Archean Eon Art

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Zhou Family’s Fate

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The entire Eastcalm Prefecture City was currently in a state of panic. Groups of men were sent out to carry out investigations.

The Red Rain siblings had managed to flee to their master’s house.

Zhou Manor.

Zhou He sat in the seat of honor with a livid expression. Young Master Zhou Qian’s face was pale.

“Miss Liu told us to flee quickly, so we fled with all our might.” Red Rain pulled her brother, Ironborn, and said hurriedly, “Back then, several people died. Some of the Black Wolf Gang members died. The two of us fled in terror, and we came to tell you, Master.”

“You did the right thing! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have known that this little brat had caused such a huge mess.” Zhou He looked at his son coldly. “How bold of you to get Young Master Meng Chuan’s help. How dare you not tell me about such a huge matter?”

Zhou Qian trembled slightly. “I never expected this. I really never expected it. Red Rain, are Senior Brother Meng and the rest still alive?”

1“I don’t know.” Red Rain immediately shook her head. “Back then, he and that scion from Jadesun Palace were already heavily injured. We don’t know what happened to them after we fled.”

“I hope they’re safe and sound,” Zhou He said coldly. “Otherwise, our Zhou family will be finished. There won’t be any hope at all.”

“Dad…” Zhou Qian said immediately.

“It’s up to luck now. Otherwise, whether it’s the Black Wolf Gang, the Bai family, or the Meng family, we’ll all be finished if any of them wants to deal with us.” Zhou He stood up and said, “Zhou Qian, follow me to Meng Manor immediately!”

“Yes,” Zhou Qian said immediately. He was somewhat dazed.

“And the two of you,” Zhou He instructed. “If anyone from the Imperial Court asks you about what happened today, just do as I say…”

“Yes.” The siblings obediently listened.

Zhou He brought his son to the Mirror Lake Meng Manor.

On the way there, they saw troops of soldiers.

“Brother Zhang, Brother Zhang, what happened?” Zhou He immediately asked the leader of a troop that he was familiar with.

“Someone from the Skydemon Sect appeared, and Young Master Meng Chuan from the Meng family is still heavily injured. Now, we are searching the entire city,” said the leader simply. “Alright, let’s not talk further. I’m in a rush.”

“Brother Zhang, do what you need to do.” Zhou He smiled.

“Dad?” Zhou Qian whispered.

“Young Master Meng Chuan is alive. This is good news. So that person is from the Skydemon Sect?” Zhou He pondered. “Let’s go. Let’s hurry to Meng Manor.”

Mirror Lake Meng Manor.

Meng Chuan leaned against the bed. Although his face was pale, he was in good spirits.

“Meng Chuan, if you meet a strong opponent that you can’t fend off in the future, protect your life first.” Fairy Meng sat to his side, leaning on her walking stick as she said, “It’s nice that you saved Yan Jin, but if you were to sacrifice yourself, it’s not worth it. You should know that you are the hope of the entire Meng family. You can’t afford the loss, and our Meng family can’t afford it either.”

“Grandaunt, the Skydemon Sect’s expert had a powerful body, but he wasn’t that fast. I originally had the confidence to escape after saving Yan Jin. Who knew his broken fingernail would be so powerful? It severely injured me with one strike.” Meng Chuan felt ashamed as well.

“How many opponents have you really fought? In addition, your opponent’s strength far exceeded yours. It’s fine even if his attacks fail ten times because none of you can hurt him. But if you get hit once, you’ll be finished. When faced with such a powerful opponent, you shouldn’t be hoping to get lucky.”

Fairy Meng shook her head. “Furthermore, the people from the Skydemon Sect are all human traitors. They cultivate with formulas created by the demon race. Their combat tactics are also similar to demons. Their bodies can be cultivated into weapons! In the future, you must be careful. Immediately avoid the Skydemon sect if you encounter them. Put as much distance between you and them unless you have the confidence to kill them.”

Meng Chuan nodded. “Yes.”

At that moment, Meng Dajiang walked in from outside.

“Dad, how’s the situation?” asked Meng Chuan.

“The Skydemon Sect disciple fled too quickly. They are now interrogating the Black Wolf Gang,” said Meng Dajiang.

“What about the innocent women in Idle Stone Garden?” pressed Meng Chuan.

“In the battle, five Black Wolf Gang members died, and three were injured. Six of the women in Idle Stone Garden were killed, and two were injured. By the way… we discovered thirty-eight women locked up in the backyard. Chuan’er, you saved quite a number of people,” said Meng Dajiang. “The Idle Stone Garden has an underground hall. There were many female remains left there. The man from the Skydemon Sect must have spent a long time cultivating his demonic arts there.”

