Archean Eon Art

Chapter 681 - Taking Action at the Critical Moment!

Chapter 681: Taking Action at the Critical Moment!

This was the only offensive move Meng Chuan had obtained from the Nine Trials Pagoda—the Spacetime Token. It was called Spacetime Domain.

One had to grasp the spatial law before they could use the Spacetime Token to cast it. The Spacetime Domain they formed was much stronger than Absolute Space. It was comparable to a Seventh Tribulation domain. Even if it expanded to 5 billion kilometers or 50 billion kilometers, it could still maintain extremely terrifying might.

It was just like how Guild Master Darkstar could instantly transform into a towering giant. A slap covered tens of billions of kilometers wide. Seventh Tribulation Eminences could have terrifying might with every move they made, but their range of influence was also vast.


“The Samsara Array Formation!”

The moment the elder with the walking stick and the other three were destroyed by the impact, they didn’t care about their avatars’ destruction or the lost weapons and treasures. However, their hearts ached for the array formation.

The Samsara Array Formation’s full name was Ten Directions Samsara Array Formation. It was an Eighth Tribulation array formation treasure. It was specially bestowed to the core team under the Darkstar Guild. Guild Master Darkstar had nurtured a total of three core teams. They were either bestowed Eighth Tribulation treasures or special treasures. They were teams that could unleash strength comparable to a peak Sixth Tribulation Eminence.

As for sending a peak Sixth Tribulation Eminence to take action? If a peak Sixth Tribulation Eminence wanted to pledge allegiance to anyone, they would do so with Hall Lord White Avian, Celestial Thearch Myriad Star, and company. It would be very difficult for Guild Master Darkstar to command them. Although he had some peak Sixth Tribulation Eminences and half-step Seventh Tribulation allies, he would have to split the benefits if he deployed them.

Darkstar was clearly unwilling to do so.

The stronger one was in the entire River of Spacetime, the more arrogant they could be. They wouldn’t easily pledge their allegiance to people.

For example, below Hall Lord White Avian were three Seventh Tribulation Eminences and seven half-step Seventh Tribulation Eminences. But there were only two who were truly willing to follow Hall Lord White Avian—Deputy Hall Lord Blazing Sun and Deputy Hall Lord Azure Dragon.

Of course, if an Eighth Tribulation Eminence were to appear in this era one day, Seventh Tribulation Eminences would definitely take the initiative to pledge their allegiance to him.

However, Eighth Tribulation Eminences—who were beyond the River of Spacetime—pursued different things from these Seventh Tribulation Eminences. There was no need for them to recruit a Seventh Tribulation follower.

My array formation! Upon seeing this scene, Darkstar immediately wanted to snatch the array formation. He had given it to his team, and the team only had the right to use it.

Even though he had been launching sneak attacks for a long time and had accumulated some Eighth Tribulation treasures, causing him to be considered rich among Seventh Tribulation Eminences, the loss of an Eighth Tribulation array formation treasure still made his heart ache!

After all, apart from the ones he gave to his subordinates, he only had five Eighth Tribulation treasures. Each one of them represented the crystallization of an Eighth Tribulation Eminence’s insights. They were greatly beneficial to his cultivation.


Darkstar wanted to snatch the Samsara Formation.

But with just a thought, Meng Chuan used his Spacetime Domain to store the treasures left behind by the elder with a walking stick and company.

He snatched the array formation? His domain isn’t Absolute Space. Darkstar stared at Meng Chuan with his massive eyes. He was reeling in anxiety, but he had some guesses.

It’s impossible for an Essence Soul avatar to leave his homeworld with a precious treasure. It should be a treasure bestowed by the Nine Trials Pagoda. It’s probably a treasure worth a million cubes. It has greatly improved his domain. However, these are all mine.

Guild Master Darkstar suppressed his anxiety as his gigantic palm pressed down on the area where the array formation was.

Although it took some time to describe, Meng Chuan had instantly killed the remaining four Sixth Tribulation Eminences with his Spacetime Domain. After snatching the treasure, he faced a dire situation.

He looked up into the sky and saw the towering palm descend.


The Spacetime Domain blasted out in all directions, but the Spacetime Domain—which spanned five billion kilometers—was isolated. The Spacetime Domain couldn’t go any further.

I can’t destroy this array formation with just my Spacetime Domain. I have to use the Spacetime Token’s other feature to escape through spacetime. Meng Chuan understood this point. However, Guild Master Darkstar has set up an isolation array formation. If I were to escape through spacetime, all the Seventh Tribulation Eminences in the River of Spacetime will know that I have a rare treasure that allows me to escape through the void.

Of the Spacetime Token’s two features, although the Spacetime Domain was powerful, a peak Sixth Tribulation Eminence could unleash similar might when using a domain-type Eighth Tribulation treasure.

The other feature—Escape—was much more powerful. In this era, only Hall Lord White Avian, Celestial Thearch Myriad Star, or a Seventh Tribulation Eminence could intercept him using an Eternal treasure! This was the most precious aspect of the Spacetime Token.

If Meng Chuan exposed this… he was bound to attract many Seventh Tribulation Eminences’ attention.


A huge, black stone palm came enveloping downward. It entered the array formation’s range and collided with the Spacetime Domain, meeting a powerful spatial resistance.

Originally, Darkstar could have crushed Meng Chuan in seconds. However, the Spacetime Domain caused the black stone palm to slow down significantly. The spacetime around it became more stable, and its speed became even slower.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The gigantic palm pressed down as the Spacetime Domain resisted. Every inch of spacetime was shattering.

