Apocalypse Cockroach

Chapter 28: Yang Ke Er versus zombie

Yang Ke Er versus zombie

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“Hey uncle why are you being mean to me and not give me that thing?” Yang Ke-er said as she points to the crossbow in Zhang Xiao Qiang’s bag.

“You gotta have the courage to face the zombie and not run far from it!” Zhang Xiao Qiang grumbles and continues, “If you are not going, I am going to leave you here, because I do not want to be fighting for my life while having to deal with a free loader,” as he gets ready to leave on his bicycle.

“Okay I’m going… I didn’t say I am not following,” Yang Ke-er whines as she drags his feet and headed towards the zombie.

The zombie was approximately 60 to 70 meters away but Yang Ke-er took his own sweet time, and after five minutes she was still 40 meters away.

“If you are not going to hurry, I am really leaving!” Zhang Xiao Qiang shouted to Yang Ke-er, and his loud voice alerted the zombie. It started to walk towards them.

Yang Ke-er then started to walk faster towards the zombie and once the zombie could smell her, it ran towards her.

“Mummy!” Yang Ke-er cried as she turned her back towards the zombies and started running. Zhang Xiao Qiang who was a few meters away heard it loud and clear.

“Woosh!” a silver bullet whizzed past the face of Yang Ke-er, and she was shocked at what just happened. She was scared stiff and stopped right at her tracks.

“If you continue to run, I’ll kill you!” Zhang Xiao Qiang proclaims as he continues to take aim at Yang Ke-er.

“WAAHHH” Yang Ke-er cries uncontrollably.

Zhang Xiao Qiang knew that it is cruel to make a 14 year old girl face zombies, but he had no other choice. He remembered telling Yang Ke-er during that night when they had a close encounter with the monster, and also countless times after the doomsday, that “No one is anyone’s saviour!”. To survive in this doomsday, amid the zombies and monsters, you can only count on yourself.

“If she can’t kill this zombie, I’ll just have to let it kill her,” Zhang Xiao Qiang thought to himself. Since doomsday, every survivor starts life afresh. Zhang Xiao Qiang knew that he is only a small character in this world, and do not have the responsibility and obligation to save anyone. “That is why there is no rules, no human rights and most of all, the lack of feelings for others,”. If you are going to focus on these points, you are just going to die faster.

Yang Ke-er continues to sob as she looks at Zhang Xiao Qiang pointing his crossbow at her relentlessly. She hesitates for a while, before turning around and started running towards the zombie. Once Yang Ke-er is about 7 to 8 meters away from the zombie, she changed her direction, running to the back of the zombie.

“Oh? It seems that she is starting to use her brain. I see some improvement,” Zhang Xiao Qiang thought to himself as he lights up a cigarette, watching from afar.

The zombie tried to turn to face Yang Ke-er, and once it come face to face with her, Yang Ke-er ran around again to the back of the zombie. And so the both of them continued to play “hide-and-seek”, running from each other. Suddenly, “thump”, the zombie could not keep up with Yang Ke-er’s tempo, fumbling with its movement and fell to the ground.

“Chance!” Zhang Xiao Qiang shouted with delight. Yang Ke-er also knew that this is her chance and ran towards the zombie. “Thump” Yang Ke-er was too focused on the zombie that she missed her footing and fell over, just like the zombie.

“Cough, cough… Cough!” Zhang Xiao Qiang choked on his smoke when he saw how Yang Ke-er screwed up such a great opportunity.

Yang Ke-er stood up, but the zombie was also up by then.

Round one, Yang Ke-er versus zombie end in a draw.

Yang Ke-er took a few moments to adapt to the situation. No longer afraid of the zombie, she came was now within two meters away from the zombie. Zhang Xiao Qiang could see that Yang Ke-er has indeed improved, and felt relieved.

As Zhang Xiao Qiang finishes his cigarette, he looks at his watch and exclaims “15 minutes!”. He looks up at the sky, and had an evil thought – “I hope that she settles this before she dies from exhaustion”.

Yang Ke-er continues to watch the zombie and suddenly the zombie threw its arms towards her. Without flinching, she evaded the attack and side-stepped to the back of the zombie before giving all her might in hitting the zombie’s back. It was a pity that this type of attack is useless against zombies, and the zombie retaliated by swinging its arm again, this time its sharp fingernails barely missing Yang Ke-er eyes.

Round two is over and Yang Ke-er has the upper hand.

But Zhang Xiao Qiang was bored as hell, lighting up another cigarette and blowing smoke rings.

With the experienced gained earlier, Yang Ke-er is now feeling gutsier and provoking the zombie from all different directions. She was floating around like a bee, moving from left to right before finally positioning herself right behind the zombie again. This time, she kicks the zombie’s legs, making it lose balance and it fell to the ground.

“Ah….” Yang Ke-er screams as she prepares to give the deadliest attack to perverts and ruthlessly kicked the zombie right between the legs. Zhang Xiao Qiang winced when he saw that.

The fight was far from over. With the zombie still on the ground, Yang Ke-er jumped on its back, took out her iron hammer and smashed the zombie frantically. The zombie tried to get back up but after countless blows, it stopped moving.

Round three and we have a winner!

Zhang Xiao Qiang walked to Yang Ke-er, but she was still hitting the zombie, and was mumbling something repeatedly.

“Thump”, Zhang Xiao Qiang placed his hand on Yang Ke-er’s shoulder.

“Woosh”, the iron hammer swung towards Zhang Xiao Qiang’s face and he managed to jump back and evade that blow. That was a close shave.

Yang Ke-er carry on her assault on the zombie, and it seems that Yang Ke-er was in a trance. Zhang Xiao Qiang went to squat beside Yang Ke-er and saw that she was sobbing and cursing, “sob sob sob… Stupid cockroach… sob sob sob… smelly cockroach… I’ll use an insecticide and spray you to death. Sob sob sob…”

Zhang Xiao Qiang could sense a strong resentment coming from Yang Ke-er.

What a scene – Zhang Xiao Qiang squatting beside Yang Ke-er while she continued to smash the zombie.

Soon, the strength in Yang Ke-er’s body slowly weaken and once the hitting stopped, Zhang Xiao Qiang brought Yang Ke-er aside to rest.

“How did that feel?” Zhang Xiao Qiang asked.

“I’m hungry!” Yang Ke-er exclaimed, as she rubbed her tummy. It seems that she is back to normal.

“Uncle, you didn’t see what happened just now, that monster’s fingernails missed my eyes by a tiny bit! Really! Just a little bit more and it would have scratched out my eyes! Ah! I was so terrified then…”

Yang Ke-er continued to explain the whole process with much vigour by animating it, while still holding on to a barbequed meat with bites in between. Zhang Xiao Qiang watches on, while eating his barbequed meat. He had saw everything that happened earlier and was obviously not interested in hearing her explain again.

“Ha ha ha!! I killed one today. Tomorrow I can kill two. Haha, two, I swear I can mercilessly kill ten thousand of them, haha” The more Yang Ke-er says, the more excited she becomes, and she started to become furious. Seeing how Yang Ke-er is acting, Zhang Xiao Qiang started to feel uneasy.

“Here,” Zhang Xiao Qiang said as he presented the crossbow in front of Yang Ke-er.

“?????” Confused, Yang Ke-er looked at Zhang Xiao Qiang, but dare not reach out to accept the crossbow.

“Take it,” Zhang Xiao Qiang said before putting the crossbow in the hands of Yang Ke-er. “You are now qualified to use it!” he continued, as he appears nonchalant about it.

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