Hearing this, Meng Chuan fell silent. He pitied the women who had been killed. His killing intent towards the Skydemon Sect grew.

“Master.” A servant’s voice came from outside. “Zhou He brought his son, Zhou Qian, here. He claims he’s here to seek forgiveness.”

“Seek forgiveness?” Meng Dajiang was puzzled. “I’ll go take a look.”

His grandaunt left after staying a while.

Meng Chuan rested in bed. His grandaunt had easily removed the demonic aura within him. To Godfiends, expelling this bit of demonic aura was a piece of cake. Instead, he required a few days to recover from his physical injuries. This was also thanks to his Godfiend body being strong enough. If it were a normal person, it would take several months to recover.

“Chuan’er.” Meng Dajiang pushed open the door and walked in. “That child who came to you for help had been instructed by a young lad named Zhou Qian.”

“Zhou Qian?” Meng Chuan was puzzled. “I know him. He’s a disciple of our Mirror Lake Dao Academy. I even gave him some sword art pointers today.”

Meng Dajiang said, “Red Rain is his personal maid, and he has a very good relationship with her. He originally wanted to save her but was stopped by his father, Zhou He. That’s why he secretly sent that child, Ironborn, to the restaurant to seek your help. That is how everything started. I didn’t expect that it was all because of your junior brother from the Dao Academy. I will definitely not let him go off so easily for making my son experience such a disaster.”

“Dad,” said Meng Chuan immediately. “I’m quite familiar with Zhou Qian. He’s quite talented. He didn’t intend to harm me. From his point of view, this was trivial to me. The resolution to the Black Wolf Gang incident was indeed straightforward. We encountered the Skydemon Sect disciple because our luck was terrible. You can’t blame Junior Brother Zhou Qian.

4“You”—Meng Dajiang shook his head—”what can I do about you?”

He had been terrified today!

If the old servant hadn’t consumed the Godblood Pill to hold back the Skydemon Sect expert, his son would have died with Qiyue. How could Meng Dajiang not be angry with the Zhou family?

“For every grievance, there is someone responsible for it,” urged Meng Chuan immediately. “This is a principle you taught me.”

1“Alright, alright. I can let them off, but I can’t let them off easily. After all, he made use of you and didn’t even tell you.” Meng Dajiang nodded. “Zhou He sent a treasure, a thousand-year-old ginseng. It’s a treasure worth ten thousand taels, and I accepted it. It can be considered that I’ve already let the matter rest. That little fellow, Zhou Qian, needs some punishment too.”


Previously, when Zhou He knelt and apologized, Meng Dajiang couldn’t even be bothered to accept it. The Zhou family’s business combined was only tens of thousands of taels of silver, and the amount of liquid cash they had was even less.

Due to a lucky chance, Zhou He had bought the thousand-year-old ginseng for his son’s Mortal Shedding realm cultivation.

Now that he was using it as an apology gift, Zhou He was afraid that it was not enough.

What should I do? What should I do? Zhou He knelt on the ground, with the gift box in front of him. He was covered in a cold sweat. Zhou Qian looked at his father guiltily. “Dad, it’s all my fault.”

“It’s too late to say anything now. He doesn’t even accept the apology gift. Young Master Meng’s father is clearly still angry at our Zhou family,” Zhou He said.

At that moment, Meng Dajiang walked into the hall.

“Elder Meng,” Zhou He knelt on the ground and begged. “It’s my fault for not teaching my son well. You can punish him however you want. My Zhou family will have zero complaints. Please spare my Zhou family.”

“Since my son has pleaded on your behalf,” said Meng Dajiang indifferently, “leave that gift. Take your son back and whip him a hundred times. Whip him until he bleeds. Let him lie in bed and reflect on himself.”

“Yes, yes.” Zhou He was overjoyed. “I would have done so even without you saying that. Zhou Qian, thank Elder Meng for sparing your life.”

“Thank you, Elder Meng.” Zhou Qian knelt and kowtowed.

“Leave quickly.” Meng Dajiang frowned and waved his hand.

Zhou He smiled obsequiously and left with Zhou Qian. Zhou He heaved a sigh of relief when he left Meng Manor.

“Dad, is our Zhou family alright?” Zhou Qian asked.

“It should be fine. He said he wanted you whipped, but to do it ourselves. Clearly, he doesn’t want your life.” Zhou He said coldly, “You have to thank Senior Brother Meng a lot. If he hadn’t pleaded on your behalf, his father wouldn’t have let the matter rest so easily.”

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