Archean Eon Art

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Perfected Marrow Cleansing

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“I really have no idea what to say about you.” Liu Yebai shook his head and smiled. He was rendered speechless by his good friend.

However, wasn’t it because they appreciated each other that allowed them to be such good friends?

“Let’s enter the city,” said Meng Dajiang.

The two of them silently arrived at the Yufang Prefecture. It was late at night, and the city gates had already been shut. Guards patrolling the city walls. However, Meng Dajiang and Liu Yebai phased into two blurs, and gently leaped over a hundred feet high—over a hundred feet higher than the city walls! Furthermore, a faint black fog surrounded them, making detecting them in the dark harder.

Just like that, the duo silently glided a hundred feet over the city wall.

“My lord.”

“My lord.” On the city walls, Wang Qianfan led several subordinates to inspect the city walls. The guards were very respectful.

Wang Qianfan suddenly frowned and raised his head. “Oh?”

“My lord, what’s wrong?” a deputy asked curiously.

“Make sure everyone is careful. Don’t let the demons sneak in,” said Wang Qianfan with a frown. He felt something was amiss, but he couldn’t explain why. He was a Seamless expert who had comprehended “Force,” and was part of Yufu Prefecture’s garrison. Nobody below the Godfiend realm could escape his senses. If it really was a Godfiend or a Demon Monarch…

It was meaningless for mortals like them to stop those existences.

“Yes,” answered the deputy immediately.


Meng Dajiang and Liu Yebai snuck into Yufang Prefecture City.

“The leader of the city gates’ garrison was actually an expert who achieved “Force.” If we had been careless, we would’ve been discovered by him,” Liu Yebai said with a smile. “If we did get discovered, we can’t stay here for long.”

“I’ve implicated you,” said Meng Dajiang.

“Why say such things between us?” Liu Yebai asked.

The servants of a mansion in Yufang Prefecture City were all aware that two good friends of their master had visited, and their master was hosting them warmly.

“Alright, you are dismissed,” Liu Yebai ordered.

“Yes.” The wealthy businessman was very obedient.

Only Liu Yebai and Meng Dajiang were left in the hall. Meng Dajiang was staring at a roasted goat as he ate. Beside him was a large amount of beef.

Kacha! Kacha! Meng Dajiang opened his mouth wide and—no matter how hard the bones were—easily crushed them to pieces. He ate the meat and occasionally picked up a gourd to drink the alcohol within.

“Dajiang, seeing you eat like this has me craving.” Liu Yebai sat there and poured himself a glass. He drank slowly and smiled. “Speaking of which, your appetite is definitely the best in Eastcalm Prefecture. You can completely finish a whole lamb and over fifty kilograms of beef and pork.”

“Are you envious of me?” Meng Dajiang obviously gained some weight. He picked up the jar and filled his gourd. When it was full, he took out a porcelain bottle and placed three pills into the gourd.

“No matter what, I have never heard of your cultivation formulation before—becoming stronger by eating,” Liu Yebai said with a sigh.

1Meng Dajiang drank while eating.

After finishing the meat, he gained about five kilograms.

“This makes my recovery speed fast. I’ve recovered from most of my injuries today,” said Meng Dajiang. “I’ll be completely healed by tomorrow. However, I burned too much weight in the previous battle. To recover to my peak state, I still have to eat for five to six days.”

“Eat slowly; there’s no rush.” Liu Yebai smiled. “The earliest Meng Chuan enters the Mortal Shedding realm is May. There’s still ample time.”

“Okay.” Meng Dajiang nodded.

While staying in the manor for six days, Liu Yebai secretly managed matters. Meng Dajiang ate, drank, and cultivated daily. After six days, his weight had increased by about forty kilograms. He turned back into a fatty from his previous handsome appearance.

When his strength returned to its peak, Meng Dajiang and Liu Yebai quietly left the Yufang Prefecture City.

“What happened?” The wealthy merchant and the six servants in the luxurious manor snapped awake. They felt as if they had been dreaming for the past six days. As to what they dreamed of, they couldn’t remember anything at all.

