Archean Eon Art

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: The Demon-Slaying Meet Ends

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“The Jadesun Palace treats Mei Yuanzhi really well. They esspecially found him a greater demon that has condensed a demon core to battle.” Yun Fucheng chuckled softly. “It’s probably because they hope Mei Yuanzhi will be able to make use of this battle to improve further, improving his chances of entering Archean Mountain.”

1“Brother, do you think Mei Yuanzhi can enter Archean Mountain?” Yun Fu’an asked. “If he enters Archean Mountain and becomes a Godfiend, he might outshine our Yun family.”

In the entire Eastcalm Prefecture, only the Zhang family’s Patriarch was a Godfiend from Archean Mountain.

If there was an additional one?

“Enter Archean Mountain? Do you think it’s that easy to enter?” Yun Fucheng asked softly. “In the Great Zhou Dynasty’s 23 states, there are only twenty spots. Additionally, the descendants of powerful Godfiends from the imperial capital and the state capitals all want to enter too. It’s much harder for a commoner genius to enter Archean Mountain compared to those powerful Godfiend descendants.”

“What about Meng Chuan?” Yun Fu’an couldn’t help but ask. “Fairy Meng will definitely help Meng Chuan with all she has.”

“Fairy Meng is nothing.” Yun Fucheng shook his head gently. He enveloped the area with his energy to isolate their conversation. “She didn’t even enter Archean Mountain. Even father’s greatest goal was to enter Archean Mountain.”

Yun Fu’an nodded.

Whether one entered Archean Mountain was a demarcating line that differentiated the strength of Godfiends.

As long as they were strong enough, they would be invited by Archean Mountain.

“As for Mei Yuanzhi, he figured out Ice Force too late. There’s only a 20–30% chance of entering Archean Mountain,” Yun Fucheng said. “I understand his temper. He’s quite arrogant. Even if he becomes a Godfiend of Archean Mountain, he wouldn’t be willing to remain in Eastcalm Prefecture.”

In this world—other than those who were shackled by their large family clans—the truly talented commoners who had no attachments would rather settle down in the state capitals, imperial capital, or even move their families to the Archean Mountain region.

Everyone was discussing Mei Yuanzhi.

Many people felt that Mei Yuanzhi’s chances of entering Archean Mountain were slim, but everyone knew he had a chance at least. That was already very impressive.

“Be careful,” instructed Jadesun Palace Lord.

“Okay.” The skinny Mei Yuanzhi stood up and walked towards the arena.

When he arrived in the arena, he faced a demon with a black carapace covering its body. It had a woman’s face and six armored arms. It also had a sharp black tail that was particularly eye-catching. It looked at Mei Yuanzhi with a faint smile, its voice very gentle. “Very young fellow. I can sense your vigorous vitality.”

Mei Yuanzhi drew his sword and a terrifying chill condensed. At that moment, Mei Yuanzhi was like an ice mountain as his might constantly increased. Even the cold air that he gradually released caused the entire arena to produce frost.

“Ice Force?” The centipede demoness smiled. “But it looks like you only figured it out recently.”

“Kill!” A cold glint flashed across Mei Yuanzhi’s eyes.

His body instantly split into seven. Seven figures appeared in different spots, surrounding the centipede demon as each slashed out a sword beam.

Seven sword beams cleaved at the centipede demon in the middle.

The centipede demon stood there motionless. “You are dispensing that tiny bit of power?” Her six arms struck out in every direction, producing a series of thunderous booms. The centipede demon’s hands were white, but they were incomparably tough. She shattered each sword beam to pieces.


Mei Yuanzhi’s true body suddenly appeared in front of the centipede demon. He thrust his sword towards the centipede demon’s head. It was bizarre, but it was faster and more terrifying than the seven sword beams earlier.

“Oh?” The centipede demon was shocked. Two of its hands forcefully clasped the sword.

It stared at Mei Yuanzhi and grinned. “So the seven sword beams were purposely used as a distraction. This is the actual killer move?”

Shatter! Mei Yuanzhi’s eyes flashed fiercely.

The sword in the centipede demon’s hands suddenly exploded and the sharp sword shards shot out as they were boosted by Quintessential Energy. The shards hit the centipede demon’s face, causing it to let out an anguished howl.

A layer of ice formed on the surface of Mei Yuanzhi’s palms as he struck the centipede demon’s chest.

Boom! The centipede demon was sent flying.

This is the real killer move! Mei Yuanzhi’s eyes were cold. He knew very well that he was a little weaker compared to the centipede demon that had condensed a demon core. Thus, the first thing he did was give it his all. People knew he was skilled in sword arts. But after he had figured out Ice Force, it made no difference using Ice Force with a sword art or a fist art. The sword wasn’t important to him; it was just used as a distraction.