A domain is ultimately a domain. Darkstar’s eyes were filled with disdain.

In a head-on clash, he was considered extremely powerful among Seventh Tribulation Eminences. To resist him using a mere domain? It was ultimately lacking.


Wherever the palm passed, spacetime exploded and shattered.

Meng Chuan—who would’ve been killed in a few seconds—managed to slow down the palm’s speed with his Spacetime Domain. It would take the fatal blow nearly 30 seconds to be dealt.

However, Meng Chuan had nowhere to escape within the array formation.


Meng Chuan’s Power of Essence Soul formed two dark hands with the Chaos Hole Strong Force Art in an attempt to block.


It was as though an ant had raised its two limbs to block an ancient giant’s stomp. Under the black stone palm’s pressure, Meng Chuan’s two dark hands—formed by his mystic technique—were instantly destroyed. The difference was too great.


Meng Chuan also tried using the Pupil of Darkness, but even with the Power of Essence Soul, he couldn’t penetrate the other party’s body. A body formed from the Matter law was too powerful!

I can’t block it at all. I can’t injure him at all either.

Meng Chuan was powerless. Despite using all his available means, Meng Chuan was unable to make a difference against his opponent’s massive, crushing palm at all. Against a Seventh Tribulation Eminence, he couldn’t injure his opponent at all. Even the Spacetime Token was only able to stall for time.

The difference is too great. Meng Chuan felt powerless.

Ordinary Sixth Tribulation Eminences and even top Sixth Tribulation Eminences were unable to resist Seventh Tribulation Eminences. They were captured alive before they could even react!

Meng Chuan could resist and even stall for time, but so what? If not for the rare treasure—Spacetime Token—he could only choose to self-destruct his avatar.

Guild Master Darkstar is really sinister and shameless. It’s one thing for a Seventh Tribulation Eminence to scheme against a Sixth Tribulation Eminence like me and send his subordinates. However, he actually ambushed me as a Seventh Tribulation Eminence. Meng Chuan had long heard of Guild Master Darkstar’s reputation. Guild Master Darkstar cared about his reputation, but he was sinister and shameless when facing his ambush target.

Very few people in the River of Spacetime had the right to make Darkstar personally take action. Therefore, many Eminences had never seen his true appearance.

For example, Guild Master Darkstar had originally planned on having his subordinates attack Meng Chuan.

Very few Sixth Tribulation Eminences had been personally ambushed by Guild Master Darkstar. Hence, he could still maintain his reputation as a Seventh Tribulation Eminence.

Shameless. Meng Chuan cursed inwardly.

Sneak attacks and plundering were shameless enough. It was even more shameless for a Seventh Tribulation Eminence to ambush a Sixth Tribulation Eminence. It was an act of bullying.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Although the Spacetime Domain tried its best to stabilize spacetime, spacetime continued to shatter. The black stone palm was getting closer to Meng Chuan.

The distant Guild Master Darkstar’s stone face had a hint of confidence. The treasure Meng Chuan obtained from the Nine Trials Pagoda is mine.

Forget it. Even if I expose the Spacetime Token’s escaping means, I have to leave. Meng Chuan sighed. He could imagine all sorts of troubles coming to him when he placed the Spacetime Token in his homeworld. They would get him to hand over the Spacetime Token by pressuring him or using force.

Guild Master Fiend Eye was in his chamber, observing the battle in Taidong River Zone. Meng Chuan’s potential is indeed terrifying. He reached the peak of the Sixth Tribulation realm in the blink of an eye.

Fiend Eye watched with relish. That despicable Darkstar is short-sighted. All he knows is to rob and plunder. He doesn’t know who he’s snatching from today! Tsk, tsk. I knew it. That idiot Darkstar couldn’t hold back. Hmm, Meng Chuan’s Spacetime Domain is quite powerful. It feels like it’s 50% stronger than mine.

This idiot Darkstar didn’t manage to snatch a treasure and ended up having an Eighth Tribulation array formation fall into Meng Chuan’s hands.

Sigh. Although Meng Chuan’s potential is terrifying, and he will at least be an existence at the level of Hall Lord White Avian and Celestial Thearch Myriad Star in the future—to the point of being insuppressible—he’s still a little weak now.

I’ll wait a little longer. When he’s in his greatest despair, I’ll take action. He will definitely be grateful. Fiend Eye watched happily. Ever since they parted on Fiend Mountain, he had been secretly watching Meng Chuan, searching for an opportunity to form good relations with him.

Alright, it’s time to take action. I can’t let any accidents happen.

Fiend Eye immediately took a step forward and traversed spacetime to head to Taidong River Zone.

The massive, black stone palm enveloped spacetime and crushed down, attempting to crush Meng Chuan.

Meng Chuan looked up and felt a little helpless.

“Darkstar, you are ambushing a Sixth Tribulation Eminence again?” A scoff suddenly echoed in spacetime.

A meatball-like figure strode forward with its short legs. With a twist of its body, it passed through the array formation that isolated spacetime. The giant eye on its head stared at the towering, black stone giant.

The black stone giant—which was nearly half a trillion kilometers tall—suddenly stopped his crushing palm’s descent.

In terms of aura, this meatball-like figure was even more terrifying than the black stone giant.

“You really embarrass us Seventh Tribulation Eminences.” Fiend Eye shook his head and sighed.

Guild Master Fiend Eye? Meng Chuan—who had planned on fleeing—was somewhat shocked by this scene. I didn’t seek help from Fiend Eye. Why is Fiend Eye here?


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