On 2nd May, Meng Dajiang and Liu Yebai returned to Eastcalm Prefecture.

“We’re back.” The two felt extremely happy looking at the Mirror Lake Meng Manor in front of them.

Meng Dajiang touched the jade box that he kept near his chest. Inside it was an Iceheart Fruit. He had exchanged for it using his years of life-and-death adventures’ credit.

“Master, Master Liu.” The guards at the door revealed looks of delight.

A servant immediately rushed over to report. “Young Master, Miss. The two masters are back.”

Meng Dajiang and Liu Yebai entered the residence together. It was currently noon. Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue were having lunch. They were pleasantly surprised to see their fathers returning.

“Dad, you’re finally back. It’s been almost half a year since you left.” Liu Qiyue ran over and hugged her father, Liu Yebai, with tears in her eyes.

“I’m back.” Liu Yebai smiled as he stroked his daughter’s hair. “Qiyue, you’ve grown taller again. It won’t be long before you catch up to me.”

“Dad.” Meng Chuan walked towards his father.

“I’ve been out of town for some work. I’ve brought back the lotus fish powder as well.” Meng Dajiang’s chubby face was full of smiles as he patted the bag on his back and chuckled. “Catching the fish, drying it, and then grinding it isn’t difficult. It’s just time-consuming.”

“Dad, Uncle Liu, I reckon you haven’t eaten yet. Come join us.” Meng Chuan was in a good mood after his father’s return.

“Yes, let’s eat,” said Meng Dajiang jovially.

“When it comes to eating, your dad will be happy,” quipped Liu Yebai with a smile.

“You are just a small-eater. Look at how skinny you are.” Meng Dajiang raised his eyebrows and strode into the hall.

On the night of 11th May, Meng Chuan finished fusing his body, mind, and technique, reaching the Perfected Marrow Cleansing realm.

On 12th May, Meng Dajiang brought Meng Chuan to the ancestral mansion.

Fairy Meng was leisurely eating some snacks as she read a book in her hand.

“Grandaunt.” Meng Chuan greeted Fairy Meng.

“You have perfected your Marrow Cleansing?” Fairy Meng nodded in satisfaction. She took out a porcelain bottle and handed it to Meng Chuan. “Inside is a drop of Godfiend Jade Marrow Liquid! Once you begin cultivating a Godfiend Body, you can consume it. You have to consume it within three months of cultivating the Godfiend Body. Past that, you’ll miss the crucial period for forging a Godfiend foundation.”

“Yes.” Meng Chuan accepted it solemnly. This was something the Meng family had spent nearly all its wealth to exchange for.

“Which Godfiend body are you planning to cultivate?” asked Fairy Meng. “The choice of a Godfiend Body is of utmost importance! Once you select one, there’s no way to change. Even when you become a Godfiend in the future, you’ll have to follow the original path.”

“For example, if you choose the Flaming Divine Body, you will only be able to choose Godfiend bodies similar to the Flaming Divine Body when you become a Godfiend in the future. There’s no way to change your path,” said Fairy Meng.

Meng Chuan obviously knew.

The Godfiend body cultivated at the Mortal Shedding realm was the foundation, giving one a portion of Godfiend power.

Only by becoming a Godfiend in the future would one possess a complete Godfiend Body!

“There are a lot of Godfiend bodies,” said Fairy Meng. “There are ones with extremely strong defensive powers. They can even be called Indestructible Bodies. There are also Godfiend bodies with extremely strong vitality. One can even regrow a severed arm! There are also those with immense strength! There are also extremely fast ones! There are ones that are good at sensing and reconnaissance. Some are good at influencing an area. Every Godfiend body has its traits.”

“And once you’ve chosen one, you will have to follow this path for life.”

“Our Meng family has all sixteen foundational Godfiend Body formulas.” Fairy Meng asked, “You must have read them before, right?”

“I’ve read through all of them.” Meng Chuan nodded. The foundation Godfiend Body formulas could only be cultivated before becoming a Godfiend. It wasn’t hard for every Godfiend family clan to collect all of them.

“Which Godfiend body do you plan on cultivating?” asked Fairy Meng.


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