The centipede demon’s face was covered in blood as its chest caved in. It let out an angry howl as it flew backward. “Humans are truly sinister! Die!!!” The raging centipede demon’s aura expanded rapidly as its demon core shattered. Its demonic energy was instantly boosted to a new extreme.


The centipede demon struck out simultaneously with its six palms but strangely ended up striking the two Dao Academies closest to it—the Blazing Sun Academy and the Wind Center Dao Academy.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

In an instant, hundreds of black beams shot out from the six palms, shooting towards the two Dao Academies’ seats. The centipede demon’s tail expanded and its extremely sharp stinger flailed about—instantly stabbing at Mei Yuanzhi who was still shocked.

“Not good.”

“Be careful.”

Everyone was in a panic.

The two deans of Blazing Sun Dao Academy and Wind Center Dao Academy were both shocked and furious. The twelve disciples were even more terrified.

We won’t be able to hold it off. The two deans faced hundreds of black beams. It would already be a blessing if they could save a disciple or two while protecting themselves. There was no way they could save everyone.

“Qiyue!” Meng Chuan was alarmed as well. Despite being spectators, danger had befallen them suddenly. The centipede demon had attacked the spectating Dao Academy disciples?

“Immobilize!” The seated Jadesun Palace Lord frowned slightly as he softly commanded.

The surrounding void trembled.

The hundreds of black beams that were faster than arrows were completely obliterated.

The centipede demon lost control of itself as it was hoisted into the air. Unable to move a single inch of its body, it disbelievingly stared at Jadesun Palace Lord—who was sitting on the seat of honor. “Impossible. There’s no way you can stop a strike after I shattered my demon core from such a distance…”

“Nothing is impossible.”

Jadesun Palace Lord stood up and took two steps before reaching the arena. He looked at the centipede demon that was completely frozen and unable to fight back. “I never expected that you would actually have the guts to shatter your demon core and even attempt to kill us humans.”

“Hahaha.” The centipede demon let out a shrill laugh. “Don’t you humans want to use me to hone your young geniuses? How can I grant your wishes? Not only that, but I’ll also kill your juniors. The more I kill, the better. Unfortunately, I failed in the end. None of them were killed. Cough, cough—”

The corner of its mouth was stained with green blood. It couldn’t live for long after shattering its demon core.

“Just wait. The entire world will ultimately belong to demons. When that happens, all of you humans will die. All of you will—” The centipede demoness shouted hysterically.


The centipede demon was instantly diced by invisible threads, turning into a pool of black-green blood.

“What a joke.” Jadesun Palace Lord scoffed before turning to look at Mei Yuanzhi who was still in a daze. He hadn’t expected the centipede demon to deliberately take his blow and use the impact to approach the Dao Academy disciples and attempt to kill them. The centipede had never intended to fight him from the beginning.

“Deploying such a greater demon with a condensed core… It’s not like greater demons are obedient. Alright, you may leave,” instructed Jadesun Palace Lord.

“Yes.” Mei Yuanzhi nodded.

Jadesun Palace Lord stood alone in the arena as he looked at the various factions.

The spectators felt lingering fear in their hearts. The centipede demon’s suicide attack by shattering its demon core was too terrifying.

“Since I dared to arrange for a greater demon to enter the arena, there won’t be any slip-ups,” said Jadesun Palace Lord indifferently. “This Demon-Slaying Meet is over!”

With that said, Jadesun Palace Lord turned and left. In just a few steps, he vanished from everyone’s sight.


At that moment, the magistrate stood up and said with a smile, “Everyone must have been shocked just now. However, with the Palace Lord around, the greater demon that condensed a demon core is nothing but a clown! The disciples of the eight Dao Academies have also seen how powerful the demons are at today’s Demon-Slaying Meet. These demons are chained and have suffered in prison. They are unable to utilize their peak strength. Therefore, when you enter the battlefield, your opponents will be even more terrifying even if you have companions. Therefore, Dao Academy disciples, you must cultivate more diligently. In the future, you will be able to protect yourself on the battlefield and kill more demons.”

The Demon-Slaying Meet was over.

Everything the centipede demon did had left the Dao Academy disciples astounded. Of course, Jadesun Palace Lord’s incredible strength made them yearn for it. The centipede demon was as weak as an ant in front of the Palace Lord.

“Amazing. Ah Chuan, did you see it? Hundreds of black beams of light were shattered, and the centipede demon was lifted up, unable to move in midair at all.” Liu Qiyue was still very excited on the way home. “From beginning to end, I didn’t even see Jadesun Palace Lord attack. Just a tiny amount of his energy was already so terrifying.”

“Qiyue, you were almost killed by the centipede demon, yet you are still so excited,” said Meng Chuan helplessly.

“Don’t you think the Palace Lord is very strong?” asked Liu Qiyue immediately.

“That’s a Godfiend that came from Archean Mountain. How can he not be strong?” An eagerness arose in Meng Chuan’s eyes. He had always dreamt of becoming a Godfiend.

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