku . There's no history to write about . . . "

After roaring, Zhang Xiaoqiang looked at Huang Quan deeply and said in a deep voice: "you should also remember that history is a double-edged sword . I don't want the revival of China to be nailed on the opposite side of history . Go ahead and create a new history . . . "< br>

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